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Thursday, March 29, 2012

R.I.P. Michael Peterson

"We celebrate the life of the 3-time Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach champion.

For three straight years, Michael Peterson was unquestionably the greatest surfer in Australia. MP was the definition of perfection at his home break of Kirra in Queensland. He won a stack of domestic events around the country and had a strangle-hold on the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach title from 1973-75.

We were all saddened by the news of MP's passing this morning, but his surfing will never be forgotten and his name will forever remain etched on the Rip Curl Pro Bell."

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A FLY ON THE WALL from Joe Carter on Vimeo.
Pretending I was a fly on the wall at the Grain surfboard factory I some how spliced together a edit on a grain class. In this video I wanted the viewer to get a feel of what it is like to attend a Grain class. My closest childhood friend Tait Hawes who is the design guy at Vans shoes brought his team up to take a few days and make some wooden surfboards.
MUSIC ARTIST: Joel Hilme & Felix Martinz 

SONG: The wake up call

Modern Single Fin by Jon Wegener

Jon Wegener - "I finally finished the modernization remake of the old Lightning Bolt board. The rails are substantially more honed. The bottom has a light single to double concave. I did not change the rocker much, very mild. The board is glassed with super sap and clear formula bio resin. It came out pretty light. I should weigh it. With these changes, the board will be quite responsive and fast, which will add to the smooth, full turning a single fin does."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marching afternoon from 1966

Marching afternoon from 1966 from Andrew Gough on Vimeo.
A surfer from the concrete jungle breeds a disparity of interests.

Matt Chojnacki has grown up around the beaches and concrete jungle of Sydney. Hot rods, pomade, rockabilly and punk music are a strong influence on his lifestyle, but for 12 years he has been frequenting the points further north to score good quality waves, catch up with mates and test new boards.

This is an edit from one afternoon in Noosa Heads, Queensland. The waves were fun and the board of choice is a replica of what Bob McTavish and friends were shaping and riding in the same waves some 46 years ago.

Here Matt demonstrates his natural approach to logging in an 'involvement' style, based upon the performance surfing from 1966.

The boards Matt rode on this trip were shaped by Bob himself, the nostalgic value of such a quiver surfing these waves is simply inspiring.

Follow 'The Waxhead Diaries' for more on Matt's diverse approach to his surfing lifestyle.

film and Edit - Andrew Gough

Saints go marching in - Louis Armstrong

Matt Chojnacki

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is Tudor Style

"This is Tudor style... Joel Tudor hits crowded Malibu to SUP invaded Cardiff and really doesn't have a problem getting a wave. Makes you want to surf, huh?"

Sector9 Media

Fishies with Shoes

American Craftsmen - Del Mar from LASCO on Vimeo.
The Del Mar film features Dave Allee of Almond Surfboards and Designs. Building a pitch-perfect blend of modern California surfing style and historic American craft, the film follows Dave through the rigorous process of handshaping and finishing one of Almonds signature longboards. Almond emphasis on handshaping rather than mass production parallels LASCO's commitment to the power of small but mighty American manufacturers.

Almond Surfboards & Designs

Music: The American Dollar
Song: Anything You Synthesize

Find Out More information about LASCO at:

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Greg Noll mini documentary

"In celebration of the Noll Surfboards X Billabong apparel line release, the collaborators have released a limited run of collectors edition signed and numbered "Jail House" striped trunks. Auction begins today (March 22nd) with opening bids set at $200. Bidders will be able to bid on boardshorts based on their size and signing number."

"Greg Noll, the most mythic of big wave surfers called "Da Bull," a surfing legend that rode to fame in the halcyon days of the 1950s and 60s. Iconic in his jailhouse trunks, he stared down fear, achieved the impossible and became the benchmark for busting the limits."

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Proud | Tenham Orgulho

Location: Passeio Atlântico Beach, Matosinhos. Portugal.
Day: Saturday 24th March 2012
Time: 16h - 18h

Vignette No. 1 - Chris Garrett

Vignette No. 1 - Chris Garrett from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Chris Garrett talks about shaping, his outlook on surfing and the boards he has been making in Bali at Deus Ex Machina's Temple of Enthusiasm.

'What do I want to do when I retire? Just keep surfing. What do I want to do when I retire? Just keep shaping.'

Sunday, March 18, 2012


A DAY IN NOOSA WITH DEUS from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.

Blue Sway | Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney recruited award-winning surf filmmaker Jack McCoy to create a music video for his previously unreleased track "Blue Sway." Written nearly 20 years ago, McCartney's never-before released song, "Blue Sway," is available for the first time on the bonus audio disc of the special edition of McCartney II. The music video created by McCoy is also featured on the bonus DVD included in the set. McCartney II will be released on June 14th by MPL and Concord Music Group.

