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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Orange Snow Cone

Orange Snow Cone from Thomas Green on Vimeo.
Two sessions with Mowgli team rider Christian Franzen. One in Huntington Beach and one in Newport Beach.
Filmed and edited by: Thomas Green
Music: "You should close the door" by Craft Spells.

Watch the full HD version on my youtube channel.

Josh Hall | Birdman Media

Josh Hall from Birdman Media on Vimeo.
Birdman Media presents 'A Day In The Life of Josh Hall'. A look into the day and life of San Diegpo's own surfer/shaper Josh Hall.

For more info, check out

Check out birdman media on Instagram

Saturday, December 20, 2014

JJ Egan | Fall 2012

JJ Fall 2012  from Mike Jakuc on Vimeo.
A few sessions of JJ Egan ripping a classic 1964 Hansen shape 9'6 longboard.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pedal To The FLO: Chapter 1

Pedal To The FLO: Chapter 1 from FlomotionUSA on Vimeo.
Justin Quintal's cross country journey on his way to winning his second consecutive US Open Duct Tape Invitational.

Filmed and Produced: Gunner Hughes

Lake Austin Footage: Evan Adamson

Music: Little Freddie King

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

McTavish Bluebird | History in the re-making

McTavish Bluebird - History in the re-making from McTavish Surfboards on Vimeo.
McTavish Bluebirds have been made in and around Byron Bay for over 40 years, this clip gives some insight into who makes these boards and how authenticity is maintained over such a long period.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Candied Yams

candied yams from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
Thanksgiving weekend brought Taylor Nelson back to the mainland and straight into some classic California surf.

camera/edit: AARON KIM
surfboard: BING MR. RODGERS MODEL 9'2"

Story Board

Story Board
from Matt Gahan on Vimeo. Donald Brink makes functional art; surfboards you could hang on a wall. He would rather see them ridden though.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Nineplus & Yamamoto Wetsuits

Nineplus & Yamamoto Wetsuits from Nineplus & Hasu on Vimeo.
Nineplus & Yamamoto working together using smoothskin to create the worlds warmest surfing suits.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Lucille from Stilus Surboards on Vimeo.
From the shallow shores of Scarborough, Western Australia. Shot within a 2 hour period and edited over night by the talented Dana Poklepovich. Song from the gifted hands of the one and only B.B. King
Zac Arena Foster riding a Gato heroi surfboard.
Enjoy. Lucille.


Every art exhibit needs an opening party… and this is Joe’s. When the curtains were drawn from the Temple of Enthusiam’s gallery, crowds flocked in to admire his inspiring show. No one had ever seen anything quite like it. Throughout the night the bloke from Brixton did his best to avoid the spotlight, but there was no denying that he was smack bang in the middle of it. We here at the Temple feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to know Joe during his month spent here as resident artist, and we look forward to his return, whenever that may be.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Raspberries & Marshmallows in Mexico

Raspberries & Marshmallows in Mexico from RVCA on Vimeo.
Raspberries & Marshmallows in Mexico with RVCA Advocate Alex Knost. Song: Track 2 by Brian Stewart. Video by Metal Neck.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Greg Noll on Johnny Fain & Miki Dora

Greg Noll talks about the Johnny Fain & Miki Dora rivalry and how Fain felt about Dora after he learned that Dora had passed away. From Greg Noll's book "The Art of the Surfboard."

Friday, November 21, 2014

One Morning With Richie Cravey

One Morning With Richie Cravey from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.
One morning with Richie Cravey. Logging some near perfect waves in San Diego a few weeks back.

follow birdman media on Instagram

check out

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


CALI from Jorge Hunt on Vimeo.
Malibu, Sano, The Wedge & Dyer Brand HQ with Marcos Lara & Margarita Barrachina.
Filmed & edited by Jorge Hunt
Music by Happy Meals, Bcore disc
July 2014

Board of the month | by Mohawk East Coast Surf

9'4 X 22'.5 X 2' 7/8 black resin tint True Ames Greenough stage-6 9'' fin

Onda Longa

Onda Longa. Un viaje a la ola más larga de Galicia. from desdelacroa on Vimeo.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flama chats with Bob McTavish | trim&weight in surfboards

