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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Depth of Speed | Something From Nothing

Depth of Speed: Something From Nothing from Josh Clason on Vimeo.
I had the opportunity to swing by TBC Hot Rods and Bikes in Fayetteville, NC and check out the shop. Every month the guys at the shop pool their funds together to bring in a band, food, and drinks for "Garage Night". It is something that really gives back to the automotive community in Fayetteville which is what it is all about. Tim Bradham is one of the nicest people you will meet and is a master fabricator. He creates a lot of things out of raw materials and it is amazing to see something start from nothing.

Caspian:Epochs in Dmaj
Ronnie Hymes:UnIncorporated (

We have set out on our journey across the USA. Join us over at the site and Facebook to find out where we currently are! If you have any car stories along our path please contact me.


One dances on his surfboard like the best Californians but was born and raised in Tuscany, on the Versilia shores. The other took over an iconic surf brand of the 60s and successfully brought it into the 21st century.
The Onde Nostre team is proud to present Alessandro Ponzanelli - arguably one of the best italian longboarders - and Matt Calvani owner and shaper of Bing Surfboards - and to relate the story of their encounter.
Here's part one.

RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.
Directed by Luca Merli
Edited by Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis and Luca Merli
Photography by Luca Merli, Matteo Ferrari and Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis.
Additional Photography by Seth De Roulet
Lettering by Luca Barcellona
Music Consultant & Marketing: Gabriele "Gabro" Minelli
Songs in order of apperance:
Mamud Band "Colonial mentality" Feat. Bunna
Jambalaya "Sphera"
di Gilberto Bonetto; edizioni musicali: Toast Edizioni, Torino
Piero Umiliani "Lady Magnolia"
Manetti! "Loopsation"

Alessandro Ponzanelli, Matt Calvani, David Pecchi, Ricky Brotini and Daniel Graham
ONDE NOSTRE is a project by Luca Merli and Matteo Ferrari
a BLOCK10 Productions

Monday, October 29, 2012

Classic Tales | Joel Tudor

Joel's running late to go filming with Thomas Campbell, but on the way he has to almost kill a bunch of commuters, run out in oncoming traffic, and get his board stolen by some strange guy.

in, Off The Wall TV

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Le Grand Tour

Budnitz: Le Grand Tour from Budnitz Bicycles on Vimeo.
A recalcitrant bicycle thief falls in love with the bicycle he's stolen. Inspired by the films of François Truffaut. Created by Budnitz Bicycles, directed by Russ Lamoureux, produced by Partizan. 3 minutes.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


MOONEYES Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

HCS Official Website

RIP Donald Takayama

Photo: Glaser

Donald Takayama earlier this year, still as enthusiastic as ever to talk surfboard design with Devon Howard.

Surfer Magazine - "According to early reports, lifelong shaping icon Donald Takayama passed away due to heart attack on October 22, 2012. The Hawaiian goofyfooter showed incredible talent for both riding waves and making surfboards at a young age, and moved from Waikiki to Venice Beach at just 12 years old to make boards under the Velzy-Jacobs label. Since his beginnings behind the planer, he has shaped longboards for some of the most iconic surfers of all time, from Miki Dora to Joel Tudor. Takayama was responsible for some of the greatest innovations in longboard design, and will be missed as one of surfing’s most cherished icons."

Monday, October 22, 2012

9' 6 Jim Phillips Small Wave Terrorist

9'6 Jim Phillips Small Wave Terrorist .

