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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

LIVIN in the sea

LIVIN in the sea from Chris Proud on Vimeo.
The boys over at Vanguard and I have put together a series of short films for their LIVIN campaign. This short is entitled "LIVIN in the sea"


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

OH DAWN from Copenhagen

O.D. from OHDAWN on Vimeo.
Based in Copenhagen, we thrive in the diversity between our concrete surroundings and the rawness and imperfection of the Scandinavian seascape.

With a peerless approach, we bring fine threads and hand cut sleds that aim to challenge the dull presumptions of surf and design.

OH DAWN arises from the surf collective, Shredsled Society. We believe in classics, chaos, clean lines and lots of high quality sweat.
A small band of craftsmen and creatives, we are hell bent on making quality goods that reflect this blend of opposites.

OH DAWN is a lifestyle brand founded in 2011.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beard Ice on the Great Lakes

Brad Tunis is a dedicated member of the Great Lakes surfing community, clearly he doesn’t let a frozen beard get in the way of scoring this recent swell on his 7’2″ Bing Mini Simmons.


KODACHROME 2010 from Xander Robin on Vimeo.
In commemoration of its 75th and final year, a documentary look at the first color film and the last lab in the world still processing it.

Fresh Cat Shit


The SLIVER features knifed low rail through out, lower overall rocker, and wider dimension more suited for key length 9'5- 9'7.


New por 2012 modeled after Kookkiller, a gH standard for almost seven years now, seeming to reach its performance potential through slight dimension mods and rocker adjustments.
Its a little brother to gH modern classic SLIVER. Featuring similar templates and water flow theory, differing in rail line and overall dimensions. Its a gateway from our longboard series to the mid length rage...

ELEMENTS INCLUDE: small square tail, high to low edged rail line, and key length of 9'0 - 9'2. 

Killer is perfect for beach breaks, or flatter faced take offs too sloped out for pintails like JUNGLE SERIES. All around California longboard with performance elements, and only 9' In length means you will never feel like you should have had a shortboard or longboard instead. For those crowded days calling swell but lacking power, when its a struggle for mid lengths, and opened up enough you dont want to limit yourself with a full sized longboard. Furthermore, the SLIVER's foil is tricky and built for trim speed. Its floatation is given by its length and dims. Where the Killer features fuller thickness forward due to its shorter narrower dimensions. Currently we are out of Killer stock, but taking orders, and prototypes like featured above, should wash up under are used selection once I have time too build myself a replacement. Custom order KILLER clear with 3/4 cedar stringer , volan deck, sanded gloss, fin box. Factory direct price =$750. Check back for KILLER in action and used stock+ used selection.

For more information click Here

Friday, January 20, 2012

Every Third Thursday | Surf/Snow Hybrid Episode

Andrew Batey from Cross Coast Group asked me to publish this video, so
here it is!

"Its's out! Here is the Link to the new Every Third Thursday Surf/Snow Hybrid episode titled "Fish Out of Water" featuring Rob Machado by Signal Snowboards. We Would love to have you post the video on your site to share with readers. " - Andrew Batey

Signal Snowboards Links:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

UK’s Elliot Dudley joins the Bing Team

"Over the holidays, Elliot Dudley and his family arrived in California for their holiday and came by our house to pick-up some boards that he had ordered.  Little did he know, he was walking straight into the middle of our Bing Surfboards company holiday party and within minutes, jet-lagged and bleary-eyed, he had been introduced to Mike Hynson,Jim PhillipsMatt CalvaniJon Wegener, and Chris Del Moro.  What struck me as particularly fascinating during our first meeting with Elliot was his reaction to meeting these notable and legendary surfers and shapers.  Not only did it mean that he had a tremendous respect for the history of surfing and surfboard-building, but for a guy with 2 European Longboard titles  and a handful of British Championship titles as well, I was surprised to see someone of note himself so humble in the presence of this group.
Over the course of the next week, we were able to spend some time with Elliot and learn about his goals of becoming a grade school teacher,  his homeland in Wales, his prolific career as a competitive surfer, his community service with the organization,Surfers Against Sewage, as well as his transition away from competition and back to his roots and love of single-fin longboards and alternative shortboards.  It became apparent that this humble, mild-mannered and handsome young man would be an ideal ambassador for Bing Surfboards and we are both eager and excited to see what this next chapter in his surfing career holds.  Welcome to the family Elliot!"

Barbado Señora

Barbado Senora from ben conquest on Vimeo.
John Gill,
Kai Ellice-Flint,
Nathan Oldfield,
Sean Freeman,
Aaron Frost

Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Deus Ex Machina
Bad Boys - Black Olives

Ben Conquest

Huck vs Pin Fin by Almond

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blend Glassing | sew 'n sing | Josh Hall

Cool Bikes and Finless Boards by Deus Bali

"The rainy season is well and truly upon us here on the islands of the Gods…but all that really means is the garden is getting greener and we spending more time indoors working on stuff, like this beauty. As the clouds unleashed their contents over shorelines and paddy-fields, the boys have been tucked away inside the bengkel, twisting wrenches and putting the finishing touches on this the latest iron ride to roll out of their carved wood doors."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nathan's Strom at Malibu

Young gun with classic moves!!!

Wet or Dry by Hydrodynamica

"Hydrodynamica: Remember the Future. A participating gallery in Pacific Standard Time.
Primordial surf/skate connections in San Diego. Late 1960s and early Seventies. The obsession with speed and traction, wet or dry..."

To see full article click here 

Gully Glider

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Low-cost shaping racks!


From wrecked bed frame into low-cost shaping racks! from pedro vieira on Vimeo.

Driftwood Collective posed itself a challenge:

To build a shaping rack without spending a penny... We failed! We had to expend 7 euros and 80 cents on screws. In the process we've destroyed one unused bed frame, two faulty wooden trestles and one camping mat.

It was worth the effort... see for yourself!

Economic Depression - 0
Creativity - 1

in, The Driftwood Collective

Kustomland Photography Journal

"This book has a great deal of information about the early Kustom car craze that flooded California in the mid 1950s. It has some rare photographs of early cruise spots and detailed shots from the cars that set the benchmark. These cars were the catalyst in starting this trend among youth culture! I like this rare 56' Plymouth Kustom with a Chevy grill.
Kustomrama have all the details."


"Made with sustainable wood and coated with plant based entropy bio resin, these are very environmentally sound planes that work really well. 

Cyrus Sutton and I design and make the planes under the Surfcraft Cooperative logo. They also have a adjustable strap made by Micheal Disculpio up in Santa Cruz. 

Patagonia in Cardiff, Mollusk in Venice, and Wetsand in Ventura are carrying them, or contact me (Jon Wegener) or to order a custom."

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mid 60's Bing Noseriders

Bing DN Noserider #6789

                                   Bing David Nuuhiwa Noseriding model

                                              1966 Surfer Magazine ad

This is Chris's Bing David Nuuhiwa Noserider Model #6399. 
Kimo Green "on the right" just put a light polish on this board to keep it original!