Flama chats with Bob McTavish: trim&weight in surfboards from Flama Surf on Vimeo.
Have you ever considered weight when choosing a new surfboard? Weight can be a good thing, a pretty good one actually!
¿Alguna vez has tenido en cuenta el factor peso al escoger una nueva tabla? El peso puede ser algo bueno, incluso ¡muy bueno!
Natural Surfing Evolution


LIQUID DREAMS // TOMMY WITT from HippyTree on Vimeo.
Labor Day session featuring tribesman Tommy Witt. Shot and edited by Cody Watten.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


PLAYDATE de Crème from Gato Bask on Vimeo.
New Crème model shaped by Robin Kegel : The PLAYDATE
9'2 .
Shot in one session at la côte des basques.
Hepcat : Robin Falxa
Music : Lionel Hampton star dust
Shot and edited by : Clément Maillet/ Yrwan Garcia Léal

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Loaded Bhangra Longboard

Today I’m going to feature a guest post from the authors of the popular longboard blog, Review Longboards, who are writing about the Loaded Bhangra longboard.

The Loaded Bhangra longboard is the successor to the Loaded Dancer, a very popular board that certainly lives up to its name with its wild success at “dancing” down a hill. Loaded took a slightly different direction with this board aiming for excellence in all areas of longboarding rather than just focusing on one aspect.

First the board itself. The total length of the board is 48.5’’ which sounds ridiculous but it actually suits this board very well. When you also take into account, that this is actually shorter than the Loaded Dancer, the length seems more reasonable. This length though, combined with a weight of 10 lbs with all the components, means that this board is not the best for rides where you’ll have to carry your board a lot. Another aspect that this board does excel in though is included components. When buying it complete from Amazon or from Loaded, the board comes with very good Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels.

Now how does it feel when you ride it? Amazing. The board is slightly concave and covered in grip tape which ensures that when riding, you won’t slip. I have heard some complaints about the slickness of the grip tape but by and large the grip tape is effective for its intended use. Compared to regular Loaded boards, the board has less flex but it definitely makes up for it in agility and turns. It has an amazing turning radius for its long length and can easily make a 90 degree sidewalk turn at moderate speeds. In fact, that might be one of the most amazing things about this board: it rides with a smaller board’s agility combined with the speed and stability of a longer board. Ultimately, it is one of the best all around boards I’ve seen and is especially great for carving, tricks, and freeskating.

Did you like this post? You can see more reviews of the best longboards here

Special thanks to David Holmes

Friday, October 31, 2014

Builders Tea

Builders Tea from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
Bing Surfboards team rider James Parry soaks in his last few surfs before heading back to UK where he'll recharge with his daily cup of Builders Tea before heading out on another world surf adventure. Fellow Bing Surfboards team rider Mick Rodgers joins in on the action.

- James Parry/James Parry Model/@jimmyjamesparry
- Mick Rodgers/Silver Spoon/@mrrodgers_neighborhood
Music: Ton Fatata Te Miti - By The Sea
Camera/Edit: Aaron Kim

Monday, October 27, 2014



JJ @ C Street

JJ @ C Street from Nothingwillchange on Vimeo.
Expencive Porno Bonus .. JJ at C street

Get the Full movie on DVD at!blank/c3mm


A cinema piece by Nathan Tommassi following the complete process of iconic surfboard craftsman Neal Purchase Jnr, shaping his Angourie Corrugated Single Fin model all the way through to riding the finished product.

Music by Neal Purchase jnr.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Disini | Indonesia | Husni Ridhwan

Disini - Indonesia | Husni Ridhwan from Kane Del Mar on Vimeo.
At home with Husni Ridhwan, one of the best humans/riders going round and its easy to see why with the amazing people he is surrounded by in his hometown. Although it was offseason there was still some gold to be had.

