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Sunday, December 30, 2012

OH DAWN | Living In Sea-Land

Living In Sea-Land is a short film series documenting the Scandinavian surf scene and telling the stories of local enthusiasts and north sea fanatics living in a "non - surf" destination.

1st episode coming soon...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Twin and Fin Less | Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd

Twin and Fin Less // || \\ Tyler Warren and Derek Hynd from Visualguyser on Vimeo.
At one of Aleister Crowley's forbidden point breaks, Tyler and Derek slide into a couple DARK ONES before the sun rises with the intent of melting skin.......

ZON North Canyon Show 2012

The best sessions of the expedition ZON North Canyon Show 2012 in November.
Starring: Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton and Hugo Vau.

Wheels and Waves 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thomas Bexon At The Temple

Thomas Bexon At The Temple from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Here a little clip of Surfer/Shaper Tomas Bexon doing his thing. Thomas and his business partner Jake are a part of the DNA of the Deus surf gig! Thanks for an epic year gents! Enjoy the clip!

Kepa Acero & Pakea Bizkaia Castellano

Kepa Acero & Pakea Bizkaia Castellano from Pakea Bizkaia on Vimeo.
A bordo del Pakea Bizkaia, capitaneado por Unai Basurko, el freesurfer Kepa Acero intentará surfear una ola en las gélidas aguas del océano antártico. De conseguirlo, será el primer europeo que surfee en este inhóspito continente y no se ha registrado que nadie lo haya hecho anteriormente dentro de una expedición en velero.
Acero se unirá en Ushuaia a la tripulación del Pakea Bizkaia, que prepara su salto a la Península Antártica. Saldrán de Ushuaia el día 4 de enero de 2013.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Rich Pavel Mr. Mystique

Rich Pavel Mr. Mystique from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Rich Pavel is a beautiful man.
Rich Pavel came to Bali and got a tan.

Rich Pavel was here and lived in a wooden cottage.
Rich Pavel passed on years of knowledge.

Rich Pavel shaped some fishes.
Rich Pavel got lots of kisses.

If you ever see Mr. Mystique
You better sit down and have some tea.

Rich Pavel is a beautiful man.
Rich Pavel came to Bali and got a tan.

Love ya Rich!

Merry Xmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hufnagel Cycles

Hufnagel Cycles for Ace Hotel Portland from Ace Hotel on Vimeo.
Jordan Hufnagel is not only our friend and one of the raddest people on the globe, he is also a top shelf bicycle crafter. Before setting off on a homemade motorcycle toward South America this summer with no possessions and no plans, he made a fleet of four beautiful bikes for Ace Hotel Portland with his bare hands. We caught the process on film, and rode them all over to the hotel from his workshop in SE one late summer's eve. Along the way, we met cop horses, innocent standers-by and a long-lost part of ourselves, it seems.

When you're staying with us in Portland, you can rent one for the day and roll in style. They have a nice rack on the front (not that kind!) so you can pick up loot and local goods along the way.

Magic Quiver | Shapers for 2013

Magic Quiver - The list of shapers planning to visit Europe in 2013 is getting longer and longer. Some still to be confirmed, some just choosing the right date, others already book. I will post once they are confirmed.
As before, I will continue to collaborate with a few factories in France and Portugal.

Already confirmed and accepting orders:

Jeff Mccallum, from San Diego California.


Larry Mabile (Third World Exotic Surfboards), from San Diego, California


Neal Purchase Jnr, from Australia

Ian Ruhter | Alchemist

Lights, Toy Camera, Action from
Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.
I think as photographers we get in a rhythm of playing by rules that were written by others. I feel this applies to life as well. To live by rules that were created by others we may never find out who we really are.
Instagram username : Ian Ruhter

Here is a list of resources if you would like to try this on your own.

Colodion workshops: Will Dunniway
ProFoto Lighting :
lomography Camera:
Wet plate Supplys: Bostick & Sullivan

Thomas Campbell Exhibition # Biarritz

THOMAS CAMPBELL EXHIBITION #Biarritz from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
Element Europe and Desillusion Magazine present : Thomas Campbell "SLIDE YOUR BRAINS OUT" Exhibition, Friday 16th November 2012 // Biarritz, France .