Yet another stunner from Jim in and out of the water - this could be defined as THE summer board! Sky blue tint and sweet stringer work, red HD foam and redwood stringer T band.
Wave count and stability perfected. This full figured noserider (standard dimensions based around a nose of 20.5”, mid of 24.5” and tail of 16.5”) finds its home in waves about shoulder high and under. The board features a long soft blended concave for lift, to a slight belly mid with a bit of roll/vee at the fin helping this board connect. The rocker is a tad lifted in the nose for clean wave entry with flat rocker out the tail which aids in drive and speed. The rails are shaped as forgiving 50/50, but the small side of the egg for hold - no catch rails. As you can see in the photo it all adds up to one finely executed plan shape - no big ears or trash can lid noses here. Long summer days and sweet rolling waves…

available from

Cafe Cowboy

Cafe cowboy from benedict campbell on Vimeo.
A Film i shot about Dustin Kott,
the Californian bike builder who makes custom British style Cafe racers out of old japanese bikes.
I met Dustin in LA on a Harley-Davidson shoot, and was intrigued
how a classic American who looks like he should be building
Choppers, was passionate about little old Brit bikes,
and was using cheap 70s Japanese bikes to make lovely custom Cafes.


ALEX KNOST I FOGGY EYES from Taylor Bonin on Vimeo.
Blackies fog

Music- "Foggy Eyes" by Beat Happening

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Inverted Bike Shop

Amongst the multitude of bike shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn, 718 Cyclery ( stands out for their unique approach to the business. This is the "inverted bike shop".

June 2012 Update: We were honored to have our film selected in the official line up of the 2012 Bicycle Film Festival ( in New York.

Created by Show Love ( For more you can find us on Facebook ( or you can contact Peter or Chauncey at

Music by
The Album Leaf

Alex Knost and friends

Alex Knost and friends from Black Box Audiovisual on Vimeo.
Extra footage from the documentary series "Big Kahuna"
Coming soon - 2012

Hidden Wood The Short movie

Hidden Wood The Short movie from hidden wood on Vimeo.
Edited and directed by Jeremy Hugues

alaia gliders:
Adrien Rapp
Jeremy Brasset
Damien Castera
Anthony Harouet
Antoine Delpero

Friday, October 19, 2012

Aaron "King Rat" Cervantes | Baja surf

Rat catches a few more nugs a couple of days later on his Almond single fin south of the border at the cove.

Evan, Beau and Slater

Evan, Beau, and Slater from Future Enigma on Vimeo.
Evan Geiselman, Beau Foster, and Kelly Slater find some big beach break an hour before dark with the help of Garrett Mcnamara's jet ski for the last few waves.

Tamaryn-Love Fade

Andrew Schoener

Sightings 3,4,5 / 6

Sightings 5 / 6 from karmakaze on Vimeo.
One of 6 short surf films shot in Indonesia during the filming of the fictional Sink Swim.


surfing: John Eldridge
camera: Mathilda Friström
edit: Karmakaze
music: Niels Nielsen

Sink Swim is a no-budget art house short set in a tropical idyll of freedom, warmth and waves. Two fictional characters become separated in this beautiful yet brooding film..

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awesome Feral Pigs

10' Bing Feral Pig

9'2" Bing Feral Pig

This couple of feral Pigs are for sale, check out HERE

Sunday, October 14, 2012

RETROVOLUTION by Pablo Ballester

RETROVOLUTION from Pablo Ballester on Vimeo.
MIni documentary about the evolution shaping surfboards in QLD, Australia.
Old designs and new materials looking for fun.

Production, directed, photography and edit by Pablo Ballester
Thanks to:
Mark Pridmore
Nigel Jackson
Darryl Homan

Music: The Queen of Hearts by Corizonas
Dirge by Arizona Baby



SUNDAY Dec.2,2012
at Pacifico Yokohama

Official Website

Friday, October 12, 2012


SLIDEtracked from dank VIBES on Vimeo.
I am landlocked. Sometimes I get pretty SLIDEtracked...

check out my music site

shot and edited by RADamson

surfing by Kameron Brown, JJ Wessels, Tegan Gainan and Justin Quintal

song: MP(Zeds Dead)- "It's Easy"

Tyler's 11' Super Chief

Tyler is creating this new 11' super chief.

