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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Welcome to 6mm Rubber Land.

Headache is the first german surfmovie that was exclusively filmed in the winterly northern european hemisphere.
Breathtaking landscape, heavy slabs, ice-cold and an unbeatable team!

This 45minute independent film is a production from BINSURFEN and has its world premiere in Rostock at the 17th of april 2015

Director: Felix Gänsicke
Additional Footage: Lucas Günther, Dan Petermann
Surfers: Jonas Bronnert, Alex Tesch, Finn Springborn, Christian Spicker, Lucas Günther, Dan Petermann, Felix Gänsicke, Julian Braun, Phil Biewald

Two little days in Shitsville

Two little days in Shitsville from jn film on Vimeo.
Two little days in Shitsville is exactly as it reads. Its nice to introduce a few new characters to the mix at the local, especially young Sam and Henno, whose surfing is really taking off. Plus a few of the old favourites. Colza always gets a look in... Both days were small and milked for everything they were worth on all manner of single fin logs. Trim, flow and a little time on the nose. Enjoy.


Digest from SEAKONG on Vimeo.

XOLOMAK I | Chroniques de Mars

XOLOMAK I/ Chroniques de Mars from YrwanGarciaLéal on Vimeo.
1er edit XOLOMAK avec quelques sessions pas folles mais pas nuls du mois de Mars bande de coquins.

Glisseurs en ordre d'apparence: Robin Falxa, Yrwan Garcia Léal, Simon Routa, Freddy Bermond.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Small Adventures

Small Adventures from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.
'Small Adventures' is the latest collaboration from the salty, creative crew behind The Critical Slide Society. It features team riders Jake Bevan, Thomas Bexon, Kai Ellice-Flint, CJ Nelson, Simon Patchett, Jacob Pedrana, Mick Rodgers & Eden Saul.

For more TCSS goodness please visit

First Unit Land & Water Camera: Nathan Oldfield
Second Unit Camera: Macauley Rae
Edit: Nathan Oldfield
Titles: Zander Van Oldenborgh
Music: 'The Summer Is Done With Us' by Palms

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Passengers of The Sea

Passengers of The Sea from Mark Waters on Vimeo.
Passengers of the Sea // EP1 // Kristyan Stjerne

Passengers of The Sea is an on going series of shorts .

In essence the projects roots, will be based on people inspired by the ocean, people who live off the ocean or simply people who take to the ocean for professional or soulful purposes. There are so many amazing people walking in both the light and shadows of the world, with such great stories to tell and Passengers Of The Sea aims to shed some light on these Passengers and what gets them stoked.

This first episode gets into the mind and life of artist/surfer Kristyan Stjerne. No Bio needed as its all in the film.

This is a pilot, to see how the concept is received. This EP. in particular was a passion project that documents a good friend of mine that inspires me daily. I shot it in a day last year in Bali but 2014/2015 was such a crazy year that I never got round to doing anything with it. To get an ongoing series going, I will need to step this up and raise some funds but that is dependent on how this pilot goes down, so if this inspires you, entertains you or gets you stoked, then please share so we can collectively get this off the ground and flying

DIRECTED // SHOT // EDITED - @markwatersfilm
PASSENGER - @kristyanstjerne
MUSIC - Wilhelm // After Darkness, Light
SOUND DESIGN - Adam Layland

How To Road Trip | Trailer

How To Road Trip Trailer from Samuel Glazebrook on Vimeo.
A Cornwall based surf film documenting the adventures of van life along the North coast of Cornwall.

Featuring surfing from Mike Lay, James Parry, Jack Whitefield, Richard Balding, John Eldridge (and a little bit of me too).

Music by Radical Face.
Lettering by Liz Tregaskis.

The Adventures of Jared Mell

The Adventures of Jared Mell from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
- Pour le sous-titrage francais, selectionnez CC dans la barre de lecture -

Not many people embody the true spirit of California the way Jared Mell does. With an outlook on life so laid back it's practically horizontal and a carefree approach to surfing which oozes class and style, Jared has forged his own way of life.
Director Josh Penn Soskin brings us a beautifully crafted insight into Jared's world, a world without rules and without destinations. A world with an open road.