Produced by Desillusion / The Death Of Cool
Filmed & Edited by Jean Penninck

Location : Anadyomene Biarritz

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bob McTavish shaping boards at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm

Bob McTavish shaping boards at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm and Surfing Canggu from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
2012 was the year for the shaper here at the Temple. We have been so blessed by the board builders that have spent time with us over the last year! Maybe our most honored guest was none other than Bob McTavish. We being big fans of boards from the 1968 and 1969 era we were ecstatic when Bob showed up out back and started mowing foam into Trackers out back. He proceeded to grab one of his own trackers and surf out front with the rest of the crew! Not bad for a bloke that almost 70!
Here is a slice of visual pie documenting a few minutes of Bob’s time spent in the neighborhood. Enjoy!

Finding Escape by Mark Tipple

Finding Escape from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.
On the 17th of December 2009 I was photographing small waves at Coogee Beach, Sydney when I dove under a larger wave and thought to turn the camera onto a swimmer next to me, and see what he went through while diving under the wave.
This split second produced a photo entitled 'Escape', and changed the direction of my photography with an ongoing series called The Underwater Project.
In my other photography work the personal connection between myself and the people in front of the camera is paramount, and while I work towards building these long term relationships it's this connection that has been lost through a candid approach to shooting underwater.
As the fourth year of shooting underwater begins I'm trying to find the swimmer that was in the first photo of the series. Can you help Find Escape? #findingescape

Lovers and Losers ▲ Let Em Riot

Lovers and Losers ▲ Let Em Riot - Official from Lara Everly on Vimeo.
Let Em Riot is a Southern California band; and this video is in part a homage to Rincon Point, Carpinteria. The video features local surfers from the area.

Directed by Lara Everly
Produced by Lara Everly & Bridget Palardy
Co-Produced by Danielle Krudy
Cinematography by Sean Lesh & Bridget Palardy
Assistant Camera by Danielle Krudy
Edited by Xue "Fox" Yin
Additional Editing & Color by Bridget Palardy

Kaitlyn Gruetzmacher
Gavin Malone
Josh Swindle
Kyle Woods
Sean Woods

Friday, December 14, 2012

Board Buliding At The Deus Temple | Ryan Lovelace

Board Buliding At The Deus Temple with Ryan Lovelace from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Ryan Lovelace and Troy Mothershead spent a bit of time here in Bali recently. Ryan was shaping some beautiful boards in side the Temple shape bay while Troy was doing some test riding down the street. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caliber Truck Co. Featuring Liam Morgan

Caliber Truck Co. Featuring Liam Morgan from Caliber Trucks on Vimeo.
Liam Morgan shreds through the streets of San Francisco in this promo video for Caliber Truck Co.
(Featuring Caliber Precision Trucks).

Director: Dustin Damron, Travis Hoffman
Director of Photography: Travis Hoffman, Dustin Damron
Assistant Camera: Charles Bae
Follow Cam: Blake Smith, Dave Tannaci
Team Rider: Liam Morgan
Edit: Travis Hoffman, Dustin Damron, Blake Smith

Song: Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

The Retro Movement collaboration with Banger

Daniel Costa - You can reach outstanding results.
It was a hard week away from my babes, but the shapes that came out from
the Retro Movement collaboration with Banger,
in fact I think the Retro Movement have reach a new level in board design
new projects are coming soon with some really nice log designs
but for now here's a couple of photos from Spain.

The journey begins... checking the blank, lovely three red wood stringers.
JUST FOAM from California.

Doing my characteristic low nose rocker...

Taking the extra volume...

Here, looking for the rail on this lovely shape based on the MAGIC SAM that
Nat Young used to won the 1966 world tittle in San Diego...

Lovely nose template with the so beautiful three stringers.

"Diego from Jerez" the men in Spain if you're looking for some cool logs
and logging culture....

Signing the first one for BANGER

Here's my interpretation of the magic SAM a little closer to the Son of SAM from Kookbox but with slight changes to keep it more friendly to our waves...

For more information check out Banger Custom Surfboards

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

National Trust Wooden Board

National trust wooden board making from Romain Juchereau film maker on Vimeo.
Shaper James Otter making a beautiful hollow wooden surfboard from a fallen cupressus macrocarpa tree from the Trelissick garden in Cornwall owned by the National trust.
This amazing board with its remarkable grain is now sliding across waves under the feet of some of the National Trust's surf ambassadors.
This project was designed to promote the conservation work of the Neptune Coastline Campaign.
Keep a look out for a beautiful wooden board with a blue oak leaf decal at a coastal beauty spot near you!