Layin down the gloss!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mundaka "al cuadrado"

Mundaka al cuadrado from on Vimeo.
This is Mundaka as square as it gets. The swell wasn´t big. Actually the barrels had more width than height.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dan Malloy and Dane Reynolds Board Swap

Ride shotgun with Dan Malloy and Dane Reynolds as they cruise from their Ventura homes to Emma Wood State Beach for a quiver swap. This insider look at their modes of surfing comes to a head as they trade—and ride—everything from homemade hunks to foiled Fryes. TSJ party members know full-well Malloy's open-minded approach, via articles like "Mar y Tierra" (TSJ 16.4) and "The Present" (TSJ 18.2).

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Experimental Bing Model

Test run of a new Bing Surfboards model shaped by Matt Calvani with team rider, Mick Rodgers.

JOEL TUDOR INVITATIONAL | Biarritz by Smog Films

JOEL TUDOR INVITATIONAL - Biarritz from Smog Films on Vimeo.
I was just here for the day one of the Joel Tudor invitational to proudly shoot my French homies Clovis and Robin on their own spot ! Amazing to watch all these guys surfing at the "Côtes des Basques".
Got The blues editing this Clip, i wanted to see more !
Thanks Joel and Vans for this event and Wes Montgomery whose music fits perfect in the mood :)
Jean /

The masterpiece music is Body and Soul from Wes Montgomery.

There's some Photos on

La Belle Pig | Retro Movement

DIY Surfboard Bike Rack | Surf Sufficient

DIY Surfboard Bike Rack - Surf Sufficient from on Vimeo.
For those who travel around town by bicycle, they know riding with a surfboard under the arm can be cumbersome and awkward. In this episode of Surf Sufficient, our friend Travis Newhouse helps make that bike commute to the beach much sweeter. By adding a surfboard rack to your rig, your shred sled can be stowed comfortably as you head out for a stoke.

These instructions are a guideline. Each bike and surfboard are different. Be sure to measure your own bike and surfboard, and dry-fit the pieces before you glue them together. We want you to have a safe ride to the beach - make sure the rack will not inhibit your movement on the bike, and that your front tire can turn freely without contacting the surfboard.

4 - 1" PVC T-joint
6 - 1" PVC 90 degree elbow
4 - 1.75" diameter hose clamps
10' PVC pipe (Schedule 40)
6' foam pipe insulation for 1" pipe
PVC cement
bungee cords

sandpaper or file
measuring tape
flathead screwdriver

1. Measure the diameter the bike's seat tube and down tube.
2. Transfer measurement to the opening at the top of the T-joint, and cut off the top of the T-joint.
3. Place one T-joint on the bike near enough to the pedal to measure the distance to the outside of the pedal. Include enough clearance for your foot, but shorter distance will result in a stronger rack. On this bike, the distance was 8.5 inches.
4. Attach T-joints to bike with hose clamps. For now, tighten only enough to remain in position.
5. Cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe to the length measured in Step 3. Clean up the ends of the cuts with sandpaper or a file. Insert PVC pipe pieces into T-joints.
6. Install two 90* elbows onto PVC pipes, with opening facing the ground.
7. Cut two 3" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into 90* elbow.
8. Install T-joints onto short pieces such that the openings are facing each other.
9. Determine the length of the crossbeam by measuring distance between the T-joints. Be sure to include 1" at each end for the portion of the pipe that fits into the joint. Cut PVC pipe to length for the crossbeam, and insert the crossbeam into the T-joints.
10. Cut two 11" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into the ends of the T-joints that face the ground. The suggested length is to fit most surfboards and bikes. Make sure the rack will not extend too close to the ground.
11. Install 90* elbow at the bottom of the pipe, with its opening facing away from the bike.
12. Measure the thickness of your surfboard. Be sure to consider the bulk of a travel bag, if you use one. Add approximately 1/2" for the thickness of the foam padding. Cut two pieces of PVC pipe to length, and insert into the opening of the 90* elbow.
13. Install 90* elbows on the ends of each short piece, with opening facing up.
14. Cut two 12" pieces of PVC pipe, and insert into the 90* elbows. The length of this piece should be less than the width of the board when mounted in the rack. This will ensure the bungee cord can hold the board in the rack.
15. With all the pieces dry-fit, check the fit of your board in the rack.
16. Before disassembling, mark the alignment of pipes and joints that extend out from the bike. Draw a line on the pipes and the T-joints attached to the bike, and also at the top 90 degree elbows.
17. Glue the pipes to the T-joints attached to the bike. Be sure to align the marks made in Step 16.
18. Glue the 90 degree elbows to the pipes extending from the bike. Be sure to align the marks made in Step 16.
19. On a flat surface, glue remaining two T-joints to the crossbeam. Use the flat surface to ensure the T-joint are aligned in the same plane. Also, glue the two 3" pieces into the T-joints.
20. Glue the crossbeam into 90* elbows.
21. Glue the 11" pieces of PVC pipe into the bottom of the T-joints.
22. Continue to glue pieces: 90* elbow followed by short piece of pipe, then another 90* elbow, and finally the 12" vertical piece.
23. Attach the foam insulation to the rack.
24. Drill holes for the bungee cords. Ensure that the holes are low enough to avoid metal hooks contacting the surfboard.
25. Enjoy your ride to the beach!

