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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bing Surfboard #18

You can really see the Velzy pig board influence in the shape.


A friend of mine (Steve Westphalen) was coming out of ET Surfboards about 1980. A guy was bringing the board into ET to trade in on a new board. Steve asked him how much he wanted for it and the guy said $50. Steve gave him $50 on the spot and it was his. Steve worked at Mobley's SkiSurfShop and moved a couple doors down from me on the Strand at 22nd Street about 1981 and hung the board in his apartment. Every time I went over to his place he noticed me staring at the board. In '84, he rented the other part of the house I was living in and hung it there. By this time I had become a board collector with about 30 boards in the dinky one car garage. In '86 he moved and as he was moving said that if I can come up with what he paid for the board, it was mine. Luckily, I had 50 bucks and the board has been mine since.
Jim Shelton.

A real Classic Bing Surfboard!

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