GoPro Survives Attached to 12ft Dick Brewer Gun

After 6 hours of tow surfing, Garrett decided to paddle his 12ft Dick Brewer gun during the biggest swell of the year in Nazare, Portugal. He went for the first wave, missed it, turned around to paddle back out and was faced with one of the biggest waves of the day about to break on his head. He attempted to take his leash off but had no time so he went over the falls along with his gun. The Dick Brewer made it to the beach with GoPro still intact before Garrett came up for a breath. Thanks to his Body Glove Survival Suit and Martin Stepanek's Waterman Survival Course he came up with a big smile on his face and ready for more!!

The Dream Board | Cord Surfboards

Matty Chojnacki

Shaped in Alexandra Headlands in Autumn 1966, this board was the pinnacle of surfboard design at the time. Guys like Russell Hughes, Kevin Platt, Rooster and Grub were working alongside Bob McTavish to create boards that influenced a generation and started the shortboard movement.
Above are 3 rare survivors hanging around the McTavish factory in Byron Bay

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schnoz Slidz

Schnoz Slidz from Michael Kew on Vimeo.
"Schnoz Slidz"
Daniel Graham, Dylan Cox, Troy Mothershead
California, Autumn 2012
Film/Edit: Michael Kew
Song: Leo Kottke
© 2012 Peathead Publishing LLC

S | L • 1st Experience

S | L • 1st Experience from Daniele Quadrelli on Vimeo.

Some friends...
A journey with no clear destination...
Some new tools to be tested...

Shot & edited by Daniele Quadrelli

"Stay gold" • Will Bangs
"Shapes" • Jason Eckerson
"Stolen" • Brometer

Thanks to:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Modern Day Artisans | Ricky Feather

HBTV: Modern Day Artisans - Ricky Feather from Hypebeast on Vimeo.
In a little less than three years, Ricky Feather – otherwise recognized by his namesake bespoke bike building brand, “Feather Cycles” – has established an impressive reputation for his handcrafted bicycle frames. Having seemingly stumbled into the world of frame building via an apprenticeship working with metal welding, Feather started with little more than basic materials and rudimentary tools such as a file and torch when he initially set out to fabricate his first design. A byproduct of his own personal perfectionism, Feather’s hands-on approach and strict attention to detail is the cornerstone of the quality and identity that is attached to every frame that he individually creates. As he speaks on his concern surrounding the threats to the quality control from the potential expansion and mass production of his trade, it is evident that the same passion and conviction that guides Ricky Feather are yet another reminder of the importance of the remaining Modern Day Artisans.

Director: Chris Read


James Hammarhead and the rad Hammarhead Industries ’Ninety-Two’ Triumph Bonneville.
Image by © Jon Patrick

The Selvedge Yard - The last time I saw James Hammarhead and crew was at the Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration event at the Dunderdon SoHo shop – where he put the finishing touches on the 2008 Triumph Bonneville that he Hammarhead-ed to perfection. It was time to get to Philly and check out the new Hammarhead Industries shop that is taking shape nicely in Philly’s up-and-coming Fishtown. I was shocked– you couldn’t shake a stick in Fishtown without hitting a hardhat. The amount of rehab and construction happening is really inspiring to those who love Philadelphia and have been waiting for the sleeping giant, and the birthplace of our great nation, to arise from its slumber.

Hammarhead Industries is set right in the thick of it all – snuggly nestled-in on Frankford Avenue next to Lola Bean Cafe, and Stephen Starr’s new BBQ joint is opening soon within a stone’s throw. The Hammarhead Industries new shop is exactly what you’d expect – clean as a whistle, industrial in a modern sense, and all business. The front of the space is currently being readied for a retail installation where they’ll sell set-up shop for cash-and-carry wares. The large open center is where the bike-building magic will happen, and the back-end is command central. James showed me around, and we saw a few surprises and made a new friend, Sam, who’s new to the Hammarhead crew and a helluva guy.

