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Thursday, April 21, 2011

...skate a pig!...

these boards are SICK!!!!!!!!!!! ...skate a pig!...


Be glad to shape you one up.

Decks shown are 42" in length featuring a Poplar and Alder hard wood plate join.
Finished with a hard wax. Maintenance and care thereof can be continued with a like product from time to time.
This finish is original in approach, and creates for a durable seal and a best bare foot rideable board.
Unless specified all decks will be shipped waxed and you will have a hard time applying deck grip to this finish if you so desire, like a regular skate.
We however believe in the old school approach to these slides and find the finish fitting for ease of use and care for the craft.

This information is supplied for your further understanding of the expected craft.
Decks will be shipped without holes to allow for your choice and placement of trucks.

Base price of $100 for the above mentioned
Shipping and handling charges will be calculated accordingly. (Shipping from 92672 CA)
Decks will be shipped after payment is received.

Feel free to contact with any other questions or requirements you may have for your deck.

Surf-A-Pig... Skate-A-Pig


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