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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Joel Tudor x Vans Event #3 | Jan 14-15

The third event in the Joel Tudor x Duct Tape x Vans series will be held next weekend in Santa Cruz, CA.

Other participants include: Harrison Roach, Jared Mell, Chris del Moro, Al Knost, Justin Quintal, Christian Wach, Dane Peterson, Tyler Warren, Mikey DeTemple, JJ Wessels, Troy Elmore, and a few others.

Should be an incredible weekend of surfing at the Lane, probably going to make the trek up there to witness it.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Original 1963 Bing

Here is Chris's all original 1963 Bing. Check out the original order form below!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sea Life Pictures


The restoration of Bing #4211 made for Bing Team Member Dean Dietzman in 1965.

Restoration by Dr. Ding and board owner Tom Moss.

This series of photo's you see here is what it took to bring this classic Bing back to life. Our good friends Tom Moss and Mike Janich aka "Dr. Ding" took the time to document how a surfboard should be restored. Tom is an avid Bing collector that wanted to learn the proper way to do it and Dr. Ding is one of the choosen few that have the knowledge to do it. From start to finish took over two months and countless hours! If you ask me it looks like it was worth it....