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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Triple Out



"California host some of the mushiest waves suited for longboards. Many of the worlds coastline is laced with beachbreak or steeper conditions. California is unique, its no wonder traditional style thrives here. People see the DYNAMIC FOIL PROTOTYPES and are intimidated by sleekness. Prototypes Surfar are inspired by transitional design and built for advanced conditions carving turn and stretch trimming critical sections. For longboard spots you need to trim through flatter sections, and turn to redirect the glide I created NEW SERIES FOR SOUP SURF: combines defined foil, with reasonable dimensions to create what I call "Phil's rocket to the moon." I am currently shaping in the 22+ / 9'6 + range for the classic dogs and cats seeded around these California conditions.
Alternative to trim-less hog noseriders, more cruise element than progressive gH prototypes. Future classic, trim approach ARCH back assault weapon finding trim in slanted surf, bring classic style into modern speed and dont be afraid to walk."


"Spring is near! Time to get out of here. Ive nearly completed all the custom orders placed and plan on building out some stock for while Im gone. See here for updates on any extra boards available just before my departure. I recommend coming in and seeing them for yourself. A picture reflects the outline. But where the uniqueness to custom boards lie is in the varying rail shapes, bottom contours and rocker. You have to feel it under your arm. Each board is very different and suited for assorted riders and waves. I am always creating new outlines. But the basic principles are the same. Its the DYNAMIC elements that activate the outline. You have to really feel handshaped boards in the flesh. Although I try to highlight features in the photos.When you see angular photos showing foils, rails rocker etc. I leave march 26. All must be sold before. What is left goes into stores where you pay retail price. Ill post a stock list soon. . ."

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