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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Phil Edwards | Hobie Gun

Phil Edwards - Hobie Gun from erik derman on Vimeo.
In high school, Edwards began a relationship with Hobie Alter that spanned his career. He shaped boards for Hobie in 1959 - the year Gidget ignited a frenzy. Board orders went through the roof as the once privileged sport of surfing had gone public.
By that time, much of Oahu's North Shore had been conquered by the first wave of California hellmen. Phil had first ventured to hawaii in 1955 but what yet to have an impact on big-wave surfing. The Californians had turned Sunset, Makaha and Waimea into battle zones. But one place remained taboo - Pipeline. For the day's equipment - wide, heavy planks - it was suicide. In 1961, Edwards casually changed all that. He stroked out on a sunny 6-foot day, powered through the drop, made it to the beach and opened the floodgates. Instantly, Pipe was surfable.

Host: Steve Pezman

Erik Derman

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