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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Model | Bing Swee’ Pea

Inspired by the Mini Simmons designs, Matt Calvani evolved the Dharma to be something more progressive. After a full season of riding and perfecting the Dharma, he wanted to continue the evolution with theSwee’ Pea so he kept the middle and tail the same width, pulling in the nose considerably, then going with a deep single concave going out the rounded tail. In turn, he had to increase the tail rocker to ensure the water would release, making the board more smooth and responsive off the top and bottom of waves with controlled speed. Like the Simmons and Dharma, he maintained the thinned out tail and rail for increased sensitivity. He also eliminated the concave deck, which was intended to maintain theDharma‘s flat rocker but increase the board’s sensitivity, and went with a slightly domed deck to get optimized floatation for surfers of varying builds and weight. The rounder outline, in comparison to the parallel Dharma, also lends itself to quicker, more responsive direction changes and can handle more power and speed. The Swee’ Pea is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers, looking for a small-wave board that will handle up to double overhead conditions. This model can be ridden at the same length as your Dharma, but unlike it’s predecessor can be sized up to much longer lengths to suit a wider range of surfers.

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