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Friday, November 26, 2010

Skate Longboard 60"

Skate Longboard 60"

New shape models - Longboard Skateboard 60 ",now with a new decor (marquetry) deck (Cinnamon and Ivory) and bottom with black blade, like the Stinger 35".

It follows the same basic construction technique of the previous models: it's composed by four types of wood, mixed with fiber glass fabric. It is a lightweight shape, 0,6 inchs thick and 4.9" in length.

Its core is created by using veneers in a vertical position, unlike what happens in most skateboards, where the composition is given by the union of horizontal blades.

We create these shapes to enhance the line of classic longboard surf. Our proposal is to use it as a way of improving techniques like cross-step or noseriding.



  1. Olá amigo... voce é de portugal certo? Obrigado por apoiar nosso trabalho. Esperamos estar disponibilizando estes produtos para fora do Brasil no proximo ano... abraços!

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