This short film is based on the article "The Adventures of Jared Mell" published in Desillusion Magazine 49, Volume 1.
Available here:

Supported by Vans

Directed by Josh Penn Soskin
1st AC: Andrew Thompson
Mixing & Mastering: Mico Pulice
Colourist: Gregory Reese
Hand Drawn Tiles: Jeremy Asher Lynch
Additional Camera: Grace Jackson, Rob Hauer, Ryan Donahue, Andrew Thompson
Special Thanks: Andrew Thompson, Russel Brownley, The Farrs, Todd Macmillan, The Mill, California


'From Nowhere'
by Dan Croll

'Fever to the Form'
by Nick Mulvey


SURF AND WHEELS 2015 // 5-6-7 JUNHO PRAIA DE FARO from da Palma on Vimeo.
Surf & Wheels é um novo evento que vai ter lugar no Algarve e está a cargo do Clube de Surf de Faro. A iniciativa, agendada para os dias 5, 6 e 7 de junho, irá ter lugar na praia de Faro e combina a paixão por duas coisas bem distintas: o surf e as motas.

O projeto foi inspirado no Wheels & Waves que tem lugar na praia de Biarritz desde 2012 e na versão portuguesa visa-se partilhar, durante três dias, experiências da estrada e das ondas, com concertos e até um acampamento associado. À medida que forem surgindo novidades está prometida a divulgação.

Surf & Wheels is a new event that will take place in the Algarve and is in charge of Faro Surf Club. The initiative, scheduled for 5th, 6th and 7th June, will take place on the beach of Faro and combines a passion for two distinct things: surf and bikes.

The project was inspired by the Wheels & Waves that takes place on the beach in Biarritz since 2012 and the Portuguese version aims to share for three days, the road experiences and waves, with concerts and even an associate camp. As they emerge new disclosure is promised.

South Coast Surfboards

South Coast Surfboards from South Coast Surfboards Australia on Vimeo.
In 1995, Ian Chisholm (aka chissa) had a vision to become a reputable board builder and live a lifestyle around the beach. Torquay Victoria australia was his place of choice and more than 10,000 shaped boards and 7000 colored laminations chissa is still forging a path in the surfing industry for producing the finest hand crafted surfboards .
His genre has always been to focus on quality and performance and not quantity and he has proven his worth by building boards for the likes of Bob Bain,sasher stocker,jordy smith, Matt hoy Tom Carroll Dane Peterson not to mention numerous other high profile surfers.
All his boards are shaped, laminated and all the bits in between by himself. He is one of the few board builders left in today's mass produced market who can build premium boards from design all the way through to finished product.
These days Chissa is working along with Cj Nelson to produce a premium range of surfboards from high performance short boards up to small wave gliders .
Function and quality are there focus and attention to detail.
So if you are looking for a custom surfboard of the highest quality then South Coast Surfboards offers you the ultimate selection of choice to meet your surfing needs.

Building freedom

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Aussie Slasher | CJ Nelson

The Aussie Slasher from South Coast Surfboards Australia on Vimeo.
This is the best all around classic longboard. Inspired by the young Australian surfers and designers of the late 60's the Australian slasher whips, trims, turns and perches. This design has become a favorite of CJ and the primary focus of his powerful log riding.

Four Logs & The Sunset

Four logs & the sunset from Nathan Sadoun on Vimeo.
Une petite session entre amis un soir d'Avril...

Feat: Paul Duvignau, Martin Coret, Gilles & Nathan Sadoun

Merci beaucoup à LIKEEPIC pour les images!

Edit:: Nathan Sadoun

Music: The People's Temple - Sons of Stone

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


LEFTOVERS - Sri Lanka from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.

Sitka Crowdfunding Campaign

Sitka Crowdfunding Campaign from Sitka on Vimeo.

Traditional consumerism is unsustainable and needs to change in order for the planet to have a future.

Together, we can build a future where conservation is in balance with consumerism.

Sitka has been making clothing, surfboards and outdoor gear for more than 10 years. In that time, we’ve realized that standard production practices are depleting the earth of its natural resources.

We're looking to share and promote our sustainable way of doing business with a wider audience. Sitka builds purposeful outdoor products that last while at the same time supporting conservation efforts. The larger we’re able to expand our community of Sitka supporters, the greater the impact we’ll have in the realm of conservation.

With your support, we can move forward with the Sitka Society for Conservation, a new way of doing business and inspire other business to take similar steps.

Proportional Harmonics | Mollusk

Proportional Harmonics from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
It's not often that we see a video with such multi-dimensional orthogonality in relation to what currently exists in the surf sphere, but this rabbit hole that Mandala is venturing down is an eye opening one for the open minded ocean glider. He calls it the gateway drug to finless surfing, Mandala has developed a surfboard that lies somewhere along the mini-Simmons/finless spectrum, a board wielding "mini-keel" fins about an inch and a half or so in height that allow wave sliders to tap into the unique, friction free sensation that has not previously been available to boards sporting traditionally sized fins. The unique aspect of this board is the fact that one can use the hard back edge and mini keels to bottom turn, decompress, and provide more stability than a finless surfboard has been able to provide. Obviously, comparing finless boards and this Dark Oracle model by Mandala is like comparing apples and aardvarks, the two have their own unique strengths of course, this is a really interesting approach to surfing that Mollusk is super stoked on. Thanks to our buddies Manny, Jack Coleman, and Rangi Ormond for creating such incredible works of art in shaping, filmmaking, and surfing respectively.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Almost Something | Hamboards

