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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Autumn Logs

autumn logs -< from zak bush on Vimeo.
Dean Petty: surfing in french slow motion.

The Fortune Wild | Trailer

The Fortune Wild - Trailer from Sitka on Vimeo.

"If a man looks sharply and attentively," wrote Francis Bacon, "he shall see Fortune."

In The Fortune Wild, a new Sitka Films production directed by Ben Gulliver with support from Pacific Wild, a small group of surfers set out to seek their own kind of riches on some of the most remote beaches of the Canadian coast.

Starring Peter Devries and Reid and Arran Jackson, The Fortune Wild follows an expedition to the far-flung shores of Haida Gwaii, a chain of waveswept, lushly forested islands off the British Columbia mainland. Surfing, camping and foraging for food on the area's unspoiled beaches, the three surfers step away from the modern world and into a quieter, more attuned and more self-sufficient existence.

As the days pass, their trip becomes more than a picaresque adventure to paddle out into rarely surfed waves—after being granted permission by Haida elders to visit a hidden area of the Haida homeland, the small crew pitches camp to explore and experience a place where people have lived in partnership with nature for thousands of years. Later, they're joined by fellow surfer Noah Cohen for some final sessions in the area's clear and chilly waters.

"There are a lot of good surf breaks around the world," says Devries, "but it's tough to find a place that compares to the British Columbia coast. The grandeur, the beauty and the culture—it's truly unique and unlike anywhere I've ever been."

The Fortune Wild is about the peace and promise of wild places, but it's also about learning to see the natural world in a more profound and reverent way. Featuring interviews with Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Haida leader and activist Guujaaw and Haida artists Christian White and Gwaliga Hart, it's a glimpse into a system where tradition and respect for the land are values that can't be bought or sold. At a time when economic development and resource extraction and transportation are critical issues for the province and the country, The Fortune Wild is a journey into the heart of what matters most.

One-third documentary, one-third surf and adventure film and one-third storybook wander into the unknown, The Fortune Wild is a beautiful and slightly eccentric look at what makes the West Coast so priceless and so worthy to protect.

Directed and edited by Ben Gulliver
Produced by Rene Gauthier - Sitka Films in association with Pacific Wild
Co-Produced by Gwaliga Hart, Michael Reid, Jeremy Koreski, Greg and Nick Grzybowski

"The film is a homage to Wes Anderson, I always wished he would make a surf film" - Ben Gulliver

Salinas Longboard Festival | Raen Optics

Salinas Longboard Festival // Raen Optics from Hector Torra on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Joel Tudor | Malibu Summer

Joel Tudor : Malibu Summer from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
Was just at the right place, at the right time (unfortunately not the right tripod) to have been able to film the guy who brought back the cool in longboarding, the reason why I picked up a longboard and most probably why you did too: Mr. Joel Tudor.

Amidst the crowd and all the chaos that often goes on in Malibu, Joel always stands out and manages to keep his composure and impeccable style.

Watch out for the guy who almost gets his head knocked off by a red longboard and how Joel just shakes his head and goes on to turn the rest of the wave into art.

You'll also catch a glimpse of Alex Knost surfing, Kameron Brown paddling out, and Allen Sarlo ripping.

Just a simple short film put together to share with you.

Thanks for watching!

Video and Edit: Buji Brownlegs

Music by the Fleet Foxes

Please like us at

James Parry Warm Up for The Vans Duct Tape Invitational

James Parry Warm Up for The Vans Duct Tape Invitational from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
Team rider, James Parry, warming up on a 9'6 Bing Elevator for The Vans Duct Tape Invitational. The event with start tomorrow July 26th during the 2013 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, CA. Produced by: Kyle Chambers

Music: The Baby, She's On The Street by Jona Lewie

Driftwood Collective at Salinas 2013

Driftwood Collective at Salinas 2013 from Driftwood Collective on Vimeo.

Driftwood Collective | Day#5

day#5 from Driftwood Collective on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remind Me To Forget | Trailer

Remind Me To Forget - Trailer from Two Dollars Please on Vimeo.
A hypnotic journey into the subconscious of a young man unhinged from time.

Haunting. Shame. Joy. Death.

Featuring Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, Kyle Kennelly, Alex Knost, and guest Dane Reynolds

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Jeremy Asher Lynch

Inspired by the forthcoming novel, Fields of Solstice by Nick Gullo

Produced by Angel Thompson, Jeremy Asher Lynch, and Calvin Saxton

In Association with
Kid Creature
Slob Craft

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jay Nelson | Local Legendz | Korduroy.Tv

Jay Nelson - Local Legendz from on Vimeo.
Jay Nelson is basically unstoppable. He doesn't let chained fences or conventional design methods get in his way and he makes art that consistently surprises us. He says art is the first thing he was really good at, and working with his hands was always something he wanted to do. Nelson started shaping boards in high school and then transitioned to shaping camper vehicles, tree houses and other artistic but useful pieces of beauty.