James Hammarhead at their new Fishtown Philadelphia shop with the ‘Ninety-Two’ Bonneville that’s about to be crated.
Image by © Jon Patrick

Read more in, The Selvedge Yard

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cadillac Chronicles

Cadillac Chronicles from Grayson Hild on Vimeo.
Josh Gilberts and Mike Siordia for Hippytree and Tyler Surfboards

Filmed and Edited by Grayson Hild
Music by Dr. Dog

10'0" Noserider
10'0" Balsa
9'4" Double Step

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doc's Pills

Doc - Its good making and riding all kinds of boards, from 1 x 12'3" down to 2 x varied 5'5"s from last week.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Falxa and the new 9'4 Playboy Model by Gato Heroi

Falxa and the new 9'4 Playboy Model by GH from gatoHeroi on Vimeo.
Robin Falxa testing for the first time the 9'4 Playboy at his home spot of "la côte des Basques" Biarritz.

Filmed by Pero Hayashi
Edited by Yrwan Garcia Leal

song: Devendra Banhart - seahorse

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alex Knost, Eric Ellison, Off the Wall | Hawaii 2012

Alex Knost, Eric Ellison, Off the Wall | Hawaii 2012 from RVCA on Vimeo.
Part 4 of the RVCA Hawaii 2012 trip features the soulful surfing of Alex Knost & Eric Ellison at Off the Wall.

Music: New Colours by Holly Shit
Filmed & Edited by Jimmy James

The Real Thing

The Real Thing from Union HZ on Vimeo.
THE REAL THING is a short documentary about custom hot rod builder BODIE STROUD and his re-imagining of a classic Mustang by way of an extremely rare and powerful motor built specifically for legendary racer Mario Andretti's 1969 Can Am series car.

The film follows the complex and creative build from its early stages, through its initial test drive all the way to an unveiling at the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas where Bodie comes face to face with Mario Andretti himself.

Directed and Photographed by Julian King
Edited by Cassidy Gearhart
Sound Design and Mix by Omar Jon Ajluni
Music: "TRT" by Omar Jon Ajluni, "Soft Temple" by Grails, "Alma" by Oren Ambarchi
Featuring Bodie Stroud, Mario Andretti, Mitchell McDonald, Stephanie Pacheco, Clark Gillie
Produced by Julian King and Robert Valderrama
Steadicam / First Assistant Camera: Tanner Stauss
Production Sound: Ian Thompson
Key Grip: Justin Raths
DIT: Benjamin Verhulst

Friday, November 30, 2012

Jim Phillips knows...

This fine Jim Phillips surfboard is in stock at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California.

in, Surfy Surfy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Shoot Film | D-I-Why Not? by Korduroy Tv

How to Shoot Film - D-I-Why Not? from on Vimeo.
Ryan Tatar has made a name for himself with his lo fi photographs using expired or cross-processed film that depict simpler times. Originally from Michigan, he now resides in San Francisco and is busy with international photo exhibitions and editorial and advertising clients when not working at one of the most well known computer companies in the world. In this episode of D-I-Why Not?, Ryan breaks down the basics of analogue photography while on a road trip with Cyrus Sutton and Foster Huntington last summer.

For more of Ryan's work, check out or his blog Shakas and Singlefins (

Ryan Tatar

James Campbell
Cyrus Sutton

James Campbell

Cyrus Sutton

"Nothing's Gonna"
The Blank Tapes

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lisergia Clássica | Teaser 1 | California

Lisergia Clássica - Teaser 1 - California from paulo camargo on Vimeo.

Lisergia Classic is a film that portrays the purism of surfing through the old boards, with the highlight greats Longboard Brazilian and world. This teaser is a result of early recordings, which were made in California in places important to the culture of the sport, such as San Onofre, Swamis, Cardiff, Huntington Beach and Malibu. The next location will pass through Central America, Peru and Brazil. Conceived by Jaime Viudes longboarder and photography of Paul Camargo, differentiated content presents the philosophy of the characters, who see the surf for the simple pleasure of riding. The tradition is one of the main themes highlighted by performances and interviews with legends of the surf. The wealth of information and classic imagesmakes the film exceed the expectations of those who expected a surfing video normal, transforming it into a lyrical documentary about the sport. Suitable even for those who do not handlewave.


