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Thursday, May 30, 2013

SUNYATA LAPSE | Teaser Summer 2013

SUNYATA LAPSE Teaser Summer 2013 from Yarirabou on Vimeo.
Ibon, a young Basque guy, had few years a go a several injury that damage his arm and shoulder forever...After years of rehab and trying different treatments, he still suffers from phantom limb pain. With the time, he realizes that when he is really focused in one of his favorites activities; the PAIN is´s just a little LAPSE with no relativity, no pain, no time, no nothing, That´s the SUNYATA, The Illuminating Void.
Music: Norway-Beach House (Sub Pop Records 2010)

Ibon, thank you for your email and for sharing your story!!!

Harrison Roach | Sector 9

Sector 9 Ozzy surfer Harrison Roach cruises through San Onofre, California on his way down to Sector 9 to meet up with crew.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary

T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.
Here's another collaboration brought to you by the salty crew behind The Critical Slide Society. It features team rider and shaping jedi Thomas 'Doc' Bexon's journey through the Duct Tape in Noosa this year.

For more TCSS goodness please visit

Producer: Jimmy Slide Mitchell
Edit: Nathan Oldfield
Camera: Andrew Gough
Graphics: Chris Nixon
Animation: Zander Van Oldenborgh
Music: 'Jazz Pour Dadine' by Nicola Conte

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chloe Calmon & Filipe Hage Longboarding Recreio dos Bandeirantes, RJ Brasil

Chloe Calmon & Filipe Hage Longboarding Recreio dos Bandeirantes, RJ Brasil from Balian on Vimeo.
O Surf de pranchão é uma arte de suavidade, onde o quão mais pesados os shapes são, mais elegante o surf é!
Aqui, Filipe Hage shaper e surfista apresenta a top do mundo Chloé Calmon suas novas pranchas.
Enquanto ele encontra umas boas, ela parece não ter problemas algum com adaptação.
Aproveite o rolé com Chloé e Hage andando cheio de estilo pelas marolas do quintal no RIo de Janeiro.

Obrigado por assistir!

conheça mais as pranchas de Filipe Hage

se ligue nos passos da Chloé Calmon


Hello fellows

Longboarding is art of smoothness, as heavy as board gets as classy it goes...
Here Filipe Hage shaper/rider introduce to the top world surfer Chloé Calmon her new models.
While he got a few good ones she seems to have no problem on adapting.
Enjoy the ride with Chlóe and Hage hanging stylish on little peelers of their home breaks in Rio de Janeiro.

Thanks for watching!!

see more Filipe Hage models at...

follow Chloé's steps at

Filmed by Aline Nigro
EDit by Marcelo Neto and Raphael Garone "Vovô"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Arvo with Jai

One Arvo with Jai. from Andy Staley on Vimeo.
Had the pleasure of shooting a few waves of my mate Jai up at Little Cove in Noosa around the time of the Noosa Longboarding Festival, Always great watching him surf, his a great bloke, good surfer, great Father & takes some amazing photos -
limited to footage again but I hope you enjoy!

Meniscectomy | Jack Norton

Meniscectomy - Jack Norton from Thomas Brown on Vimeo.
Jack Norton

-Shot / Edit by Thomas Brown

- Music - Black Angels
- Song - Evil Things

Uncharted Waters | The Personal History of Wayne Lynch

Uncharted Waters – The Personal History of Wayne Lynch from Patagonia on Vimeo.
Directed by Craig Griffin, Uncharted Waters is a feature length documentary about legendary Australian surfer Wayne Lynch. It traces his upbringing in the seaside town of Lorne on Victoria’s south western coast and his turbulent experiences as a ‘conscientious objector’ on the run from conscription and the Vietnam War. Ultimately, it is about an extremely gifted individual with an intense connection to the Southern Ocean, whose approach to surfing has been a spiritual journey often putting him at odds with the surfing subculture and society in general.

U.S. Tour Dates: June 20th at the Broad Stage, Santa Monica, CA, June 21st at La Paloma Theater, Cardiff, CA , and June 27th at the Village East Cinema, NY. For more information, check out

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How an Almond Surfboard is made | 9’6 Lumberjack

How an Almond Surfboard is made from
Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

We did a video last Summer following a 9’6 Lumberjack all the way through production. Hopefully it helps give some insight into the steps that go in to making a custom surfboard.

Interesting to note: how dark the blue tint looks in the cup, while Greg is mixing it, compared to how it looks when the board is getting laminated. That’s part of the reason that working in resin tints isn’t an exact science, it’s an art.

Clutch also demonstrates how he glasses Gully’s wooden fins onto the boards. We hope this video is interesting and informative. Thanks to Cam Oden for putting it together.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Joel & The 6'8 Single

Joel & The 6'8 Single from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Joel Fitzgerald and his 6’8 ‘Midnight Lighting Wing Pin’. Shaped at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

VanRide with Ben McBrien

VanRide with Ben McBrien part 2 from Joe Carter on Vimeo.
Ben surfing a wooden board that he made. check his work here
Filmed:Joe Carter & Kyle Pahlow
edit:Joe Carter

Monday, May 13, 2013

Unique Collaboration Between BILLABONG And PUKAS

Pukas X Billabong Collection from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
This collaboration has resulted in a limited edition collection of surfwear for men and girls, available in selected stores in May. More details coming soon.

