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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Proportional Harmonics | Mollusk

Proportional Harmonics from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
It's not often that we see a video with such multi-dimensional orthogonality in relation to what currently exists in the surf sphere, but this rabbit hole that Mandala is venturing down is an eye opening one for the open minded ocean glider. He calls it the gateway drug to finless surfing, Mandala has developed a surfboard that lies somewhere along the mini-Simmons/finless spectrum, a board wielding "mini-keel" fins about an inch and a half or so in height that allow wave sliders to tap into the unique, friction free sensation that has not previously been available to boards sporting traditionally sized fins. The unique aspect of this board is the fact that one can use the hard back edge and mini keels to bottom turn, decompress, and provide more stability than a finless surfboard has been able to provide. Obviously, comparing finless boards and this Dark Oracle model by Mandala is like comparing apples and aardvarks, the two have their own unique strengths of course, this is a really interesting approach to surfing that Mollusk is super stoked on. Thanks to our buddies Manny, Jack Coleman, and Rangi Ormond for creating such incredible works of art in shaping, filmmaking, and surfing respectively.

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