Jack McCoy has been capturing the surfing vision in a truly unique way. Using a high powered underwater jet ski, the filmmaker found that he was able to travel behind a wave, creating underwater images that have never been seen before.

Over the past couple of years, McCoy set out to capture footage for his surf film, A Deeper Shade of Blue. During the editing process, McCoy put one of his surfing sequences to a song off McCartney's The Fireman album. A mutual friend, Chris Thomas, saw the footage while visiting McCoy in Australia, and when he returned to the UK he gave McCartney a copy of the sequence.

"Paul was pretty stoked with what I'd created. He immediately thought my images might be suitable to go with his unreleased song "Blue Sway." said McCoy.

McCoy spent the next six weeks creating the music video, while also working full days on making A Deeper Shade of Blue. McCoy compiled and edited footage that he filmed off Tahiti's Teahupoo reef to create what became the "Blue Sway" video.

"When I saw Jack McCoy's underwater surfing footage put to the soundtrack of "Blue Sway" I was blown away," said McCartney.

"Blue Sway" won 'Best Music Video' at NYC BE FILM Short Festival this past May, and the video will be featured as part of Surfrider Foundation's summer PSA campaign. Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world's oceans, waves and beaches.

For more information about the McCartney II :
For more information on Jack McCoy's A Deeper Shade of Blue:
For more information on Surfrider Foundation:

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Mickey Smith | "Dark Side Of The Lens"

A beautiful and inspiring film by the British surfer and photographer Mickey Smith. He won 'Digital Short Of The Year' (awarded by Surfer Magazine) for his film 'Dark Side Of The Lens'. This re-edited version was broadcast as part of the BBC's Springwatch series on 6th June, 2011. Edited by Tracy Joss and director Alex Lanchester, it mixes original footage with new material to provide another truly magical experience...


Music Credits

William Orbit - Triple Concerto (Pieces in a Modern Style (2000))

Sheridan Tongue - Building Blocks (BBC Wonders of the Universe OST)

John Murphy - Adagio in D Minor (Sunshine OST)

"Dark Side Of The Lens"

A Deeper Shade of Blue

for more details click here

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gene Cooper | GARAGE RATS 1977

Gene Cooper - "Found a photo of my friend Rick and I from 1977. Rick was a technical adviser, glasser, and ding repairer during the filming of Big Wednesday. When he wasn’t on location we worked on the boards in his garage."

"Boards shown include a couple of our personal hulls, assorted movie prop boards, and the beautiful cambered balsa gun I’m leaning on which was shaped by R. Dick."

Plywood Fins - Surf Sufficient

Plywood Fins - Surf Sufficient from on Vimeo.
After dropping ninety bucks on a set of fins for his new Tomo, Cyrus decided to save some money and make his own set of side fins for a widow-maker style 6'3" he made with Jon Wegener. Making your own fins is easier than you'd think. Simply follow the instructions in this episode of Surf Sufficient and you'll surprised at the results. Let us know if you give this tutorial a try or if you have any questions/comments by posting in the comments box.

*A general ratio is 10 drops catalyst to every 1 ounce of polyester resin, but it varies on humidity and temperature.

Cyrus Sutton

James Campbell

The Pomegranates
Courtesy of Triple Nine Music

© Korduroy 2012

Jim Phillips and the PIG.

"Steven sent me this via hey Mike, here is my 9'6 pig Jim Phillips shaped for me recently, not my first swine...but for my palette this is the most savory in the delicatessen loose off the rear, and stable in 4th gear. 

you can not fuck with Jim Phillips."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Triple Out



"California host some of the mushiest waves suited for longboards. Many of the worlds coastline is laced with beachbreak or steeper conditions. California is unique, its no wonder traditional style thrives here. People see the DYNAMIC FOIL PROTOTYPES and are intimidated by sleekness. Prototypes Surfar are inspired by transitional design and built for advanced conditions carving turn and stretch trimming critical sections. For longboard spots you need to trim through flatter sections, and turn to redirect the glide I created NEW SERIES FOR SOUP SURF: combines defined foil, with reasonable dimensions to create what I call "Phil's rocket to the moon." I am currently shaping in the 22+ / 9'6 + range for the classic dogs and cats seeded around these California conditions.
Alternative to trim-less hog noseriders, more cruise element than progressive gH prototypes. Future classic, trim approach ARCH back assault weapon finding trim in slanted surf, bring classic style into modern speed and dont be afraid to walk."


