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Friday, July 3, 2015

Robin Kegel: Shuffling Jumping Gouging

Robin Kegel: Shuffling Jumping Gouging from Wild Things on Vimeo.
RGK rides 9'4 Gato Heroi Playboy in junky East-Australian surf.

Throttle Model Description

Throttle Model Description from Tyler Surfboards on Vimeo.
Listen to Devon Howard briefly explain why he loves the new Throttle Model. Surfers: Devon Howard, Kick, Josh Gilberts. Footage by Kiyo Okada and Graham Edkins

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cyrus Sutton Wants Everyone to Become a Filmmaker | The Inertia

Cyrus Sutton is many things. A surfer. A storyteller. A filmmaker. An activist. It's his dynamic, healthy skepticism of the status quo and profound dedication to change that make him a visionary in the canon of contemporary surf personalities. Currently, he's producing a new film called Island Earth that explores the world's food supply. You can bet that it will inspire you to take your food – and the way you choose to spend your cash in supporting business – just a little more seriously. And that's a good thing.

The Inertia: Surfing's Definitive Community //

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alex Knost | Noosa 2015

Alex Knost | Noosa '15 from RVCA on Vimeo.
RVCA Advocate Alex Knost logging Noosa Australia, 2015. Video by Nate Foster. Song "Hey You" by Dumb Pants.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wheels & Waves 2015

Wheels & Waves 2015 from Alessandro Giuzio on Vimeo.
This video is about wheels and waves 2015

How To Road Trip

How To Road Trip from Samuel Glazebrook on Vimeo.
A short film about travelling and surfing in Cornwall, UK.

An independent film directed, shot and edited by Samuel Glazebrook. Please feel free to donate via the 'tip jar' to help support me to make more films.


Surfing & narration

Samuel Glazebrook
Michael Lay
Richard Balding
John Eldridge

Also surfing

James Parry
Jack Whitefield
Josh Daniel

Music by

The Funk Ark
Radical Face
Travers Alder

Illustration & lettering

Liz Tregaskis

Bob McTavish is heading to Basque Country

Bob McTavish is heading to Basque Country from McTavish Surfboards on Vimeo.
Bob McTavish talks about an upcoming European shaping tour to Pukas in Basque Country August 2015 - both stock and hand-shaped McTavish boards will be available

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


PROUT - Un film de Raymond Campbielle from Surfinestate on Vimeo.
Clovis Donizetti (France) spreading world of classics, with his guitar and board.
Just a little ballade, around melody and surfing, next to Biarritz.

This parodic title (prout mean fart in French) is also a wink to this mental surf film "SPROUT" directed by Thomas Campbell in 2004 where Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy or Dave Rastovitch called to mind of all surfers that surfing wasn't just performance but also an art of living and a game.


« PrOut » ,titre parodique, rappelle cette incroyable vidéo de Thomas Campbell sortie en 2004 à une époque où le longboard tentait de devenir moderne mais où quelques surfeurs (Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy, Dave Rastovitch) restaient sur des basiques incontournables, où le choix du support et des vagues n’avait que très peu d’importance.

10 ans plus tard, Clovis Donizetti nous rappelle que surfer, comme jouer de la musique, est un jeu, l’interprétation d’un art de vivre. Il nous propose ici une ballade autour de Biarritz, improvisant un air de guitare.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Classic Crescent

Classic Crescent from Jascha Sandles on Vimeo.
first attempt edit of crescent head classic


WINTERMISSION from surfstitch on Vimeo.
Motion: Nathan Foster
Photography: Jonathan Smit
1st track: The Delicates, Track: Fever Street
2nd track: Geowulf, Track: Saltwater

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Worm: Spring Sessions

Worm: Spring Sessions from Pursuit of the Arbitrary Films on Vimeo.
Some clips of Erin Ashley making the best of Springtime conditions.

Music: Leupold and his Fiction

POA Films

One Love | Mollusk Surf Shop

One Love from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
Jack Coleman just got back from Costa Rica on the hunt for warm water and fun waves with Rangi Ormond & Justin Adams. Here's a glimpse into some of their sessions. Stay tuned for more in Jack's new film, The Zone, coming soon!

Monday, June 15, 2015

North Av.

nrth av from benjy fodor on Vimeo.
This clip was filmed a couple years back with my buddy Henry Cousins.
The clip is of a typical day out north Av featuring the sliding of
Matty Chojnaki
Carl Gonsalves
Myles Doughman
camera cut : Benjy Fodor
water footage and additional land : Henry Cousins

Friday, June 12, 2015

Local Talent | Vol.1 | Alex Swanson

Local Talent | Vol.1 | Alex Swanson from 6AM on Vimeo.
6AMSURF series directed, filmed and edited by John Fisher (@John_Fisher_).

Local Talent is created to spotlight some of the communities unique personalities. In episode 1 we spotlight Alex Swanson, a Newport Beach lifeguard, firefighter and photographer. Alex is very active with the community especially in the Junior Lifeguard program. As a photographer he covers all genres from surfing to landscape to lifestyle. Follow along and get to know Alex a little more.

To view some of Alex's photography check out

Special Thanks to:
Newport Beach Lifeguard
Ben Carlson Foundation
Almond Surfboards

Sano Sesh

Sano Sesh HD from Riley Diehl on Vimeo.

Wheels and Waves | 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crescent Head Classic Weekend

Crescent Head Classic Weekend from Wild Things on Vimeo.
Featuring Myles Doughman and Andy Findlay as well as Kahu Andronicus, Benjy Fodor and Jake Bevan



April 2015, Newport Beach, California,
Board used - 9'.6" Cream Fat Cat .