Hot and Glassy | Sea Movies

Hot and Glassy - Sea Movies from on Vimeo.
Cyrus gets a few clean ones on his Aquatic Almond ( on a humid October afternoon near Korduroy Headquarters in San Diego, California.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Deus Ex Machina by Seth C Brown

Deus Ex Machina from Seth C Brown on Vimeo.
The tale of a man building the most beautiful, but most dangerous machine.

***Note for audio - Laptop speakers miss out on most low end sound effects. If you have headphones, they help!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grain Surf Re-evolution

Grain Surf Re-evolution from Bridge to Shore Films on Vimeo.
Short edit from our time at Grain Surfboard's second annual Surf Re-evolution event.

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational | Day 2 Highlights

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational: Day 2 Highlights from Vans Europe on Vimeo.
The 6th edition of the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational presented by Vans took place this weekend at legendary surf spot "La Côte des Basques" in Biarritz; the epicenter of French surfing. Two-time world longboard champion Joel Tudor gathered 16 of the best longboarders in the world to showcase their uniquely progressive surf style for a prize purse of $10,000, riding single fin leashless boards with impeccable style and moves to inspire the next generatio

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational | Day 1 Highlights

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational: Day 1 Highlights from Vans Europe on Vimeo.
The 6th edition of the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational presented by Vans took place this weekend at legendary surf spot "La Côte des Basques" in Biarritz; the epicenter of French surfing. Two-time world longboard champion Joel Tudor gathered 16 of the best longboarders in the world to showcase their uniquely progressive surf style for a prize purse of $10,000, riding single fin leashless boards with impeccable style and moves to inspire the next generation.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wavegliders | Work in Progress

in, Wavegliders

Uma no Cravo e outra no Surf

Uma no Cravo e outra no Surf from Hélio Valentim on Vimeo.
A surf story about freedom and friendship, history and life, about the fellling of being free...and about free soul surf!
The short movie is a documentary with the finnest and first great Portuguese Surfer and Waterman (Pedro Martins de Lima), and also a fiction of some friends (Wavegliders family) that celebrates in reunion around the fire in a beautifull beach, the freedom after the day of the 25's Abril revolution in 1974 in Portugal that ended with an opressive regime.
It's a freedom surfer celebration...

Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational | Biarritz 28-30 september 2012

in, Olivier Saint-Léger

Monday, October 1, 2012

Retro Moderne Love review | Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational

Retro Moderne Love review: Joel Tudor duct tape invitational from goldenakathales on Vimeo.
Shaky footages from the final heat of the Duct Tape 2012 at Biarritz,France filmed by my friend David and edited by myself for Retro Moderne love blog:

Tyler WArren
HArrison Roach
James Parry
and Alex Knost

music: Beat Happening SEa Babies