"Spring is near! Time to get out of here. Ive nearly completed all the custom orders placed and plan on building out some stock for while Im gone. See here for updates on any extra boards available just before my departure. I recommend coming in and seeing them for yourself. A picture reflects the outline. But where the uniqueness to custom boards lie is in the varying rail shapes, bottom contours and rocker. You have to feel it under your arm. Each board is very different and suited for assorted riders and waves. I am always creating new outlines. But the basic principles are the same. Its the DYNAMIC elements that activate the outline. You have to really feel handshaped boards in the flesh. Although I try to highlight features in the photos.When you see angular photos showing foils, rails rocker etc. I leave march 26. All must be sold before. What is left goes into stores where you pay retail price. Ill post a stock list soon. . ."

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunshine Stories: Matt & Margaret Calvani (behind the scenes of Bing Surfboards)

Sunshine Stories recently published a story about the lives of Matt & Margaret Calvani of Bing Surfboards. Here are a few peeks into their arricle, for the full story click here.

in, Bing Surfboards

RAD Surfing by Dane Peterson

DP from Andrew Gough on Vimeo.
Not your ordinary human , Dane Peterson gets his fair share of peelers.

Film and Edit - Andrew Gough

Art- Rafe Delaney

Waste to Waves

Korduroy Tv - "As surfers, hopefully we are all aware that the boards we use for our oceanic enjoyment “are one of the most toxic vehicles in action sports.” Waste to Waves is creating a way for old, broken, or unused boards to be recycled into new foam blanks by Marko foam. By simply dropping your old board off to a Waste to Waves receptacle at a participating surf shop, you are ensuring that your board won’t end up in the landfill. Check em out! For more, check out or"

Somewhere in Central America - February 2012 from High Seas Films on Vimeo.
Mikey DeTemple, somewhere in Central America.
Filmed: Lisa Myers/Taylor Bonin - Edit: Mikey DeTemple
Song: Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs

Bird Huffman - Innerviews

Bird Huffman - Innerviews from on Vimeo.
For those who know him, Bird Huffman has become synonymous with surf culture and the surfboard in San Diego. Growing up on the beaches of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Sunset Cliffs, Bird's knowledge and connections to the legends in the southern San Diego area like Skip Frye, Steve Lis, Bill Caster, and more are undeniable.

He has also amassed one of the most incredible collections of surfboards, which hang from the rafters at his surf shop "Bird's Surf Shed." Each board has it's own unique story behind it, which Bird will happily share with you as you stare in awe at the various pieces of our sport's history.

Also, as host of FM94/9's Authentic Surf Report, you may recognize Bird's voice as he shares what he feels is a surf report similar to what one of your buddies would share with you, rather than an embellished, over-promising report.

In this episode of Innerviews, Bird candidly shares what it was like growing up in southern San Diego, and how he views the state of surfing right now.

James Campbell

"Redheaded Girl"
Tijuana Panthers

Please check out Korduroy Tv

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almond Shop | 3-Year Anniversary

"This week marks the 3-year anniversary of our home base here on Old Newport Blvd. These last few years have flown by… yet I can hardly remember life before the “Almond Shop”. We’re so thankful for all of the support, encouragement and loyalty. Without it we’d just have a weird room with surfboards in it.. and we probably would have given up long ago. The shop has been, and continues to be, a great venue for us to display the wares of our efforts and to have a dialogue with anyone who finds their way to our front-door. We’ve been blessed by a tremendous number of people, but I specifically want to thank the guys for sticking with it through the highs and lows and not always vanishing into thin air when the waves get good. So, year 4 is dedicated to Jeffrey, Taylor, Cameron, Griffin and Gully. Thanks, Dave."

Illustration by Cameron Oden

Tyler Warren Portrait

Tyler Warren Portrait from James Tull on Vimeo.
A freethinking man of the ocean, Tyler Warren possesses a rare approach to wave sliding; unparalleled, distinct. His surfing is subtle, yet simultaneously loud.

Tyler let us into his life for half a day. Watch him surf, shape an asymmetrical board, and cruise in his art studio.

Thank you Tyler for sharing.
Thank you Brooks at We Love Creativity for setting up the interview.
Music / The Growlers - Sea Lion Goth Blues

Film / Edit - James Tull
Interview / Brooks Sterling
Canon 7d / 16-35 2.8 / 50 1.8 / 100-300
Final Cut Pro / After Effects

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pillage & Plunder

Pillage & Plunder from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.
A collaboration brought to you by the salty buccaneers of trim at The Critical Slide Society and the master foam mowers at Thomas Surfboards. Featuring the slidal tendencies of Jake Bowrey, Jacob Stuth, Little Man & Thomas Bexon. Documenting the making and sliding of the TCSS x Thomas Surfboards Pillage Model.

For more TCSS goodness please visit & & for more about Thomas Surfboards please visit &

Edit: Nathan Oldfield
Camera: Tom Woods
Titles: Paul Butterworth & Kyle Downes
Music: 'What A Pleasure' by Beach Fossils

Thanks for watching.