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Saturday, February 5, 2011


LeRoy 'Granny' Grannis (August 12, 1917 – February 3, 2011) was veteran photographer. His portfolio of photography of surfing and related sea images from the 1960s enjoys a reputation that led The New York Times to dub him "the godfather of surfphotography."[1] He was born in Hermosa Beach, California.

Living a beachfront childhood, by the age of five Grannis was taken swimming and bodysurfing by his father. Soon Grannis made himself a bellyboard from a piece of wood and rode it during vacations in his mother's home state of Florida. In 1931, at age 14, his father gave him a 6' x 2' pine board from which he hacked a kneeboard using a drawknife[1]. At Hermosa Pier, stand up surfing was the rage, so he began borrowing boards until he could get his own. Later a member of the Palos Verdes Surf Club, second only in America to the Corona Del Mar Surf Board Club, which was established in the late 1920s [2], he struggled to balance surf time with family and work.

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