-Featuring -
Husni Ridhwan

- Track -
Run Rabbit Run - Down the Line

- Film & Edit -
Kane Del Mar

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Kick from Graham Edkins on Vimeo.
Japanese surfer Kick breaking in his new Throttle Model (custom crafted by Tyler Surfboards) before returning home from his visit in Southern California.

Music: California Sun - Ramones

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Volcom Stone presents… Ryan Burch… The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm

Volcom Stone presents… Ryan Burch… The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm from Volcom on Vimeo.
Ryan Burch puts the pedal to the metal on the walls of Bangko-Bangko and pulls into some heavy ones at Grajagan Bay after sharing a few thoughts on self-expression, how surfing and the asymmetrical boards he shapes fit into that, and what it is about being on a wave that excites him.

Direct & Edit
Ryan Thomas

Jimmy “Jazz” James
Ivan Tanjung

Additional Cameras
Matt Shuster
Ryan Thomas

Interview Audio
Matt Shuster

Ryan Thomas
Matt Shuster

- Music -
Song: “Ain’t Gonna Listen”
Artist: Slow Season
Release: Mountains
Courtesy of Riding Easy Records

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MCTAVISH | "Dedicated to the Craft Series" | Episode two: Christian Barker

McTAVISH - Dedicated to the Craft Series

Directed, Filmed & Edited:
Stefan José

Compelled to spend his entire life riding waves Bob McTavish started building surfboards in 1962. Today, over 50 years later, his vision is alive and well at the McTavish Factory in Byron Bay, Australia.
This collection of portraits gives a glimpse into the people and moments that are ... dedicated to the craft.

Episode Two:
Surfer: Christian Barker
Music: MT Warning

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


THE 9 FOOT & SINGLE 2014 from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
It was only a few years ago that everyone told us the Canggu river mouth was strictly a shortboard wave. They said it was too fast and too powerful for heavy longboards… haven’t we proved them wrong? Over the past three years the 9 Foot & Single has seen logging at its absolute best. It helps that we’ve had some the best in the world do the waves justice (think Knost, Chojnaki, Roach and more), but seeing the heavy logs lumber along in those kinds of conditions has been somewhat ground breaking. It has changed the way we think about longboarding; it has changed our perceptions about where and when a longboard should be ridden. On any given day, we recognize that the Canggu river mouth is a shortboard spot, but during the weekend of the event, when the water is cleared, our competitors 60’s inspired single fins have their time to shine. And shine they do!

The technique becomes more and more obvious as the years go by… it’s becoming an art form: take-off, noseride, tube, cutback, another noseride, end it off the lip… Each year the level of surfing jumps leaps and bounds. It’s ‘sky’s the limit’ surfing and it’s damn exciting for the spectators. Imagine watching dudes noseride their 9 footers at that speed! This year saw Devon Howard (one of California’s greats) take down guys half his age for the winner’s trophy. You know what he scored? A custom Thomas X Deus 9’6. But honestly, every surfer who competed in the 9 Foot & Single was a winner. The waves were pumping, the beer was pouring and the vibes were... pleasant? Please excuse me, but it’s hard to find a word that starts with P that will do the 9 Foot & Single justice. You’ll just have to come along and see for yourself next year. I can tell you now it’ll be a whole lot more than pleasant.

Find more great tracks from the band,

All Neighborhood | Mick Rodgers

All Neighborhood | Mick Rodgers from Soren Heil on Vimeo.
Mick Rodgers from the dust bowl to pleasure dome.

Shot+Edited: Soren Heil
Assist: Evan Tipton
Music: Twin Caverns - "Swell" and Clockwork - "Dent"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Let's Go Home...

Let's Go Home... from Zamora Surf on Vimeo.
Home away from home... A different kind of life in the Philippines for Carla Rowland.
Music by Eraserheads

*Much love and thanks to the pinoy people for their heart-warming hospitality.

Friday, October 10, 2014


MALIBU from Bird Man Media on Vimeo.
Birdman Media presents, Malibu., a short longboard surf film showcasing some of Birdman Media's finest wave shredders showcasing their noseriding abilities at Malibu.