Almost Something from Hamboards on Vimeo.
Wave sliding and pavement riding with Gustaf Hamborg and Hilliary Johnson. Two amigos longboarding at Blackies and around Newport Beach. Check out more at

Friday, April 17, 2015

Twins & Fins | 2ª edição | teaser

Twins & Fins | 2ª edição | teaser from Manuel Portugal on Vimeo.
Mais Info em:

Filme: Manuel Portugal
Música: Triptides - Set You Free

The Shaper

The Shaper from Owen Rennie "Driftwood Cinema" on Vimeo.
With machines slowly taking over the art, meet Bra, an Old School guy with old school methods!

Noosa Duct Tape Invitational | 2015

noosa duct tape from Light foot gentry on Vimeo.
shot some footage of the Joel duct tape thingy at noosa, I ran out of battery after two heats, but you get the idea. mucho nose rides.
I went up to noosa festival of surfing to dj at the beach stage, spinning tunes on the tuesday. thanks to all those folks who tapped their toes in the sand with me, and thanks to Sam for giving me a go, legend.
the tracks in the film are from my set. I got some 7"s from norton records in new jersey, which turned up just before I left to head up. these are three of my favs.
enjoy. light foot gentry out.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alex Knost | Byron Bay Log Session

Alex Knost | Byron Bay Log Session from RVCA on Vimeo.
RVCA Advocate Alex Knost Logging Byron Bay.

Video by Jimmy Jazz James.
Song Stoner's Lullaby by The Memories courtesy of Burger Records.

More The Farm:

Nationalities Park

Nationalities Park from De'fer on Vimeo.
Some days you get pissed off with the influx of out of town surfers & how they treat you in the line-up..

Other days you grab a drink, Pop a seat on a comfy rock & watch how passionately they can draw lines & balance their body atop the salty sea.

This is one session at National park featuring


SHOT & CUT by Zach Walker

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Triple X

Triple X from The Surfer's Journal on Vimeo.
Scenes from Tin Ojeda's Expencive Porno Movie
from TSJ 24.2

Karina Rozunko

Karina Rozunko from Ed Fladung on Vimeo.
A brief moment in time shared with Karina Rozunko in the warm waves of Sayulita Mexico.
Karina rides for The Seea, Hawaiian Pro Designs and Nine Plus.
A short film by Ed Fladung
Music: OMD - Forever (Live & Die)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Jackabee from Thomas Green on Vimeo.
Two sessions at Blackies this Spring with Jack Martin on his 9'4" Surf Thump.

Film+Edit by Thomas Green

Music: "Early" by Vanderway

Searching For Slantosha

Searching For Slantosha from Whalebones on Vimeo.
For two weeks Ryan Lovelace explored a small island located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, shaping boards for the friendly locals and sliding down the coastline.
Music by Cymande - Bra
Photography by Mark Rose
Edited by Mark Rose and Ryan Lovelace


CASA MACCARONI MEETS: Gabriele Bagnoni from CasaMaccaroni on Vimeo.
"Casa Maccaroni meets" is serie of web episodes about people who passed by Casa Maccaroni. About who has something to say and show, about who influences our days here in Fuerteventura.

First video is about Gabriele Bagnoni, an artist, a musician a writer and a surfer, this is a real trip through Gaba’s mind, he talks about his roots and inspiration , and of course about his surf and relationship with Eclipse surfboards.

You don’t need to understand too much about him, just let it go around a psychadelic modern vision of the world!
Enjoy it.

Photo cover by: .

GoPro: Mavericks 2014 Invitational

GoPro: Mavericks 2014 from GoPro on Vimeo.
Go behind the scenes with the GoPro production team in this recap of Mavericks 2014. See GoPro athletes Jamie Sterling, Mark Healey and Shane Dorian, along with the world's best big wave surfers, conquer and survive the elements of mother nature.