About Pukas
Pukas Surf is a family driven company based in the Basque Country and has built a reputation for making quality high-performance surfboards and custom bikinis. Mixing a global view and a local knowledge, the group has been able to feed their surf addiction since they first hand-shaped a surfboard in 1973.
Along the way came the surf shops, the surf contests, the friends and the parties, the surf Factory, the professional Pukas surfers, the good and the bad, the surf schools and the stokedness; Surfing at its finest. Pukas is surf and always will be.

About Billabong
Billabong was founded on the Gold Coast of Australia in 1973by Gordon and Rena Merchant. They started out by making boardshorts specifically for surfing. Today Billabong produces active lifestyle products, fashion forward clothing for men and women, as well as technical apparel (outerwear, wetsuits and surfboards). The products are developed in the authentic environment of the boardsports culture and sold primarly through specialty retail stores and Billabong stores. Billabong-branded products are tested and improved by the very best athletes across the globe. Billabong as a brand promotes an authentic lifestyle and the true values of boardsports (surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding).

Music : Hikikomori by Laura available on

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jazz The Glass

Trailer for new pirate surf movie from Stoke Films, creators of Invasion! From Planet C. Captain Blackstoke defends his secret surf spot from spineless kooks!

New Life for a Classic '62 Gordie

A couple of years ago my brother Frank brought this early 60's Gordie to my house. He had found it somewhere in the community and purchased it for a nominal price. Frank left it with me and asked if I would do some ding repair whenever I had the chance. I immediately admired the board for the memories it evoked of my early surfing career and for its classic style, including the wide balsa and redwood T-band stringer, the curved outboard stringers and the custom fin that so identified the elements of surfboard design that were emerging during the first few years of the 60's. The second board of my young surfing career in 1963 was a Gordie, a 3-stringer with sky blue resin panels on the outside rails and the same template fin, with a different glue-up pattern, as on this board. I wanted it!

Fortunately, Frank was not similarly attached to the board as I. I traded Frank a Simm-21 as I recall for the Gordie and it became mine. This board was very straight and solid with no delam issues and the stringers and logo were in superb condition. It was a great candidate for a like-new restoration.
So that is what I did, including Gordies original fin. Check it out.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Two surfers and an old super8 camera for a trip to a little unknown surf paradise in a remote region of Africa.

RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.
Directed by Luca Merli
Edited by Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis and Luca Merli
Filmed in Super8 by Marco 'Dindo' Zappelli and Alessandro Ponzanelli
Lettering by Luca Barcellona
Music Supervisor Gabriele "Gabro" Minelli
Music by Mamud Band 'Tangible Dream' Afro Future Funk

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bienvenidos a Salinas LONGHOUSE

Bienvenidos a Salinas LONGHOUSE from Soup Bowl Filmmaking on Vimeo.

HANGTEN Magazine

HANGTEN from silox on Vimeo.
Querémos compartir este pequeño vídeo con vosotros, es la presentación oficial de la web de la revista:

Es la versión 1.0 y poco a poco le iremos añadiendo contenidos. Noticias, sorteos, números anteriores, etc.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Last year, Bernardo Sodré and Ze Tepedino were approached by a Brazilian TV channel to make a show inspired by Cyrus' movie Stoked and Broke. The assignment was to travel from Rio de Janiero, Brazil, to Montevideo, Uruguay, where they would set up their rickshaws and jump on their skateboards to cross the entire country of Uruguay and return to their home in the south of Brazil.

They packed up their short boards, longboards, and alaias and gathered up plans to reconstruct the rickshaw from Uruguay.

Shortly after getting on the road, the duo took a quick skate stop outside of Montevideo. Not long into the session, Tepedino fell in a bowl and broke his wrist, so Stoked and Broke became Stoked and Broken. It was a set back, for sure, since surfing was now out of the question for him, but his hand was free enough to keep hold of his rickshaw and his legs were still plenty strong enough to skate.
They ventured onward.

Just like Cy and Ryan's tour de broke down the coast of California, Sodré and Tepedino surfed great waves (well, Sodré, anyway), met interesting people and shared stoke at every turn.
Their trip culminated in a series of 10 videos, and you can see the first few here:
Even if you don't speak Portuguese, the videos are fun to watch because the music is excellent, the course of their trip is clear, and the scenery is beautiful.

Scroll down for some stills from their trip and be sure to let us know about all of your Stoked and Broke adventures!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013


from Luke Schuetrumpf on Vimeo. A a couple of days with Troy Elmore and Matt Chojnacki while in sydney.

Troy Elmore
Matt Chojnacki
Jack Belli

Filmed/Edited Luke Schuetrumpf

Music: Cro-Mags - By Myself