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Monday, October 24, 2011

Jack Lynch for Rhythm

JACK LYNCH Vs. John Edwards from Rhythm Livin on Vimeo.
Film, Edit and Photos:
Gabe Roxburgh

Paulownia wood in Europe

Christian Cajar is a man focused on Paulownia and all there is to know about it.

" I've studdied Surf Science and Technology and continuing with a Bachelor in Environmental Resource Management at the moment. All my research projects are focusing on Paulownia and
I've just planted some trees today. My first one was concerning the invasiveness of Paulownia in Europe. I'm aiming for the full circle and we're nearly there. "

" I've been supplying Paulownia for Europe for the past 3 years and what started as a fun project is a one year old registered

We stock paulownia timber in the UK and in Germany and send it more or less worldwide."

 " I basically import Paulownia wood and sell it mostly to surfers. My luv for alaias was inspired by Tom Wegener and I'm really into those wooden sleds. So usually people order wood and get all their questions about the building process answered by me."

" This summer I hosted my first alaia shaping course on one of the German islands called Borkum and ever since I get the latest news of the stoked kids via facebook... really cool that the kids enjoy their playground now rather than drinkin beer."

So if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and have a need for Paulownia, Christian is your go to man.
in, Wooden Surfboards

Siebert in Streaming Magazine

The Siebert is present in the Guide for the latest issue of Boards Magazine Flowing with the intention of showing surfboards and skateboards to an audience who know our work. We hope to gradually help popularize this branch of the surf, making people know more about history and origin of the boards. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Surfindian – San Diego

Bing Surfboards is pleased to announce new dealer, Surfindian, an eclectic surf gallery & retail store located in Pacific Beach, Calif.  Located in the heart of San Diego’s famous coastline, Surfindian showcases surfing as an art form, featuring artwork by talented artists such as Andy DavisChris Del MoroHarry DailyKassia Meador, & Susan Wickstrand Roche as well as unique and art-driven products and surfboards by Skip Frye, Takayama, Tyler, Steve Mast…and now, Bing Surfboards.

Customers Are Priority One by Almond Surfboards

We're in the business of keeping people stoked, because stoked people keep us in business.

9'7 Cy's Aquatic Almond for Australia.
(My favorite board from Almond)

Photo: Oden

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patagonia Cardiff - 5th Anniversary

Patagonia Cardiff - 5th Anniversary from on Vimeo.
This summer Cy and Ed worked with Chris Malloy to produce this short on our buds at Patagonia Cardiff. The short follows a day in the life of manager Devon Howard and celebrates Patagonia's 5 year anniversary in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.
Devon Howard, Yvon Chouinard, Chris and Dan Malloy, and the Patagonia Cardiff Crew

Cyrus Sutton

Chris Malloy

2nd Unit Cinematography
Erik Derman

Boaz Roberts

Shane Herring - InnerViews

Shane Herring - InnerViews from on Vimeo.
We stumbled upon Shane doing ding repair in Bylesy's used surfboard shop outside Byron Bay. After defeating Kelly Slater at the Coke Classic at Narrabeen in 1992, Shane Herring was proclaimed the greatest Australian surfer since Michael Peterson. But cover shots, a six-figure salary and endless parties eventually undid the focus and determination of this rising star. In a post Andy Irons world, Shane's story serves as a cautionary tale for up-and-coming surfers regarding the dangerous effects fame and money can have on fragile young egos. Over a cigarette and bottle of wine, Shane shares some of his struggles and life lessons in this episode of Korduroy's InnerViews.

Cyrus Sutton
Erik Derman

Surf Footage by Chris Bystrom from Oz on Fire Vol. 1 NSW - 1991
Check out more of his epic footage at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ellis x Deus | Bikes x Boards by Matt Chojnacki

I felt a little uneasy when Deus poked their head into the surf industry a few years back...
It felt like it was about the money and branding, but what about the boards they were making?
Were they just retro rip offs to capitalise on a baby boomer market? But with Ellis Ericson & Thomas Bexon tapping into their Bali range of boards,i think it is just what they need: core surfers who can shape and surf.I am in no way associated to the company, but surprisingly to some people who think im a surf cynic, i do enjoy their enthusiasm and can understand their inspiration.
Check them out at Deus Bali.

Working on amazing Thomas Bexon Surfboards...

Handshaped by Thomas Bexon
Laminated colour by Sickrat
Sand/gloss/polish by Tristan Mausse

in, The Lucky Bastards

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Cyrus Sutton Model by Jon Wegener

A 7'2'' performance egg made with recycled foam, US grown plantation wood, Organic Entropy resin. The Surfcraft Cooperative is a collaboration with Cyrus, myself, and other participants to make better surf products influenced more by stoke than what is pushed by the larger surf companies.

Byron Bay Surf Festival

All things surf related this weekend in Byron Bay. Music , art , demos , films , surfing , board swap , markets and all that is Byron as well. It opens on Friday night with Bob Mc Tavish at Stone and Wood brewery . Check it out , should be a fun weekend and a great addition to the calendar. Another non competitive surfing get together we should support.
in, Wooden Surfboards