Malibu. highlights the talents of some of Birdman Media's elite team of shredders: Daveed Arganda, Travis Macks, Joe Rickabaugh, Mikey Melchiorre, Ricky Cunningham, Drew Woodworth, Shane Jones, Sean Keany, Nathan Strom, and Richie Cravey. Backed up by an eclectic sound track from Amerikan Bear, Birdman sets the tone of the film with its raw cinematography combined with some of the hottest shredders.

Each rider demonstrated their talents as longboard surfers as Birdman Media flawlessly captures the moments. Delivering groundbreaking carves and long noserides with a message that transcends well beyond the lineup, the film shows strength, style and grace in the water.

To purchase the film, go to:

also check out birdman media
and instagram @birdmanmedia

Jake Bevan at San Onofre

Jake Bevan at San Onofre from Benjamin Alexis on Vimeo.
Shot over an hour or two late afternoon at San Onofre State Beach in mid September, featuring Jake Bevan surfing his handshaped creation. Cameos by Kahu Andronicus and Makala Smith.

Song "Fedime's Flight" by Jazzanova.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

David Platt Surfboard Restorations

David Platt - "I have a small ding repair and restoration business based on the NSW Central Coast 100km Nth of Sydney, Australia. This site has been set up to highlight the restoration side of the business. Restorations take time. There is plenty going on behind the scenes. 
So have a look at a new blog in my links. "dpsr behind the scenes." 
This has incorporated the photos link and will show the day to day stuff that goes on with the restorations and a bit more."

David Platt Surfboard Restorations

Not sure about the age of this board.
I would say 63/64
The logo according to surfresearch
suggests this board is a 66 model.


Pre restoration.
9'8 1/2" x 21 3/4" x 3 7/8"
Nose 16"
Tail 15 1/4"
Pod 5"

Old fin.
Not original timber.
Crudely glassed and set to far forward.

New fin.

This area was delaminated
and the foam was split.
The stringer was intact.

Nose area repaired.
Bottom gloss down.

Flat rocker.
Note the leg rope attachment.
This board is going to be a rider.

Fresh pigment work.
They are a bit hard to see.
The foam has shrunk between the stringers
through the mid section on the bottom.

FAMILIAR | Avthentic Films

FAMILIAR from Avthentic Films on Vimeo.
FAMILIAR was filmed in July 2014. We shared 10 clean sessions in 14 days, which is way more than we had these past two years.

Music by Songs Ohia "Farewell Transmission" (Secretly Canadian).



UNDER 9 FOOT & SINGLE 2014 from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
This was a year of firsts for the Deus 9 Foot & Single festival. Not only were a flock of female cross-steppers dominating the Canggu river mouth, we also held our first annual Under 9 Foot & Single division. We decided to run the spur of the moment shortboard division because we’d (somehow) found ourselves with a bit of extra time. Needless to say, it was a hoot! And surfers who were at the beach early on the finals day (most with sever hangovers from the night of partying at the Temple) surfed four man heats, with the river mouth to themselves. As to be expected, the format was relaxed and competitors weren’t all that competitive, but the waves were fun and the skill level was high. The Under 9 Foot and Single division will become a staple in our festival for years to come and we can’t wait to see who turns up next year, when it’s not so spontaneous.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Handmade Twin fins for "Crème Surfboards"

Handmade Twin fins for "Crème Surfboards" from No pain in Dream on Vimeo.
Handmade Twin fins for "Crème Surfboards" by Tristan Mausse.
Surfer Guilhem Dupouy.
Music: John Zorn

Saturday, October 4, 2014


GLAZZIES REAL HORROR SHOW from Wild Things on Vimeo.
Full feature film by Sam Rhodes, featuring Robin Kegel, Alex Knost, Andy Findlay, Evan Sickrat Daley, Jack Lynch, Jessamyn Jean, Myles Doughman, Cloudy Rhodes, Carl Gonzalves. This is not saturated sunsets and slow motion
This is punk surfing. This is gato heroi australia. This is Wild Things.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Nathan Strom | Surfer Magazine

Most 16-year-old surfers aren’t capable of threading heavy tubes on a 5'2" one day, then riding the nose on a 9'6" log the next, but Nathan Strom is a little ahead of the curve. That’s because Strom has spent the past few years getting the CliffsNotes from longboard icon and fellow San Diegan Joel Tudor. Under the tutelage of Tudor, Strom has dedicated himself to mastering a wide variety of craft, from single-fin longboards to twin-keel fish to high-performance thrusters. With a knack for adapting to various boards and conditions, Strom is quickly becoming one of California’s most versatile surfers.

