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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Devon Howard testing 9'6" Tyler Surfboard

Devon Howard-X-Tyler Hatzikian from The Wave Journal on Vimeo.
This is Devon Howard at Old Man's test piloting a custom 9'6" "Tyler Surfboards" shaped by Tyler Hatzikian in El Segundo, CA. Devon is fascinated by the Australian design period of 66/67. See Paul Witzig's film "Hot Generation" for a better understanding of the super refined longboard designs and surfing happening at that time. The fin is a 10' Flex Greenough template  made of Volan cloth by Larry Allison. The wide point is back, and the mid point runs narrower than most logs at 22". Devon and Tyler will keep working on refining this design. More to come soon...

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Erik Derman

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