Matt Calvani took over an iconic surf brand of the 60s and successfully brought it into the 21st century.
The Onde Nostre team is proud to present part 2 of the episode starring Alessandro Ponzanelli - arguably one of the best italian longboarders - and Matt Calvani owner and shaper of Bing Surfboards - and to relate the story of their encounter.

RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.
Directed by Luca Merli
Edited by Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis and Luca Merli
Photography by Luca Merli, Matteo Ferrari and Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis.
Additional Photography by Seth De Roulet
Lettering by Luca Barcellona
Music Consultant & Marketing: Gabriele "Gabro" Minelli
Songs in order of apperance:
Mamud Band "Colonial Mentality" Feat. Bunna
GUTS "Laissez lucie faire" (Fabrice Henri/ Fabrice Henri). Copyright control.
GUTS "Ghetto Paradise"(Fabrice Henri/ Fabrice Henri). Copyright control.
Les Men Avec Les Lunettes "Fall On The Snow"
Manetti! "Loopsation"
Thanks to Heavenly Sweetness
Alessandro Ponzanelli, Matt Calvani, David Pecchi, Ricky Brotini and Daniel Graham
ONDE NOSTRE is a project by Luca Merli and Matteo Ferrari
a BLOCK10 Productions

Monday, November 26, 2012

Aragão Design | Portugal

Letter sent to Grant from Wooden Surfboards by Miguel Aragão.

Grant - I am fortunate to get some great letters from people from all over the world. Today I have a letter from a very passionate wooden board builder from Lisbon in Portugal that I would like to share with you.
Miguel loves to work with Agave and builds some great looking boards.

Miguel Aragão - Allo Grant
Thank you very much for the kind answer.
After seeing your blog I could "link" you to the "big moustache man" apeiring on every "Alley fishfry" happenings. About me: I´m 50 years old, I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Living around Lisbon close to Estoril, and the place I surf most is Guincho, a long beatiful sandy beach nearby a not less beatifull green montain called Sintra. Sintra is a world well known exlibris of this area.( Here is a link of fotos.

I started surfing at the age of 13 yo, was Portugal national champ at age of 17 and started with resins and surf industry at a very young age, but my "soul veign" rulled...
Had my own surfboard factory at age of 19, worked for others. After the army tried to become a regular sociaty person/worker, among others jobs I became a carpenter with experience on furniture, house building, worked with plastic artists, theatre and cinema, nautic carpentery...

About ten years ago a friend invited me for making a surfboard and the "monster" was awakened. Some time after I saw some Gary Linden agave surfboard pictures, a while after was watching Barry Snider agave harvest clip on "youtube" and I recognized those "trees". I could find them on the clifs close to the sea around my place. After building a board for myself I decided to give it a go on a comercial view, and...The thing is happening, slowly. Well everything is happening very slowly in Portugal and Europe.

I see it as a labor of love and stoke, a language I know you understand and practice, because is well writen and declare allover your surfboards, blogs and work. (your "waxglassless" surfboards are "starting" my mind!...)
My boards are solid agave (no chambers) and epoxy. Starting some longer big boards, so I´m thinking of a diferent method (or to chamber it) because of the weight and to save and make the most of each "tree". Im thinking of some two thick planks blended for the foil (sending picture) and some quick easy way for the rails. (have to test how agave thin strips work).

I explore more the fun/soul site of surfing in opposition to high profit buisness /competitive, you can call me a "classic"from the twinfin /fish era..
I have been posting at "Swaylock´s" ("show your wood" and "tequilha madness") and "facebook" under "miguel aragao" name.
I defenitly will follow articles and others under your name, and probably will annoy you with questions and for advices.

Thank you for everything, this was a big pleasure of mine.
Have fun, 
Miguel Aragão

P.S. Apologise my English

Sunday, November 25, 2012

100 000 Pageviews

I want to thank everyone for supporting the blog, without you none of this would be possible!!!

Cooperdesigns are now built by Matt Calvani in the Bing factory

Call to check out current inventory or to place an order. Website is coming soon.

Alfreds Housing Merchants Goods | The Salty Merchants

Alfreds Apartment, gold coast highway nobbys beach, is quite possibly the finest mens were outlet in the southern cosmos.. amongst its fine collection of leather goods, hair wax and Akubras is now sporting a full range of exquisite Salty Merchant rudders and tees...

in, The Salty Merchants