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Monday, September 16, 2013

How to do a Resin Tint Glass Job on a Surfboard

A surfboard really comes to life during the glassing process. The fiberglass adds strength, flex, style, weight and seals the shaper's design inside. Most of the time it's a surfboard with a resin pigment swirl, tint, fabric inlay or gloss polish that grabs your attention and says, "look at me, ride me, I'm cool."
We love that every shaper and glasser has artistic abilities that come out in their work. Since we did a shaping video with Ben Aipa, we thought it would make sense to follow up with a color lamination video with Otis from Hawaii Surf Factory. Otis has been making surfboards for over 30 years and is a true master craftsman.
In this video Otis does a standard magenta tint on the bottom of a Dick Brewer surfboard followed by a pink tint deck inlay. We also cover how to do a standard magenta deck tint as well. With as much experience as Otis has, you'll want to pay attention to the details and the way he uses his tools. You can see more of Otis' work at and check out the glassing tools and materials he uses at

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