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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small wave slicing

J. Linden on a Vega 68....

Shaping: Hand vs. Machine

Here at Bing & Jacobs Surfboards, we often get asked the question “Are the boards 100% hand-shaped by Matt Calvani?”  The simple answer is “Yes” and “No”.
As part of our move to the “Hill” and into the old Channin Surfboards factory, we also acquired Tony Channin’s CNC shaping machine which resided in the factory.  But even prior to the move, we’ve always utilized the machine-shaping technology.  All of the models cut on the machine were all originally hand-shaped by Matt until he was able to fine tune them to how he wanted them to look and ride.  Once he felt the model was dialed-in, the best of the best are scanned on the machine.  The machine does the labor intensive rough-shaping so that Matt can work on the fine details of each board.  In a nutshell, that’s our use for the machine, it’s like a Skil planer on steroids so to speak.  It limits the labor and time it requires to rough a board out, and that allows Matt to not only build more boards (and reduce cost) but also to spend his time and energy on the finer details of each shape as well as to develop new models and designs.  It also helps to limit the variances in each shaped board which inevitably happens when hand-shaping.

Unfortunately, there appears to be some negative stigma associated with using shaping machines, but I can assure you that the machines are not so sophisticated that once the board is milled, any average Joe can just finish them off.  Matt hand-shaped something like 15,000 boards in his career before he started utilizing the CNC technology.  At age 40, he has had to consider self-preservation and the longevity of his shaping career and if he continues to “dig holes” (as he’s jokingly described hand-shaping), then his shoulders and back would be done by the time he’s 50 and he’d be forced to give up building surfboards.   Matt still loves to hand-shape, but he reserves this process for new designs and special custom orders.  The turnaround is a lot slower but the end result the same.

Shaping machines have always produced a good amount of controversy over the past decade, perhaps less prevalent now then before.  At the beginning, the controversy was rooted more in the protection and preservation of someone’s shape and design, and the ability for someone with a shaping machine to “copy” another shaper’s design.  But with integrity and because the machines lacked the sophistication to outright “copy” a shape, the fears diminished.  Nowadays, most shapers who have enough volume demand to justify it, use the shaping machine as an extension of their tool set (“Skil Planer on steroids”) to facilitate turnaround time, production flow as well as minimizing cost and labor.  Right, wrong or indifferent the shaping machine has become a valuable part of Matt’s design process as well as our business model.  Every individual who works in our factory whether it’s the shaper, the laminator, the polisher, down to the board packer loves surfboards and we believe in building them in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable price so that others can enjoy them too.

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Edge Spoon

for sale: contact me at, located in Orange County with it's current owner...can be moved if so desired!

Asking $1,300 obo, and been ridden ONE time. she's a winner thats for sure, all hand-layed-up in a mold the proper way.

Ryan Lovelace by Miguel Barreira

Miguel Barreira is a professional sports photographer, a stoked surfer and real surfboard addict with a unique passion for alternative surf crafts. Last summer he added another piece of history to his collection by ordering to Ryan Lovelace a Flexspoon, true to George Greenough legacy. For all of us involved it was a very special moment seeing that board come alive. (see post Special One here)

Miguel was at the factory shooting Ryan and his Flexspoon and the result couldn’t be better.


This last photo, probably the most impressive one, was featured at SurfPortugal mag, on a article about Greenough legacy, so I will post it like that, respect for all involved! 

photography: Miguel Barreira

2 custom lumberjacks - Almond Surfboards

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peter Walker to exhibit on the Gold Coast

Surfing and beach culture are integral to the Gold Coast lifestyle – that culture is also a great source of inspiration to artists who continue to engage with the rich stories and visual imagery of this dynamic sport.

We present two distinct but connected exhibitions in gallery one featuring a new series of beautifully crafted wooden surfboards by furniture maker and designer Peter Walker and ceramics by artist Gerry Wedd which reference both ancient and contemporary myths and legends of the perils of the sea and the underbelly of the the surf world.

Walker is a surfer and was born in Sydney and now divides his time between Adelaide and working as Associate Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design in New York. Always fascinated by hand skills and fine craftsmanship, Walker’s awareness of the complexity of surfboard performance and design led him to start making his own wooden surfboards – embellished with the work of leading Australian contemporary artists.

His boards will be at The Gold Coast Arts Centre 28th of May to 10th of June.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BING 60's

This is the van that Australian Keith Paull used to tour the east coast in the late 60's
The Bing Lotus 1967

The Bing Australian V-Bottom tigerstriped 1967

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boardroom: Legends of Surfboard Shaping

COMING SOON…A Film By Markus Davids

Bing Surfboards Supports Japanese Disaster Relief

To our friends in Japan:

Our hearts are filled with sorrow over the loss and devastation of so many lives. We are sending prayers and thoughts for peace and courage among all survivors of this tragic event. Our deepest sympathy, support and condolences are with the people of Japan.

Bing Surfboards

In support of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, Bing Surfboards has donated the following 9’2 Bing Gold Standard to the Glycogen Charity Auction. This board is part of Group H, which is set to auction May 17 -24. Please remember to submit your bids and support Japan!!

To submit bids for the following item from May 17-24, please sign-up at through the J-Grab website. Search for the item in AUCTIONS > JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE RELIEF .

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MINDS in the Water

MINDS in the Water. Premier @ Byron Bay Community Centre 30th of April 2011. Dave Rastovich & Chris Del Moro.

Minds In The Water is a feature-length documentary following the quest of professional surfer Dave Rastovich and his friends including Bing team rider Chris Del Moro to protect dolphins, whales and the oceans they all share. Through Dave's journey - a five-year adventure spanning the globe from Australia to the Galapagos, Chile, California, Alaska and Japan - we see one surfer’s transformation from observer to activist in his desire to defend the ocean and its inhabitants.

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...skate a pig!...

these boards are SICK!!!!!!!!!!! ...skate a pig!...


Be glad to shape you one up.

Decks shown are 42" in length featuring a Poplar and Alder hard wood plate join.
Finished with a hard wax. Maintenance and care thereof can be continued with a like product from time to time.
This finish is original in approach, and creates for a durable seal and a best bare foot rideable board.
Unless specified all decks will be shipped waxed and you will have a hard time applying deck grip to this finish if you so desire, like a regular skate.
We however believe in the old school approach to these slides and find the finish fitting for ease of use and care for the craft.

This information is supplied for your further understanding of the expected craft.
Decks will be shipped without holes to allow for your choice and placement of trucks.

Base price of $100 for the above mentioned
Shipping and handling charges will be calculated accordingly. (Shipping from 92672 CA)
Decks will be shipped after payment is received.

Feel free to contact with any other questions or requirements you may have for your deck.

Surf-A-Pig... Skate-A-Pig


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slim Pig 9'4" stepdeck



This new model of Pig entitled SlimPig,
is defined by the easy maneuverability.

Conveys a sense of being in a log with
lower weight and dimensions
than it actually is.