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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almost Cut My Hair

Almost Cut My Hair from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.
You knew it would happen eventually.
Almost Cut My Hair is a zero budget surf film containing approximately 96% pure surfing coupled with a sound track worth listening to...the only catch being everyone involved is riding a surfboard that I built. If you can get past that last bit, I think you'll get a pretty killer show.

Over the past few years of meeting and working with countless creative individuals, I've made them boards and they've in turn shared their talents with me; I've piled it all together in what is my ultimate surf movie. ACMH is essentially the past few years of my work, set to some serious jams.

It makes me very happy and I hope it does you the same to you in the Spring of this year.

Containing the musical and/or surfical talents of:
Travers Adler, Trevor Gordon, Landon Smith, Will Adler, Morgan Maassen, Troy Mothershead, Ryan Lovelace, Johnny McCann, Michael Kew, Phil Browne, Joseph Horswell, Washmen and the Fisher, Simon Murdoch, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Connor Lyon and piles more...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Knot...

Why Knot........ from Jon Arman on Vimeo.
Tyler Warren sliding a couple on a Model T that Donald shaped before his passing...

CUTS DOLORO | Dork Fin by Salty Merchants

CUTS DOLORO - dork fin by salty merchants from Salty merchant on Vimeo.
The Cuts Doloro - dork fin.
surf smooth, and effortless like cuts doloro!
who is cuts doloro?
and this is his fin - the ideal, all round skeg template that provides superb control while on the nose and in the curl.
The wide base will increases your boards drive and forward projectory!
Its upright rake allows on point, pivotal characteristics unseen to the modern logger.
Just enough flex allows you to gain instant speed yet remain calm, without interruption - while on the beak.
This is the cuts doloro dork fin.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joel Tudor | Unfiltered by Surfer Mag

Joel Tudor, longboard icon and surfing's favorite iconoclast. Photo: Glaser

Joel Tudor has always been a polarizing figure in the surf world. Idolized by traditionalists for his grace, style, and equally fierce convictions, the 35-year-old San Diegan has assumed the role of tribal elder while still remaining the yardstick by which all other longboarders of the modern age are measured. And in a time where his genre’s influence is felt everywhere—from foreign lineups to clips on Dane Reynolds’ website—Tudor is as relevant now as he’s ever been. Here he offers us his perspective.

Talk to me about the current state of longboarding.
It’s awesome. There’s been enough of a jump in the right direction and it’s made the side that we all hated [high-performance longboarding] irrelevant—that side’s finally disappearing. I was fighting a lonely battle for a long time. It’s pretty cool that there’s a whole group now, as opposed to one person. The weight is off my shoulders. The other day I had some kid that takes jiu-jitsu from me in the studio, and I put in Alex Knost’s new movie and the kid was like, “He’s the reason I started surfing.” And I thought to myself, “That’s pretty rad.” And it’s got to that point where there’s an entirely different group that’s capable of doing what needs to be done, which is just inspiring kids who want to ride logs to ride them correctly.

Do you think there’s a place for competitive longboarding?
It’s hard for me to write it off because it gave me legitimacy and enabled me to make a living. I don’t agree with the ASP, but it is what it is. I mean, Al Knost or any one of these guys could enter and win if they wanted to. And it would probably legitimize them. They would only gain more credibility and be able to prolong the scam of making money for surfing your whole life. We’re all trying to follow in the Dora footsteps of scamming, scamming, scamming, because at the end of the day, we are scamming. If you just go surfing and you collect a check, you’re scamming society. It’s true. You do whatever it takes, and if that means winning an ASP world title, then win it, but it’s going to be a hard-fought battle. It took me seven years to convince them that I was good enough to win one. So a lot of people give up after a couple years. Do I think the way the ASP judges longboarding and the style of surfing they’re rewarding is cool? No, not really, but that’s another story. That’s a broken record, i’ve been complaining about that shit forever.

What should the criteria be? What is good longboarding?
Come to one of my contests [the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational series] and check it out. Basically I believe that longboarding should never be held in waves over head-high and if they are, certain specific requirements of equipment can be adapted. But as far as the real beauty of the art is concerned, it’s an under head-high thing. And in that, you basically want to combine the surfing of Nat Young and David Nuuhiwa and put them both together. Maybe throw me in the mix. And you’ve got a pretty good format. I’m not trying to be egotistical, but that’s just my opinion. That’s the direction that it’s going. When you go to my contests and sit back and watch them, it’s awesome—it’s hilarious, it’s funny, and it makes surfing look fun.

