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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sea State

Sea State from Thomas Green on Vimeo.
A few sessions with Jack Martin and Luke Allee this January in Newport and Huntington.

Filmed & edited by Thomas Green
Music by: The Foreign Exchange


DEVON HOWARD SURFING A 7'2" EGG from erik derman on Vimeo.
San Diego surfer Devon Howard slides a 7'2" egg on a stellar San Diego County reef break. The ’70s inspired design he's riding was shaped by Tyler Hatzikian (@TylerSurfboards). Devon rides traditional single-fin longboards, eggs and fish designs. He has appeared in award winning surf films such as The Seedling, Single-Fin Yellow, Sprout, One California Day, Expencive Porno Movie and more. You can follow his wavering exploits and life as a SoCal based surfer on Instagram @devon_howard.
Edit and Camera work by Erik Derman.

MCTAVISH | Dedicated to the Craft Series | Episode 4: Ray Gleave

MCTAVISH - 'Dedicated to the Craft Series' Episode four: Ray Gleave from Stefan José Films on Vimeo.
McTAVISH - Dedicated to the Craft Series
Directed, Filmed & Edited:
Stefan José

Compelled to spend his entire life riding waves Bob McTavish started building surfboards in 1962. Today, over 50 years later, his vision is alive and well at the McTavish Factory in Byron Bay, Australia.
This collection of portraits gives a glimpse into the people and moments that are ... dedicated to the craft.

Episode Four:
Surfer: Ray Gleave
Music: The Reefers

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Shatter | Jordan Spee

Shatter: Jordan Spee from Rubbed The Lamp on Vimeo.
Fragments that when brought together can form an entire frame, person or object into something that is tangible. Into something that has matter. Shatter is series of shorts that aims to capture fragments from the various people behind Glass Coffee House and Gallery and MS Surfboards.

More to come.
Supported by Glass Coffee House & Gallery and MS Surfboards.
Filmed and edited by Warwick Gow with help from Mitch Surman and Jordan Spee.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pete | Sean | Veed | Kurtis | Colin

pete//sean//veed//kurtis//colin from Birdman Media on Vimeo.
Check out birdman media's newest longboard surf flick of Petey Johnson, Kurtis Woodin, Daveed Arganda, Colin Whitbread, and Sean Keany.

Check out birdman media on instagram

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mr. Devon Howard

"Sick sequence!!!

Mr D Howard surfing his 11'2" Skip Frye eagle like he's surfin his 7'2" D. Takayama mini modelo. Thanks for sending the photos Devon!!!"

Last stop on Summer

Last stop on Summer from WEEKEND ISLANDS on Vimeo.
WKND SLNDS presents 'Last stop on Summer', a short movie shooted in Figueira da Foz during #0 Gliding Barnacles, with James Parry, Michael Lay, Matteo Fabbri, Ignacio Solís, Xico Zé, Nico García, Nacho Saa, Eurico Golçalves, Manuel de la Espada and more. August 2014. Song: They're Red Hot (Robert Johnson).

Deus Handmade Festival Nr2

Deus Handmade Festival Nr2 from Deus Customs on Vimeo.
On Saturday December 6th, 2014 an event came together at the Emporium of Postmodern Activities that has never been heretofore and will be the same hereafter. The Handmade Festival. "Wait a second!," you're thinking, "Isn't this Number Two?" Well, you see, thats just the nature of something handmade... Its never a cookie-cutter duplicate! And thats the beauty of everything and everyone who filled the parking lot… the makers and the doers who put their hand to the plow and use good old fashioned elbow grease and Ooomph to make what they make and do what they do.

Special thanks to

Tintype Photography by Giles Clement
Sam Hill Peashoots
Bates Leathers
Flyingmonkey Fabrication
FSK-Fashion Serial Killer
Thrux Lawrence sturdy goods
Bode Goods hangers and hooks
Woodin Surfboards
P.S. Kaufman boots
Iron Curtain Press
Lisa Raphael Creations
Bixby fine combs
Katy Zales
Dutch Handplanes
Vintage Electric Bikes
A-Bomb Guacamole by Kam
Hunter Forrest
Horchata Lip Balm
Inked Iron motorcycle prints
Hedley & Bennett Aprons
Tattoo's by Ramon

MUSIC: T-Model Ford, Sail On


KAI from Henry Cousins on Vimeo.
Kai Ellis Flint surfs Johnsons on his signature Keyo during the year of 2013...

Filmed: Andy Gough
Edited: Henry Cousins


Dane Peterson

Dane Peterson from Nick Jones on Vimeo.
Dane Peterson.

Film and Edit - Nick Jones

Water Cinematography by Andy Staley

Song - Coloured emotions by Night moves

Follow Dane's work here -

9 foot and sing deus 2014 | Salty Merchant

9 foot and sing deus 2014 from Salty Merchant on Vimeo.
Devon Howard, Matt Cuddihy, Lachlan Leckie, Thomas Bexon, Matt Chonoski, Zye Norris, Jack Norton, Eden Saul and more. No fuss shooting by a hot girl on the beach for no particular reason. Shitty, quick edit by the salty merchants after this footage was recovered from a corrupt hard drive. Sorry for those who's heats/waves that were unable to be recovered. Enjoy.