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Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Dogging Splash Bandits

not dogging splash bandits from Matt King on Vimeo.
salty splishes and splashes from a while back... with emmi högström, GSI chick, nicky wellington and myself on the home video tip --- music by Question Mark & The Mysterians | Midnight Hour | Cameo Parkway 1966-1967: The Best of ? and the Mysterians

Thursday, November 28, 2013


HANGING WITH FRIENDS from Beau Young Surfboards on Vimeo.
I met up with my good friends Joel and Chrystal Fitzgerald, the waves were tiny but there was still a lot of fun to be had.

Check out Joel at:
MUSIC - Isaac Paddon

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Racer FIN by Captain Fin

JJ can ride every which way and another. 
Seen here riding Scotty Stopnik 10'' RACER FIN 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


FLUCTUS SPLITTERS Trailer #1 from No pain in Dream on Vimeo.
Il y a ceux qui ont marché sur la lune, et ceux qui dorment sous les ponts, il y a les génies et les ratés,
il y a la plage et les buildings, il y a ceux qui passent leur vie à regarder la télé, et ceux qui là passent à la vivre,
il y a la mer, la drogue, et les couteaux qui fendent les flots, il y a ici même 32 minutes de purs souvenirs imprégnés
sur pellicules SUPER8MM, il y a ici la mer, le ciel, les buildings, les ateliers, le brésil, la france, le vietnam,
l’australie, l’indonésie, le jazz,la france encore, gato heroi, les potes, le voyage… Sortie été 2014.
There are those who walked on the moon, and those who sleep under bridges, there are genius and losers,
there is the beach and the building, there are those who pass their lives watching TV, and those who spend it to live,
there is the sea, drugs, knives which cleave the waves, there is here 32 minutes impregnated by pure memories
on peliculles super8mm, there is the sea, the sky, buildings, factory, brazil, France, vietnam,
australia, indonesia, jazz, France again, gato heroi, the friends, the trip ... Out summer 2014.

Making of: Almond Apparel

Making of: Almond Apparel from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.
Since Day 1 of Almond's fairly short history, (5 or 6 years) we have strived to design and make products that we deemed to be essential to our mostly surf-centric way of life. We have spent the first 5 years really emphasizing the surfboard, the most essential of all surf essentials. Along the way we have learned a ton, met a lot of talented people and set our sights on more product-variety. This past year we've decided to make a more intentional and direct effort in the soft-goods realm, to sit alongside the surfboards that we will always emphasize. We have spent the last year and a half developing, experimenting, re-developing and launching a small collection of subtly surf-inspired, wearable clothing. Here's a brief look into what that looks like for us. We're continuing to grow the line, refine fits, try new washes, etc... but we're thankful for the progress thus far, and increasingly excited with each new season.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Death Dagger | Mark Matisons

Death Dagger x Mark Matisons from Wild Things on Vimeo.
Messiah shoots a Gato Heroi Death Dagger through the seagull scream Lou Reed curls of tomorrow’s medicine cabinet in the ancient southern lands of Western Australia. Christ Mark Matisons! Like chyldren in a penny arcade – all the Wild Things are luminous.
words by Kent Turkich
Surfing by Mark 'Messiah' Matisons.
Song by the Missing Links.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

One Average Day

'One Average Day' from Ruwac Productions on Vimeo.
"Chatting about nothin… surfing dribbling waves and making it look easy… testing out foam prototypes… it is just one average day for Mr James Parry."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"The Growlers & Tomorrows Tulips" | Surfing

On tour in Europe "The Growlers & Tomorrows Tulips", passed through our town (Porto) on thursday 7th and gave a concert at Armazém do Chá!
The next day we went all surfing some small waves at Matosinhos beach, an afternoon well spent with Alex Knost and friends!!

João Valente (Surf Portugal Magazine Editor), The Growlers, Madi, Nico (Wave Gliders), Paulo (Surfcenter) and Gustavo Costa (G.U.R.U. Surfboards)

The Growlers & Tomorrows Tulips, Nico (Wave Gliders) and Márcio Oliveira (Drift Boys)

Alex Knost

Alex Knost

Ford Archbold

Eurico Gonçalves

Gustavo Costa (G.U.R.U. Surfboards) and Eurico Gonçalves

Gustavo Costa (G.U.R.U. Surfboards)


Márcio Oliveira (Drift Boys) and Eurico Gonçalves

Márcio Oliveira (Drift Boys)

The Growlers and Eurico Gonçalves

Alex Knost (Tomorrows Tulips) and The Growlers

Gustavo Costa (G.U.R.U. Surfboards)

The Growlers 

Nico (Wave Gliders), Alex Knost (Tomorrows Tulips), The Growlers and Tó Mané

The Boys!!!

Tiago Reis (Longboard Retro Days), Gustavo Costa (G.U.R.U. Surfboards), Nico (Wave Gliders), Márcio Oliveira and Henrique Simões (Drift Boys), The Growlers, Madi, João Valente (Surf Portugal Magazine Editor), Eurico Gonçalves, Alex Knost and Ford Archbold (Tomorrows Tulips)

See you next time Alex!