For more information about Mavericks check out:

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from ‪


J.R. Alexander "Walking over Me"
Link to buy:

Cappo & Theorist "Finished Product" (inst.)
Link to buy:

1914 "Shipwreck"

Wildlife "Pules"
Link to buy:

Additional Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic​

Waiting for Mary

Waiting for Mary from Arnad Hajdic on Vimeo.
Dean Krestensen
Run DMT - Romantic

99% WOOD

99% WOOD from Markus Howald on Vimeo.
Shaping process of a 99% wooden surfboard

Monday, April 13, 2015

Log Riding in Barbados

Log Riding in Barbados from on Vimeo.
Take a little trip to Barbados with Cyrus Sutton and the Reef crew as he tests out their new boardshot line, Reef Surfaris ( and the Reef Rover shoes (

2015 Noosa Fest & The Duct Tape Invitational

A collection of shots from the highly photogenic Noosa National Park.
Captured by Andy Staley.

Dane Peterson greeting the Internationals

Al Knost duck & slide

Deadkooks taking flight

Jared Mell up tall

Kai Ellice-Flint cheating

Kai Ellice-Flint throwing it down

Simon Patchy with speed blur

Al Knost signature stride

Al Knost with a double wave

Mikey DeTemple in the distance, on a long one

The local, Thomas Bexon

Single Fin Mingle 2015

Single Fin Mingle 2015 from Jono Smit on Vimeo.
The Single Fin Mingle - A Traditional Surfing Contest
Christchurch, New Zealand
Filmed - Jonathan Smit

Idyllic Clothing | Summer 2014

Hey guys,

My name is Jake Hart, owner of idyllic Clothing - a small surf/skate brand out of NJ. I just stumbled upon your blog today and I'm really digging it. Its got that modern vintage feel which is awesome.

This past summer, I shot a surf/skate film in black and white using a super 8mm camera. I thought, if you guys really wanna take it retro, you might be interested in the video.

Clips from summer 2014 shot on a super 8 camera.
Beach trips, skating, surfing, and hanging around is the way to go.

B Roll and the Shakes

B Roll and the Shakes from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
This is my last clip from our recent trip Mexico. Its a compilation of all the leftover stuff that was not top quality but just to good to delete. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to checkout my clips and all the feedback. Thanks to Justin Bowers, Geoff Wilson and Debbie Day for capturing it all. -cj

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mexi Log Fest

Mexi Log Fest from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
In January 2015 the beautiful beach town of Sayulita Mexico played host to the The Mexi Log Fest, the largest longboard competition in Latin America, and one of the largest in the world. The Mexi Log Fest attracted the best longboarders in the world to Sayulita to compete over two days. The Log Fest was put one by Bing Surfboards team rider Israel “Izzy” Preciado and featured a handful of Bing Surfboards team riders including James Parry, Mick Rodgers, Mele Saili, Isreal Preciado, Alessandro Ponzanelli, and Lola Mignot.

Arturo Tamayo
Chris Ramirez
Ed Fladung

Ed Fladung

Noosa Logging

Noosa Logging from on Vimeo.
Starring Harrison Roach, Dan Peterson, Jared Mell, Yuta Sezutsu, Jai Lee, Tom Wegener, Matt Cuddihy, Josh Constable, Kameron Brown and Kai Ellice-Flint.

Cyrus Sutton

The Band of Frequencies
Under the Sun Soundtrack
Courtesy of Ubiquity Records

©Korduroy 2015

Kepa & Cyrus | Peru

Kepa & Cyrus in Peru from on Vimeo.
This past February Cyrus Sutton and Kepa Acero score perfectly shaped Chicama on the first South swell of the season. Cyrus met up with Kepa in the North coast of Peru hoping to get some late season North swells. Nothing came so they traveled to the Andes to see Machu Picchu and experience some Incan culture. A week into their stay an early season South swell prompted a short flight back to catch one of the world's longest lefts at Chicama. The waves weren't big but the sandbars were good. Here's a few highlights of their trip.

Filmed by Cliff Endsley

Supported by Reef

Thanks to Chicama Surf Resort & LAN Airlines


MARCHING TO THE NOSE from Jan Latussek on Vimeo.
Marching to the nose of my Longboard is a fun way to spend the time during these small mediterranean swells

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hudson Ritchie | Malibu

Hudson Ritchie // Malibu from Cory Gehr on Vimeo.
South Bay grom Hudson Ritchie ripping Malibu during the tail end of an early south swell.

Music by the Allman Brothers Band

Video filmed/edited by Cory Gehr (

Thanks to Hippy Tree for everything!


Kookapintail from Canvas Surfboards on Vimeo.
Corey Colapinto rides his new Canvas model, the Kookapintail. Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork.

Involvement Test

Involvement Test from Corey Colapinto on Vimeo.
Testing new Canvas Surfboards "kookalution" concept at home. Designed by Corey Colapinto and Ryan Engle. Complete with 11" flex fin fin foiled by Mark Stavron. Inspired by Wayne Lynch's surfing and boards in his famous '"Evolution" during the involvement era of the late 1960's