In this first episode of our newest series, Local Legendz, Jay shows sketches of designs, walks us through his neighborhood (the Sunset in San Francisco) and tells us a bit about the friends who inspire him along the way. For more of Jay's work, visit and follow him on Instagram @jay.

This video was made possible by Leatherman -

Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton
James Campbell
Reis Paluso

Chris Olivas

The Mandelas

Intro Animation:
Alex Farkas-Worthy

Local Legendz is an exploration between Korduroy and Leatherman Sport into communities around the world through the guidance of deeply connected individuals who are quietly changing the world from their backyards through hard-work, innovation, craftsmanship and creativity. Through their commitment to this community, this person has gained breadth of wisdom and knowledge which they use in guiding us to a better understanding of place and self, much like the legend on a map.

Is there someone of 'legend' status in your hood? We'd love to know! Submit their photo and a description to or #local_legendz on Instagram and Twitter. For the next 8 weeks, we will be giving away a limited-edition Leatherman tool to the best submission of the week!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Ductumentary Trailer

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Slow is Fast Book Tour with Dan Malloy

Slow is Fast Book Tour with Dan Malloy from Patagonia on Vimeo.
In September 2012, Dan Malloy, Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene rode bikes down the California coast hoping to see their home state in a new slower-paced light -- surfing, camping, staying with friends and lending a hand wherever they could to earn their keep. The result of the trip is a beautifully crafted book and slide-show tour coming to a handful of west coast towns (tour dates below). Get a preview on our blog:

Proof Lab Station - Friday, 8/2
254 Shoreline Hwy
Mill Valley CA 94941
Tel. (415) 888.2553
Event start time @ 6pm
Live music: The John Stewards

Mollusk - Saturday, 8/3
4500 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
Tel. (415) 564-6300
Event start time @ 8pm
Live music: The John Stewards

Harmony House Yoga - Monday, 8/5
991 Price St
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Tel. 805-773-0380
Event start time @ 7pm
Live music: Occasional Mustache
Food + drink by Honeymoon Cafe

Full of Life Flatbread - Wednesday, 8/7**
225 West Bell St
Los Alamos, CA 93440
Tel. (805) 344-4400
Music – Todd Hannigan + Xoco Moraza
Event start time @ 7:30pm

Purchase tickets for $35. @
** A Full of Life Flatbread dinner will be included in the price and will
include local/seasonal ingredients + alcoholic beverage.

Mob Shop Ojai - Saturday, 8/10
110 W Ojai Ave
Ojai, CA 93023
Tel. (805) 272-8102
Event start time @ 7:00pm
Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca
Food by The Blue Owl

Patagonia Cardiff - Tuesday, 8/13
2185 San Elijo Ave
Cardiff, CA 92007
Tel (760) 634-9886
Event start time @ 7pm
Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca

Bird's Surf Shed - Wednesday, 8/14
1091 W Morena Blvd
San Diego Ca 92110
Event start time @ 7pm
Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca

Patagonia Ventura - Tin Shed Courtyard – Friday, 9/13/13
Details to come...

Friday, July 19, 2013

12º Edition | Vans Salinas International Longboard Festival

III Noserider Costasurf | The Tapia Experience

III Noserider Costasurf... The Tapia Experience: Full from costasurf on Vimeo.
La celebración de la fiesta anual del Costasurf Longboard Club estuvo enclavada en una de las cunas del surf en España. Tapia de Casariego nos acogió con los brazos abiertos y tanto riders, shapers y espectadores disfrutamos de dos jornadas de amistad y buen surfing.

Suso Ben a los mandos. Musica de Dante Place

+info // Shop:



Sundek together with the no-profit organization Surf for Life
traveled to the small fishing town of El Cuco, El Salvador
and built two classrooms for the first high school.
Alessandro Ponzanelli, Oliver Parker from ONDE NOSTRE, the actor Eric Balfour
and the canadian acttress Carly Craig where among the volounteers
who helped the local builder to finish the school.

produced by BLOCK10
directed by Luca Merli
filmed by Alessandro Ponzanelli
edited by Giovanni "Sbrokked" Barberis and Andrea 'Atta'
With Lorenzo Pacini @Sundek

Music by
GUTS 'What Is Love''
WEMEN 'Everything I Know'
HIS CLANCYNESS 'What Fury Can't Say'

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The WaxHead Bringing Classic Back | Deus Nine Foot & Single 2013

The WaxHead Bringing Classic Back- Deus Nine Foot & Single 2013 from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
Matt Chojnacki riding with steeze and classic flare during the Deus Nine Foot & Single 2013 in Canggu.