That type of surfing seems to be making its way into performance shortboarding too.
For sure, if you look at the amount that Dane Reynolds is influenced by guys like Al Knost and other people—I mean if Dane goes surfing with Al, the next month Dane will come out with a video clip and he’s surfing similar to Al. So it’s just the evolution of how things are going; it’s cool. And, why not? Dude, if Dane Reynolds is looking to longboarding for inspiration, that’s sick.

To see the full interview by Brendon Thomas of Surfer Magazine, please click HERE

Massive Swell | Nazaré, Portugal 2013

CoastlineTobi - Nazaré (Praia do Norte) was hit yesterday by a massive nord-west swell with a breeze of south-east wind!
Perfect conditions! McNamara was charging!

Photo by Tó Mané

The man who took the shot, Tó Mane showing the pic to G-Mac!

Special K & The Sea Badgers | Sea Movies by Korduroy TV

Special K & The Sea Badgers - Sea Movies from on Vimeo.
An all-star cast of alternative surf craft riding sea badgers descends upon Keramas for a good ol' time of tube ridin' and lip slidin'. Shot all in one day.

Check out our new Sea Movies tumblr:

Alex Knost
Harrison Roach
Ellis Ericson
Jared Mell
Matt Chojnacki
Thomas Bexon

Andrew Elliott
Pres Ban Productions

'City Arcade'
The Mid City Arcade

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunny Days by Bird Man Media

Sunny Days from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.
Birdman Media presents Sunny Days. Sunny Days is a short video shot entirely on beautiful sunny days this Winter. It's a shorty but a goody. Sunny Days features Tommy Witt, Noah Shimabukuro, Brendan White, Taylor Jensen and Bucky Barry.

for more longboard surf videos, check out


From our friend Luca and The Onde Nostre Crew!
Thank you for sharing...

The Onde Nostre Crew opens the new year with two episodes dedicated to women!
Luca Merli, Gio Barberis and Matteo Ferrari film an on the road documentary in the female universe, together with Amanda Chinchelli, Betta Dal Bello, and Natalia Resmini - Three friends with creative careers and a passion for surfing.
The episodes tell the story of a fashion designer, a stylist, and an illustrator, each bound by the surfing sisterhood and a deep friendship. They show us the many faceted ways that women confront the sea, and the energy with which they live.
If there's anyone out there who still thinks surfing is just for guys, here's proof that will make you think twice!
Onde Nostre's girls shine under an Italian September sun: Three different styles, perfectly blended, traveling between waves with thoughts on friendship, freedom, and future.
Here episode one.

RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.

Directed by Luca Merli

Edited by Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis and Luca Merli

Photography by Luca Merli, Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis, Matteo Ferrari.

Lettering by Luca Barcellona

Music Consultant & Marketing: Gabriele "Gabro" Minelli

Music (In order of appearaces) :
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes '4 Notes'
Guts 'Mi Isla Tropical'
Karibean 'Rainbow Girl '
Garden of Alibi 'Herman'
Karibean 'God Bless The Summer'

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alex Knost | Bali x Costa Rica

Alex Knost | Bali x Costa Rica from RVCA on Vimeo.
In support of our new Spring 2013 Alex Knost Signature Collection, RVCA presents this footage of Alex surfing Bali and Costa Rica.

Filmed and Edited by Taylor Bonin
Special Thanks: Jimmy Kinnaird
Music: Time by Ty Segall & White Fence

More Alex:
Shop the Alex Collection:


Shaped by Tyler Warren

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lucky Fin's !!!!

Wooden glass-on fin's are available now!!! 
100% hand made in Europe, with tint or clear laminating.

G.U.R.U. | 2013

The G.U.R.U. is back!!!
Shaped by Gustavo S. Costa

A big thank you to Zé from NorthCoast Surfboards for opening his factory to us!

G.U.R.U. Surfboards

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Iron & Resin | 2013

Iron & Resin Fall 2013 Lookbook Video from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.
Couldn't have asked for a better trip with my friends at Iron & Resin. We cruised up the Central Coast in search of cold water and warm fires, and got more than we bargained for.

