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Monday, February 8, 2016

Interview with Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren


"Some say idle hands make for the devil’s handiwork. If this is true, then we might start classifying Tyler Warren as the patron saint of a new generation of surfers who splatter as much paint and resin as sea foam at their favorite point breaks.

Okay sure, sainthood is admittedly a ways off. But speaking with Tyler is like talking to a craftsman who seems to know something you don’t. It’s almost as if he sees something in the world that you don’t see. Maybe it’s his SoCal roots. Maybe it’s his family history in the arts (his mother’s great uncle was close friends with Frida and Diego Rivera). Regardless, once you get a whiff of his sun-soaked paintings and boards you’re able to get a taste of his vision, his love for the ocean, and his passion for the craft."

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