Follow Matty at or drop by

Video and Edit: Buji Brownlegs

Music : "Rocket 88" by Jackie Brenston

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


SLVDR JOSH OLDENBURG from Andrew Truong on Vimeo.
Director: Jeffrey Tang, Andrew Truong
Director of Photography: Andrew Truong
Interviewer: Jeffrey Tang
Graphic Design: Jeffrey Tang
Editor: Andrew Truong, Jeffrey Tang

Craftsman Guild - An association of like minded persons engaged in kindred pursuits whose work is consistently of the highest quality.

SLVDR is inspired by craftsman such as architects, photographers, builders, writers, designers and chefs. We respect the “behind the scenes” people who are constantly perfecting their skills and moving forward for the love of their art. The main purpose behind the Craftsman Guild is to call to attention to these creative people that feed us inspiration and share a common direction with the SLVDR brand.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Envision Series | Ray-Ban's "Never Hide" with Cyrus Sutton

The Envision Series // Ray-Ban's "Never Hide" with Cyrus Sutton from on Vimeo.
Here's a clip Ray-Ban sunglasses made about Korduroy founder Cyrus Sutton on tapping into creativity and the new American Dream.

Creatives: Paul Collins & Kay Hook, Agency: R/GA
Director: Daniel Eskils
Producer: Olle Lindgren Acne Production
D.P: Ari Willey
Editor: Joakim Tessert
Music: Pontus Berghe
Grade: Martin Steinberg
Prod.manager: Kristofer Larsson

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jack & his girl

Jack & his girl from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.
The Sea Life presents "Jack & his girl"

A day in Crescent Head with Jack Lynch and his girl Roya

Filmed & Edited by Josh Simpson

Visit to see photos from the session

Monday, July 8, 2013

Single and Unattached

Single And Unattached from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
Single and Unattached is the first single fin longboard contest in the Philippines. This event high lights for the very first time the traditional, classic style of longboarding in a country where high performance surfing takes center stage. Surfers from all over the nation as well as the globe gathered in Monaliza Point, San Juan, La Union with their heavy single fin logs, leashes unattached, to show off some fancy footwork, joint breaking drop knees, and nasal tip time.
Eventhough the waves that weekend weren't really the glassy perfect peelers we'd expected, it was such a fun, laid-back contest filled with smiles, washed up boards, friends running after their friend's washed up boards, shakas, high fives, love and positive vibrations.
Hopefully, this event makes more Filipinos,young and old, fall in love with this alternaitve side of surfing and appreciate the very basics of this beautiful art form.

Till next year!

Video and Edit : Buji Brownlegs

Music: "Come On Let's Go" by Ritchie Valens

Follow us on Instagram : coastthrulife

or like us on

Mollusk Coming to Agenda

Mollusk Coming to Agenda from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
Mollusk traverse the California coast with a ramshackle rickshaw, collecting all manner of surfing paraphernalia on route to the Agenda tradeshow, Long Beach.

Agenda Show - Long Beach, CA
July 25 & 26, 2013

Film by Alex Kopps
Music by Ducktails - Boating

Jared Mell | Tattoos, Bintangs(+ San Miguels), And Bali

Jared Mell- Tattoos, Bintangs(+ San Miguels), And Bali from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
Just another day in paradise for Jared Mell as he shreds the living daylights out of these Balinese peelers during the Deus Nine Foot & Single 2013.

"Fool Says" by M. Ward

Video and Edit by Buji Brownlegs

Friday, July 5, 2013

Malpica Longboard Classic

Malpica Longboard Classic from suso ben on Vimeo.
Malpica Longboard Classic Festival.

Song: "Death Dream" Dante Place

Lots of thanks to Jorge Hunt.

Monday, July 1, 2013


DOHO from Sam Schafer on Vimeo.
Andy Nieblas, JJ Wessels, Natalie Wessels, Nathan Adams, and Tyler Warren in one evening session at DOHO.

CAMERA / EDIT : Sam Schafer

TUNE : Leah Navarro " Will It Ever Come To You "

Visions from Recco Single Fin Longboard Invitational 2013

Visions from Recco Single Fin Longboard Invitational 2013 from Surf Culture on Vimeo.
This is our first test with new GoPro HD3 Black Edition during "Recco TIPTOES SingleFin Contest Invitational" won by Matteo Fabbri / second place Luca Corrado. May 2013.

Check the entire photo gallery and report:

Filmed and edited by

Camera: GoPro HD3 - Black Edition - thanks to (Athena Evolution)

Thanks to:
Vans Italy
GoPro - Athena Evolution
Recco Boys
Avanty Movie Project