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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bing Lovebird by Chris Del Moro

9'0"18 3/8"22 1/2"14 3/4"2 13/16"
9'2"18 3/8"22 5/8"14 3/4"2 7/8"
9'4"18 3/8"22 3/4"14 3/4"2 15/16"
9'6"18 3/8"23"14 3/4"3"
9'8"18 3/8"23 1/8"14 3/4"3 1/8"
9'10"18 3/8"23 1/4"14 3/4"3 3/16"
10'0"18 3/8"23 3/8"14 3/4"3 1/4"
**Sizes outside of the above range are available on a custom order basis, please contact us

Designed by Chris Del Moro and Matt Calvani, this board is the all-around small to medium wave wizard. Each board is a functional piece of art, with a unique fabric inlay deck patch, pigmented bottom wrap and custom fin. The nose is pulled in for a tighter fit in the lip line, giving stability for noserides. For further lift while perched on the tip, there is a modest tail rocker and wide based 9”-10” single fin. Matt created a diamond tail with a scooped out deck that’s pure eye candy. It also has a slight V-bottom through the tail, which allows for unmatched maneuverability off the back foot and through full rail power turns.

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