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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Keyo was founded by Denny Keogh in 1959 becoming a cutting edge surfboard manufacturer of the 60's and shaping stable to some of the most famous surfing personalities of the shortboard revolution.

For the past 10 years John Gill (son in law of Denny Keogh) has been making boards as a hobby under the old Keyo label. With the interest surrounding John and his Keyo surfboards we have created this blog.

Keyo International is an endeavour to document Keyo past and present. It is a collective of contributions by friends with a broad range of interests, from surfers, skaters, bike riders, artists and musicians. Keyo International is without social or geographical restrictions, so everyone and anyone who share the same or similar interests is welcome to submit the content they would like to be posted on the blog.


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