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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fresh Cat Shit


The SLIVER features knifed low rail through out, lower overall rocker, and wider dimension more suited for key length 9'5- 9'7.


New por 2012 modeled after Kookkiller, a gH standard for almost seven years now, seeming to reach its performance potential through slight dimension mods and rocker adjustments.
Its a little brother to gH modern classic SLIVER. Featuring similar templates and water flow theory, differing in rail line and overall dimensions. Its a gateway from our longboard series to the mid length rage...

ELEMENTS INCLUDE: small square tail, high to low edged rail line, and key length of 9'0 - 9'2. 

Killer is perfect for beach breaks, or flatter faced take offs too sloped out for pintails like JUNGLE SERIES. All around California longboard with performance elements, and only 9' In length means you will never feel like you should have had a shortboard or longboard instead. For those crowded days calling swell but lacking power, when its a struggle for mid lengths, and opened up enough you dont want to limit yourself with a full sized longboard. Furthermore, the SLIVER's foil is tricky and built for trim speed. Its floatation is given by its length and dims. Where the Killer features fuller thickness forward due to its shorter narrower dimensions. Currently we are out of Killer stock, but taking orders, and prototypes like featured above, should wash up under are used selection once I have time too build myself a replacement. Custom order KILLER clear with 3/4 cedar stringer , volan deck, sanded gloss, fin box. Factory direct price =$750. Check back for KILLER in action and used stock+ used selection.

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