Director/Videographer : Scott Toepfer (
Additional Footage : Samson Hatae (, Jackson Chandler (

Music : Ben Howard - "Old Pine"

Mundaka Slow Surfing

Mundaka Slow Surfing from jkvisual on Vimeo.
Slowmotion + tilt-shift de una sesión de surf del año pasado.
Espero que os guste

Musica: Lzn02 - Love is an Infection

Una producción de


Experiment No. 3 | Scrap Surf

Experiment No. 3 - Scrap Surf from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.
Shwood founder Eric Singer teams up with friends to create a unique wooden surfboard. Watch how Singer and company process and shape this functional one-of-a-kind board using reclaimed wood found on the Oregon coast.

The construction process was guided by the expertise of Joe Blecha, a bona fide virtuoso of custom surf and snowboard construction.

Kahana Kalama, professional surfer turned shop-owner (, was there to test the limits of the handmade board upon its completion.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Shwood creates handcrafted wooden eyewear using fine exotic hardwoods. Shwood’s in-house manufacturing process merges precision technology with classic skilled craftsmanship to create a timeless art form. Every step from veneering and precision lens cutting, to shaping and finishing is conducted in our own Portland-based workshop to promise an entirely handcrafted eyewear piece. View the collection at

Joe Stevens

Additional filming:
Wes Scheler

Sonny & The Sunsets – “Too Young To Burn (Instrumental)”

The Black Tambourines – “27-25 Blues”

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OLDEST by Drew Miller

OLDEST from Drew Miller on Vimeo.
Dolphins jumped, seagulls cheered and the lighthouse led us home.
Justin Quintal, Nick Collins and Chris Tincher share some waves at a very fickle spot in the nations OLDEST.

# Vanlife | Nick Dirks’ Van

Ass, Gas or Grass, Nobody Rides for Free. For the record these empties were from parked activities, not mobile.

Shutting the door, I grabbed my board and headed towards the lift line. They’ll be up in an hour I thought to myself.

The inside of #vanlife.

The Vantasy’s custom board rack. Pure Cambvibes.

in, A Restless Transplant and Van Life

Beached Days | Photo Exhibit by Jack Belli

Moto Grigio | Deus Australia

Deus ex Machina - Hand built in Woolie’s Workshop at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities, the Kawasaki W650 engine was punched out to 800cc, features FCR flat slide carburetors and stainless steel headers that flow into a Supertrapp exhaust kitted out with hand made hangers. The custom-made tank and seat marry ideas of new and old. The tank shape is inspired by classic TT style road racers while the seat models itself after current Moto2 bikes. The competition-spec inspiration extends throughout the build with a laundry list of race-ready parts. The wheels sport Sun rims, Buchanan stainless steel spokes and nipples, and knock off hubs from Durelle Racing. The adjustable offset triple clamps are also from Durelle Racing and link up with black anodized Ohlins forks that have been re-valved, re-lengthened, and re-sprung. A Motion Pro Revolver throttle, Brembo brake and ASV clutch lever call the Woodcraft clip-on bars home. The enormous flat track rear brake set-up incorporates a Grimeca caliper and Brembo master cylinder, while up front the Beringer six piston brake meets a Brembo rotor and lever for huge stopping power. A custom chromoly swingarm links up to Works Performance shocks. Finishing touches include a digital dashboard from Motogadget and custom seating from C&C Motorcycle Seats.

in, Deus ex Machina

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rob Machado and Joel Tudor surfing Costa Rica | Sprout

Rob Machado &  Joel Tudor surfing beautiful waves in Costa Rica, from the movie Sprout!

Simon Patchett | 9'4 Patchified Surf Thump

Almond Surfboards - Patchy, riding his 9’4 Patchified Surf Thump on a small, warm day in Australia. 
Would gladly sign up for a small, warm surf session today. 

Photos: Neil Patchett.

in, Almond Surfboards

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wooden Spoon by Jon Wegener

Jon - 4'6''. This model is really fast and does great turns. 
It is heavily infuenced by George Greenoughs Velo spoon.

