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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre-Festival Salinas 2011

duct tape salinas 2011 noticia

Late yesterday afternoon assembling the tent was over 99%, missing some small details and especially the tents of the exhibitors throughout the morning will be installed on the ride up one of the exhibitions material of the larger surfer made ​​in our country.

The fact that we could almost say that the festival was already underway because of the"prau," the campaign from behind the walk from the beach looked completely filled with a camp van longboarder that extends a few hundred yards along the beach Salinas. van, campers, cars ... belonging to Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid, English, French, Italian ... the pure festival.

This year the assembly is exceptional, I think everyone will be super surprised of which has been assembled for the festival 2011. The Duct Tape has a spectacular assembly, but the festival is nothing shortAll together you can imagine what forms.

The outlook is great. Good weather and sea rising. The biggest day that will be 1.4 and 11 seconds mark, already more than meteo conditions for the festival. There will be waves and good waves as they come in Salinas all year unlike the ones we had last year.
We will keep you on time for everything to go and put photos from here and on our facebook. We are doing live coverage of what will happen, do not miss it.

photography by Clau

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