Links to:

Photos by Alexandra Aragão and Tiago Reis

Last Thursday

Friday, November 8, 2013


EXOTIC AQUATIC DANCES | THE KEGEL from Jan Latussek on Vimeo.
Watching Robin Kegel´s style you get to think that this thing he does is really easy... switching stance, reading the wave like he does, finding the balance, turning the board like a featherweiht sword, moving up the face, through the setions, turning here, floating there, basically gliding like he does....

His signature style is incomparable. No one does what he does, and that´s why he is one of the great surfers out there today. A unique character with a unique vision and a unique style.

This is his Exotic Aquatic Dance.... unfortunatelly we were not able to see him surf more at the Salinas Longboard Festival, but the show he gave on his heat.... was amazing. Here´s my take on it!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Matix presents HO13 JJ Wessels Longboard

Matix presents HO13 JJ Wessels Longboard from Matix Clothing on Vimeo.
Used 1950’s Safari D-fin longboard for sale. Found in the Mojave Desert , buried in the dirt, surfed by JJ Wessels in Ventura and skated by the Matix team on Mike Anderson’s mini ramp. Pick up only, no shipping, wax included (what’s left on the deck).

•disclaimer – this board is not for sale, watch the video and enjoy!

Stay tuned for the Holiday Backyard Jam featuring the 1950's Safari D-Fin and the Matix team

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Musyasyugyou 武者修行 Knights-Errant

Musyasyugyou 武者修行 Knights-Errant from TohruSuzuki on Vimeo.

Alaska Sessions

Alaska Sessions from Alaska Sessions on Vimeo.
Mr. McCune sells his house and buys an old fishing boat to embark on an epic surf adventure. He and his eclectic crew travel up the isolated Alaskan coastline in the dead of winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, and these guys aren’t exactly pro-surfers, but in the words of one crew-member, “when your stoke is hot, you can endure a lot.”

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Do not miss this Thursday 7th - ARMAZÉM DO CHÁ, Porto - The Growlers and Tomorrows Tulips.


Os Tomorrows Tulips (Burger Records) são um dueto californiano que se esforça por manter a bela tradição do ligeiramente vagabundo, ligeiramente feliz, ligeiramente fora de tom, ligeiramente underground. Não são, na sua essência, revivalistas dos anos 90, ainda que na sua extrema astúcia musical exista essa reminiscência, distinguindo-se pela forma como flutuam no território de uma quase caótica liberdade experimental. Os Tomorrows Tulips nomadizam entre o harmonioso e o sinistro, atingindo, nesse suposto antagonismo, uma estranha, ainda que labiríntica, simbiose melódica. Há, nas guitarras distorcidas e vozes lo-fi, o exercício do sortilégio, a procura de uma paixão primitiva afogueada pelos desejos mais íntimos, ainda que essa busca se desdobre num ambiente tépido e luminoso. Para este dueto norte-americano, nunca a adolescência foi tão conceptual. O seu último álbum, Experimental Jelly, editado pela prezada Burger Records, foi lançado em Março do corrente ano.

The Tomorrows Tulips ( Burger Records ) is a Californian duo that strives to maintain the fine tradition of slightly bum, slightly happy, slightly out of tune, slightly underground. There are, in essence, revivalist 90s, even in their extreme cunning throwback musical that exists, distinguished by how float in the territory of an almost chaotic experimental freedom. The Tomorrows Tulips travel between smooth and sinister, reaching this supposed antagonism, a strange, albeit labyrinthine melodic symbiosis. There, the distorted guitars and voices lo-fi, the exercise of sorcery, seeking a passion for primitive flushed innermost desires, though this search to unfold in an environment warm and bright. For this duet U.S., never adolescence was so conceptual. His latest album, Experimental Jelly, published by prized Burger Records, was released in March this year.



Os Growlers são uma banda americana formada em Dana Point, Califórnia, em 2006, e entretanto mudou-se para Costa Mesa, Orange County. A banda é composta por Brooks Nielsen (voz), Matt Taylor (guitarra), Scott Montoya (bateria), Anthony Braun Perry (baixo) e Kyle Straka (teclados e guitarra). O seu primeiro álbum, Are You In ou Out, foi lançado em 2009. Hot Tropics, o segundo longa duração em 2010. Em Janeiro de 2013 lançaram o terceiro álbum da banda, Hung at Heart. O som da banda combina o rock da Califórnia dos anos 60 com o psicodelismo e surf rock.

The Growlers are an American band formed in Dana Point, California, in 2006, and though he moved to Costa Mesa, Orange County. The band consists of Brooks Nielsen (vocals), Matt Taylor (guitar), Scott Montoya (drums), Anthony Braun Perry (bass) and Kyle Straka (keyboards and guitar). Their first album, Are You In or Out, was released in 2009. Hot Tropics, the second long-term in 2010. In January 2013 released the band's third album, Hung at Heart. The band's sound combines the California rock of the '60s with the psychedelic and surf rock.

Monday, November 4, 2013


5'9'' TWIN PIN
A modernized Twin Fin
Best in clean round 3-8 foot surf

A modernized Soap
Best in punchy 3-6 foot waves

A zippy all around quad
Best in 3-8 foot surf

Revised rocker and foil
Best in 2-4 foot surf

2012 Espanol Basque | Josh Hall

2012 Espanol Basque | Josh Hall from TohruSuzuki on Vimeo.