What is traditional longboarding? by CP

CP - When i was asked to write a "What is traditional longboarding" piece. It sounded pretty simple, it's just noseriding, one fin and drop knee cutbacks isn't it? Yet the more i sat and thought about it, the more difficult to pin down it became.
In it's original sense it's a term that defined a part of longboarding for a few years in the mid nineties. Back in the first "age of the longboard" there was just surfing and everyone rode longboards until Nat Young and chums changed things in 1966. When longboards started to become popular again in the nineties, it was driven by shapers like Bill Stewart applying the lessons learnt with the evolution of the shortboard to longer equipment. The focus was very much on emulating the "radicalness" of cutting edge shortboard surfing with a handful of throwback manouvers thrown in. The boards were light, often narrow nosed with shortboard style concave bottoms and multiple fins.
It wasn't until Joel Tudor and his contemporaries like Wingnut, Jimmy Gamboa, Kevin Connelly and others started to look backwards, sometimes riding vintage thrift store finds that things began to change. Longboarding begin to develop along two fairly seperate paths. While the hawaiians and aussies continued to develop the high performance school, Tudor led the charge back to black wetsuits, single fins, Volan and a focus on a style with it's feet firmly in the body english of the early 60's. Looking in magazines of the time, "traditional longboarding" really means trying to emulate David Nuuhiwa at his 1966 noseriding prime, hanging ten was once again paramount along with smooth footwork and drop knee cutbacks.Board Templates  closely followed those of period noseriders with wide noses and tails, flat rocker, concave nose and paralell soft rails. Once again, first point Malibu became the focus of world wide attention.
The years tick by, things change and evolve, "pro" longboarding faltered from lack of corporate support and to a large extent stayed as a fringe activity in the surf media despite the ever increasing numbers boards over nine feet leaving the racks of surf shops world wide. Tudor retreated from the limelight a little and turned his attention to shorter equipment. Thomas Campbell made a couple of very influential surf films and huge numbers of surfers rediscovered the joy in the glide of a heavy board in high line trim. From where we (i) sit today, traditional longboarding is much more than emulating '66 vintage Nuuhiwa.
Almost all of today's top "loggers" are incredibly well rounded surfers, riding heavy single fins in small waves but shorter equipment when the waves get bigger or hollower, be that fish, egg, hull, simmons, even thrusters. Shapers like Tyler Hatzikian and Robbie Kegel have started to take single fin longboard design into different territory. Both these shapers say they use the zenith of 60's design as a jumping off point but aim to design shapes that continue the evolution of the longboard as though the shortboard revolution never happened. They are not alone. The last few years have seen a subtle shift in "log" shapes away from parallel templates and wide noses to more pig influenced shapes with wide points pulled back narrower noses and more defined hips to the board. The lines these boards draw on the wave is subtly different and surfers like knost and kegel have started to turn harder as a result while still retaining the essence of a traditional style. Noserides have become much more focused on being in the pocket not out on the shoulder and the standard of noseriding and the technicalty of the poses struck with toes over has gone through the roof.
Far from being old and stale, a dry study of glories past, traditional longboarding is more varied and alive than ever and that's where the difficulty in pinning it down lies. In fact it's one of the most vibrant parts of the whole of surfing in current times, with an almost punk ethos of experimentation and expression fuelled by a worldwide internet savvy community and not bound by corporate ideas and marketing plans. 
 So if we must try to pin down a definition what can we say? What is "traditional"  today?

 I think it's best to think of it as an approach, a "state of mind" if you forgive the cheesiness of that assertion, defined by  some basic tenets. Fundamentally Style is important, . Surfing with style is paramount whether it's the Steve Bigler-esque exaggerated body English of Alex Knost or the Phil Edwards style smoothness of Tyler Warren. It's an adherence to the principles of good trim, harnessing the waves energy with good positioning and without needless flapping. It's working with the wave, harmonizing with it's form in more lateral lines rather than attempting to bend it to your will or slice it to pieces. It's about using the extra three feet of your longboard for it's intended purpose and noseriding the hell out of any suitable section. It's about believing a good bottom turn is far more important than whatever maneuver you can do at the top of the wave. It's about weight, glide, momentum and grace under pressure. 

It's not about being retro or being overly consumed with looking backwards, it's about taking the essence of Surfing's history and treating those reference points with due reverence but taking them somewhere new. 

