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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pig Bing

It's root's originate from the Velzy Jacobs era. With the focus on wide point back and a large "D" fin to keep board high in the water and still have the ability to turn.
As a surf community we are seeing the wisdom of that age with the design coming back with a vengeance. Ask yourself, do you need a big ass nose? I think not. With the modern tweaking the boards can preform better than ever. I love the variety of bottom contours , rails to concave, and fin templates that I have experimented with while keeping the outline pure.
You will see many a piglet on this blog to come. One more interesting note the red tint was not being done until around "65" all color was done after the board was sanded.

Bing Indy Noserider

Harry Beans Coffee Roaster / Bing Surfboards Rider

Saturday, September 25, 2010

death dagger displacement hull

as you all know lately the death dagger model at gato heroi has' been all the rage....under my feet and flying of the shelves....that is untill now!!!


inspired by my new found love for extreme fin flex and greg liddle designs.....this 9 foot...thats right this is a 9 footer......hang ten and wiggle in the middle

as thin as fuck, the board comes complete with that vintage look


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Retro Movement

Dan's Model

Noseriding it's what longboard is all about to me. Add the basics; a good bottom turn and a great pivot turn and magic happen, nothing compares to the glide on a heavy single fin longboard.
The momentum you'll get from it is just amazing, glide and turning becomes something so beautiful to watch.

I made the full circle on the surfboard design,I got back to the roots - TAKAYAMA.
with the simple lines, good old roll bottom so beautifully shaped with the tear drop concave carved on that roll and melting so well with the rail that becomes part of the deck.
everything just flows, every line, every detail match;
bottom, deck, rails, nose, tail, rocker line, the right volume on the right place.....

So now there's a new 9'4'' on the classic line up of noseriders, inspired this time on the takayama's NR2 that my friend Diego bought from Mitch Abshere last summer in Salinas.

This model will be glassed only using the traditional Volan cloth to add momentum, smoothness and beauty to your glide. It's one of the most classic boards in my quiver using the custom made US Blanks with my own specification to fill the needs of the traditional shapes.

The board have a roll bottom from nose to tail with the tear drop concave shape reaching the 68 inches from the nose. The rocker line was built to suit my personal style of longboarding - straight flat on the nose with plenty of tail rocker melting perfectly the bottom curves with the soft rails a bit up on the tail area.

This is not a board for those who wanna try a classic board just to see how it goes, this is an advance model for top longboarders only.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wegener Surfboards: Alaia


Surfing in the ancient style on a finless wood board has been overlooked for many years now. In Hawaii the board was called alaia. In Japan it was called itaka. There is evidence of early surfers riding this style from all around the world but in the early 1900’s this style vanished.

I visited Hawaii’s ancient surfboards in the Bishop Museum in 2004 and was very impressed by the craftsmanship and the beautifully subtle shapes of the boards. I went back to Australia and made some replicas and I was amazed at how much fun they were to surf. My enthusiasm was contagious and soon my friends were riding them too.

It has been several years now since I started riding them and my shapes have gone through many evolutions. It has been great fun experimenting with the infinite variety of shapes. I often start with a big board and continually reshape it after every surf to learn about how the different shapes ride. Eventually the board is too small for me and it is given to a grom. I recommend to fellow board builders to try this.

In my experience, I have never known a surfboard to be as successful as the Alaia. Everyone who tries one really enjoys the lively feeling of the board. The popularity of the boards is growing fast and many well known surfers ride them often including David Rastovich, Tom Carroll, Mike Stewart, Dan Malloy, Derek Hynd, Thomas Campbell and Dane and Belinda Peterson. These surfers bring notoriety to the boards and this helps me get the word out, but what is most important to me is that any level of surfer enjoys them.


Joel Tudor Archival of Surfing

Bing Lovebird by Chris Del Moro

9'0"18 3/8"22 1/2"14 3/4"2 13/16"
9'2"18 3/8"22 5/8"14 3/4"2 7/8"
9'4"18 3/8"22 3/4"14 3/4"2 15/16"
9'6"18 3/8"23"14 3/4"3"
9'8"18 3/8"23 1/8"14 3/4"3 1/8"
9'10"18 3/8"23 1/4"14 3/4"3 3/16"
10'0"18 3/8"23 3/8"14 3/4"3 1/4"
**Sizes outside of the above range are available on a custom order basis, please contact us

Designed by Chris Del Moro and Matt Calvani, this board is the all-around small to medium wave wizard. Each board is a functional piece of art, with a unique fabric inlay deck patch, pigmented bottom wrap and custom fin. The nose is pulled in for a tighter fit in the lip line, giving stability for noserides. For further lift while perched on the tip, there is a modest tail rocker and wide based 9”-10” single fin. Matt created a diamond tail with a scooped out deck that’s pure eye candy. It also has a slight V-bottom through the tail, which allows for unmatched maneuverability off the back foot and through full rail power turns.

Love Bird Colab Project-Part Two

Love Bird Colab Project-Part One

Tyler Hatzikian with "GREEN" board - "Ridler"