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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"All Good Things..." by Deus Bali

All good things come full circle. In the 60’s, there were the “belly boards” made out of foam and fiberglass with glassed in skegs or fins. Good fun for all that took a lay… In the 70’s and 80’s, we saw the rise of the “boogie board” made from softer foam, or as we now know it, the sponge. When you realized there was something better, you rose to the occasion or to your feet and started to surf… Well, my good friends, we here at Deus have resurrected, the “belly board”, bringing it full circle. We put our collective heads together with our resident shaper and good mate, Chris Garrett, and started churning out “belly boards” for all to …

Vintage Car

"so eco-nomical"
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Monday, February 27, 2012

"The Tyler Warren Experiments"

Build Worldwide in association with J. Smart Films is proud to present the offical release of "The Tyler Warren Experiments" film trailer and website.

To view - please go to

The Trailer:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joel Tudor and Alex Knost surf Malibu

Joel Tudor speaks out on the unique flavors of Malibu and is joined by Alex Knost for a fun surf with the masses.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Huge boards from Big Cam by Wooden Surfboards

"Cameron enjoying the ride and the wide eyed looks he gets as he heads off down the line."

"There is not a more passionate wooden board rider that big Cam Byram and his wife Trish. He has quite a quiver of wooden boards. 12ft , 14ft and 18ft Tom Wegeners for sure. Plus an 18ft and 21ft Bill Wallace toothpicks."

"Trish is not afraid to mix it with the crowds when she has to."

for full article click here

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Danny Hess Handplanes from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
Danny discusses the evolution of his handplanes and characteristics of the Moon, Pin, and Wing Swallow tail models.

Director: Yuji Wantanabe
Camera: Jack Halloway
Production: John McCambridge and Travis Becker

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Korduroy 2.0

Korduroy 2.0 Trailer from on Vimeo.
After many months of development the new Korduroy is right around the corner. We now have the new site up running and will share the beta version with all of you very soon. In the meantime check out this little trailer Cy and the boys put together.
New Korduroy 2.0 Features:
- All New Interface - Clean, intuitive styling will make surfing through posts, shows, items and beyond a clean, in-trim experience.
- Makers - We are featuring an eclectic collection of individuals who are shaping surf and diy culture with their hands via design, craft, filmmaking, photography, board building and music. Many will have a their own blogs, galleries and stores to share their unique perspectives with you daily
- The List - Is an interactive directory of surf culture consisting of weekly top 10 lists determined by  our Facebook fans. You can then rearrange each list's order and vote on and off things you think should be included or left off.
- New Video Series - The next couple of months will see the unveiling of a couple new series on Korduroy featuring new kinds of content.
-New Store - Will feature a curated collection of items we dig.
Janet Cao
Brittany Susko
Cyrus Sutton
Animation Assistance:
Erik Derman
Reis Paluso
"Boys With Toys"
Gap Mangione
These are the Breaks (12 Sampled Selections from the Ubiquity Vaults)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Birdwatching With A Brown Microwave Television by Michael Kew

Birdwatching With A Brown Microwave Television. from Michael Kew on Vimeo.
Dane Reynolds in California on February 2, 2012, on two Brown Microwave Television single-finned surfboards shaped by Alex Knost.
Film/Edit: Michael Kew.
Song: "Battle" by Johnny McCann.
c 2012 Peathead Publishing.

Sweden BING dealer, "6/5/4 Sverige"

Sweden dealer, 6/5/4 Sverige, located in Stockholm, Sweden is now accepting 2012 orders for a new shipment of Bing Surfboards.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get a brand new Bing!

Nytorgsgatan 27
Phone: 08-6404 654

Familiar Faces | Sea Movies by Korduroy tv

Familiar Faces - Sea Movies from on Vimeo.
Burch, Cy and Friends slide on some familiar faces in San Diego one chilly morning this January.

Erik Derman

The Blank Tapes

Ryan Burch
Cyrus Sutton
Bryce Frees

©Korduroy 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great chance for free...

"So what is this all about you might well ask. Essentially, it's a call for people who would like to learn some board building skills to submit their idea for a board, sketches, written, whatever... The best entry, chosen by Classic Malibu, get to work with Peter White to refine the design, and produce the board, being introduced to all the skills along the way, and obviously be the proud owner of their own new board...

What a great opportunity to learn your skills from one of the great masters of the industry. Peter has helped many young guys into the industry that I know.

Noosa is not a bad place to hone your skills and test your board. So come on get off your arse , it is being handed to you on a plate.
For information, terms and conditions and to submit your design , email the guys at Smorgasboarder:

A big thanks to the guys at Smorgasboarder Magazine and Peter White of Classic Malibu for this great offer and a once in a lifetime experience."