Unsurprisingly perhaps, people are beginning to take notice and the big surf Companies are perhaps beginning to sniff opportunity. Vans have poured a fair amount of money into Joel Tudors unashamedly traditional duct tape contests and Billabong, one of the "big 3", just sponsored Tyler Warren  one of the best "all boards" surfers in the world and something that would have been unthinkable even 5 years ago. Whether this is ultimately a good thing remains to be seen but one thing is for sure. Style is alive and kicking.

(Rejects) by Avthentic Films

(Rejects) from Avthentic Films on Vimeo.
B-side images from The Avthentic Story.
More infos:

Clovis Donizetti (
Steven Dunn Videau (
The Polite Pandora (
Cyril Arnaud

Sonic Youth "Au café" - Simon Werner a disparu

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dick Van Straalen | InnerViews

Dick Van Straalen - InnerViews from on Vimeo.
Dick Van is a classic shaper and surfer from Australia's Gold Coast. He's been hunting dredging sand bottom tubes since the good old days and has never stop experimenting with surfboard shapes and designs. He's been working refining hollow carbon fiber boards and fin configurations with test pilot Dave Rastovich for the past few years and together they've been making some cool shapes which push the definition of a modern surfboard.

Surf Footage from the forthcoming film "Under the Sun"

Friday, January 18, 2013

Z-Flex P.O.P Series with Jay Adams

Z-Flex P.O.P Series with Jay Adams from Nath Mallon on Vimeo.

Mexico Logging in December | Regressing Forward

Mexico Logging in December- Regressing Forward from Cyrus Sutton on Vimeo.
After miles of suspension wreaking roads I pulled up to this secluded bay with 66 degree water and only a couple girls out.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


REELBLACKBOX from Black Box Audiovisual on Vimeo.

Agave Surfboards

Agave Surfboards | English subtitles from Capim Filmes on Vimeo.
Tom Scott busca a fórmula perfeita entre o surf e a natureza.

A Capim Filmes teve um grande prazer de produzir esse curta documentário.
Thomas Scott é um grande personagem. Sua paixão pelo surf e a natureza, sem hipocrisia, levou o designer a buscar uma melhor relação entre o surf e o meio ambiente com suas pranchas de agave e outros materiais.
Além de serem pranchas funcionais e quase tão leves quanto uma de poliuretano (só 30% mais pesada), as pranchas de Agave são verdadeiras obras de arte.


Tom Scott Looks for the perfect relationship between surf and the nature.

Capim Filmes had a great pleasure to produce this short documentary. Thomas Scott is a great character. His passion for surfing and nature, without hypocrisy, led the designer to seek a better relationship between the environment and the surf with their boards of agave and other materials. Besides being functional boards and almost as light as a polyurethane (only 30% heavier), the Agave surfboards are true works of art.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Thomas Scott:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sean Tully + 9'10 Zamora PMP

Sean Tully + 9'10 Zamora PMP from Zamora Surf on Vimeo.
Sean Tully gives the 9'10 Zamora PMP a spin at the bu.

The Zamora PMP model is a pig inspired log with a a twist of the modern noseriders. Wide point back, fuller deck , deep blended nose concave, flatter rocker with just enough tail kick for your perching needs...

N'essayez pas de l'arreter | ROBIN FALXA

N'essayez pas de l'arreter from decoster pandora on Vimeo.

Ryan Lovelace | Surfcraft

Ryan Lovelace | Surfcraft from Tom Contarino on Vimeo.
Ryan Lovelace is a freelance surf craft builder from Santa Barbara California who I was fortunate enough to meet and shoot while he was here in New Jersey shaping surfboards for Glide Surf Co. over at Charles Mencel's surfboard factory. Ryan is an all around great guy who takes his craft seriously, but can still joke with the best of em. His creativity and innovation in modern surf craft is surely something to be admired and this short gives some insight to his life, opinions and craft.


