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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surfishin' from Felipe Siebert on Vimeo.
Last Sunday (29/05/11) in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Camera // Rafael Ribeiro
Edit // Fábio Siebert

Fábio Siebert // Siebert Longboard 9'6"
Felipe Siebert // Wallin Surfboards 5'5"

9 Lives "Joel Tudor"

9 LIVES "Joel Tudor" from Six Stair on Vimeo.

Gato Heroi: Oz Autumn from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.Gato Heroi Surfboards presents:

Matty Chojnacki x Evan SickRat Daley x Andy Findlay

Slaying it on a variety of shapes and tapping into the involvement school of surfing on the East Coast of Oz.

Matt & Andy: Kook Killer
Evan: Vee Bottom

Noosa @ 4:35-
Matt: Simpkins 9'4"
Ellis: Death Dagger

South @ 6:50-
Matt: 8'0" Space Pig

Peaky Beachy @ 8:10-
Matt: Kook Killer

Nth Steyne @ 9:30-
Andy: Kook Killer
Ellis: Kook Killer
Matt: Slither

This is the extended trailer for the official Gato Heroi Australia flick...who knows when thats coming out!

Almond Surfboards | Muskaria Surf, Spain

A couple of the boards that just arrived at Muskaria Surf Shop in Zarautz, Spain last week.

I like how the colors on the Cy model turned out.

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Time & Space" at LOFT9

the Bars of Soap...dressed for the party...mingling. short, but no complexes.
photos of Tyler Warren 'Time & Space" at Loft 9 by Torrey Jay.

in, Hydrodynamica

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Instructions for use by The Boda Surfamily

9'0 Prototype by Paulo Jacinto "Multigliders"



In search of the best model that we can achieve,
the shaping development in response to different styles and waves
forces us to refine the manufacturing of surfboards
to meet the preferences suitable to which surfer.

The art of making surfboards is perpetual, never stop, neverstagnates.

Surfing is a challenge... as well as making this boards.
Continued to glide, that we will continue to do Them!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Classic 9' 6'' BING from 1965

This is a classic 9' 6'' Bing from 1965. All original baby blue pigment job. This board has been in storage up in Washinton since 1969. Photos courtesy of its owner Les.

You can see the high density foam tailblock, and the T-band stringer peeking out.

Tell tail signs of a custom ordered board. The small Bing laminate on the deck near the nose!

The tail block and fin shape are very similar to the Deitzman model that has been restored.

It's birthday serial number!

The bottom is just a clean as the deck.

One Day...One Slay...

One day...One slay.... part III from Nicholas Damen on Vimeo.

AL Knost holding blackies down

photo: Mark Cholnters 

Friday, May 6, 2011

SEASTOKED By Gary Parker


My name is Gary Parker.
I like to take photographs.
I like design.
I like to draw.
I also like to paint.
I like the ocean.
I like the snow.
I like people.
I like parties.
I also like music.

I have been drawing for a long time.
I have been shooting photos for a while too.

I have worked for Armourdillo.
I have worked for Quiksilver.
I have worked for Target.
I have also done work for a lot of other people.

I have started a blog.
If you are reading this stop, and check out what I can do.
If you like it.
Contact me.

visit gary's site