Banger - It's been a long month and a half of work ... many hours in the workshop. But still everything has its reward. And so, after the passing of our friend Daniel Costa have experienced the most intense, juicy and incredible December regarding refers waves s ... We have not been absent but much less work with the dimension of this, should be taken in stride. Such blanks and designs, could not ignore the affection that we have given.
The result of all, makes us very happy to have worked with this great artist. Others will come, who knows! BANGER .... hope you enjoy it from our collaboration with RETROMOVEMENT.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mark Cunningham | Inner-Views

Mark Cunningham - Inner-Views from on Vimeo.
Since taking his first North Shore Bodysurfing Championship as a high schooler in 1974, no one has established themselves better in bodysurfing like Mark Cunningham. In this episode of Inner-Views presented by VSTR, Mark reminisces on choosing the path of a simple life on the North Shore of Oahu as a lifeguard and waterman.

Cyrus Sutton

James Campbell
Cyrus Sutton

James Campbell

Still Photos & Tahiti Footage
Chris Burkard


New Intro Animation
Alex Farkas-Worthy

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Phil Edwards | Hobie Gun

Phil Edwards - Hobie Gun from erik derman on Vimeo.
In high school, Edwards began a relationship with Hobie Alter that spanned his career. He shaped boards for Hobie in 1959 - the year Gidget ignited a frenzy. Board orders went through the roof as the once privileged sport of surfing had gone public.
By that time, much of Oahu's North Shore had been conquered by the first wave of California hellmen. Phil had first ventured to hawaii in 1955 but what yet to have an impact on big-wave surfing. The Californians had turned Sunset, Makaha and Waimea into battle zones. But one place remained taboo - Pipeline. For the day's equipment - wide, heavy planks - it was suicide. In 1961, Edwards casually changed all that. He stroked out on a sunny 6-foot day, powered through the drop, made it to the beach and opened the floodgates. Instantly, Pipe was surfable.

Host: Steve Pezman

Erik Derman

Friday, January 11, 2013

Classic longboard surfing from the 60 and 70s

GoldCoast Skateboards | California Design x Utah Engineering

GoldCoast Skateboards: California Design x Utah Engineering from GoldCoast Skateboards on Vimeo.
An inside look at the lives and personal spaces of GoldCoast’s Product Developer, Brock Harris and Art Director, Dustin Ortiz to showcase how the two opposites find their inspiration within their surroundings. Watch this video for a deeper look into the mash up of opposites that come together to create GoldCoast’s truly unique product. Filmed in partnership with Hidden Notice.

DOP_Brian Hanson, Jonathan Bennett
Edit_Jonathan Bennett
Colorist_Jonathan Bennett
Audio_Keith Culver
Director/Producer_Bill Keller
Production_Hidden Notice

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Greaser's Car for sale

Matt Chojnacki, 1966 Valiant | For Sale
For more information about the car click HERE

in, The Waxhead Diaries

What's going right

what's going right. from Drew Miller on Vimeo.
Reflecting on the past with smiles and good feelings deep down. Frothing for the present to open up with new opportunities to be a part of beautiful moments and fun projects.

Insivity | Chris Burkard

INSIVITY - CHRIS BURKARD from Insivity on Vimeo.
Follow photographer Chris Burkard through his daily routine as he seeks out inspiration and discusses his passion for landscapes and how to be challenged in your work. " It's never enough just to observe, I always want to be involved"

Chris Burkard is well known as a unique visionary whose photography as the ability to catapult the viewer into the moment. At 26 years old, Chris has accomplished a style and composition all his own, leaving many to instantly recognize a "Burkard Photo". Through his photography, Chris strives to capture the moments in between, and to document the lifestyle of the sport, not just the action

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Logs and Longs by Josh Oldenburg

The Original Nose Ridder

Josh - Many alternative surfboard designs draw influence from boards of the past and The Original is no exception. Its name refers to what many people consider the first specifically designed surfboard for nose ridding, The David Nuuhiwa. With a full nose, flat rocker and smooth tail curve the Original is nose ridding machine.

Josh - A new model that will be avalable in 2013. The South Shore is a designed as a step up nose rider. With the wide point back and subdued hips in the tail this board is made to turn. The pulled in nose and directed curve forward of center are intended to cut down on swing weight as well as water contact streamlining the outline. The South Shore was also designed with a flat forward rocker to increase trim speed and nose control and an exaggerated tail kick to ease turning. The bottom contours feature a subtle nose concave, rolled bottom and a pronounced V in the tail. All working together to create a nose rider that stands up in larger conditions.

Long Egg

8' Long Egg. Perfect all-around board for any surfer.

in, Josh Oldenburg - Fluid Design