Kam & Corey | Canvas Surfboards

Kam & Corey from Canvas Surfboards on Vimeo.
Kam and Corey ride the 4 4 by Canvas Surfboards on a glassy afternoon.

Seís Gringos | Canvas Surfboards

Seís Gringos from Canvas Surfboards on Vimeo.
There's really nothing like going on a surf trip with some buddies and scoring some epic surf together. Bonfires, beers, getting lost, camping, flat tires, instant coffee, long windy roads, spearfishing, off-roading, and getting stuck in the sand are all components of a great road trip to Baja. Kameron Brown, Corey Colapinto, Sakae Patrick, Christian Wach, Carson Wach, and Evan Adamson adventure down into to Baja to score some perfect loggin' waves.

Filmed and edited by Evan Adamson of Indigo Beyond

In affiliation with Western Digital #savedonWD


The Preatures - Is This How You Feel
Disclosure - You & Me (Flume Remix)
Sylvan Esso - Coffee
Mø - Glass

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twins & Fins

Twins & Fins from Manuel Portugal on Vimeo.

A bonita praia de Ribeira D’Ilhas junto à Ericeira recebeu um evento único e muito especial, o nome de Twins & Fins. No mesmo espaço conviveram durante dois dias culturas distintas mas ao mesmo tempo com muitas semelhanças, como são o motociclismo e o surf. Liberdade e criatividade são adjectivos comuns a qualquer uma destas culturas e confirmando isso mesmo os seguidores e amantes de ambos os géneros estiveram lado a lado num dos locais mais emblemáticos em Portugal para o surf.

The beautiful beach of Ribeira d'Ilhas close to Ericeira hosted an event unique and very special, by the name of Twins & Fins. Coexisted in the same space two distinct cultures for two days but at the same time with many similarities, they are motorcycling and surfing. Freedom and creativity are common to any of these adjectives and cultures confirming that even the followers and lovers of both genders were side by side in one of the most emblematic places in Portugal for surfing.

Cafe-Moto Video Series #1 "What Makes a Cafe Racer"

Cafe-Moto Video Series #1 "What Makes a Cafe Racer" from TinMen on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

500,000 Page Views

Thank you all for keeping this dream alive!!!

The Triumph of Spirit over Rationality | BERHAM Customs

The Triumph of Spirit over Rationality from BERHAM Customs on Vimeo.
What's the point of riding a custom vintage motorcycle? An explanation without words.

Told by & with the help of: Christian Pfeil, EPICMAN Production (Director/DP & Producer). H.-J. Berndt, Filmhaus (Consultancy). Leo Plank, MOVING CINE COMPANY Fahraufnahmen GmbH (Crane-Operator). Christian Bernutz, cine4kopter (Stabilized Head-Operator). Tobias Vorbrodt, MOVING CINE COMPANY (Precision Driver). Roman Zimmermann (Multicopter Pilot). Fabian Köhler (Multicopter Camera-Operator). Justin O’Shea (Production Assistant). Kristian Raue (Editor/Composer), Sebastian Moretto (Color Grading).

Music: K_Chico "Burn"

Monday, September 29, 2014


9'0'' JAZZ

9'2'' JAZZ



Buddha from Adam Burns on Vimeo.
Many years ago, Garrett Goodwin and Mylo Zukovich shaped a longboard together and named it the Vichwin. It had a Buddha graphic on it. The board is very beat down these days, but that doesn't stop Garrett from going and having a killer log sesh on it. Also, mysto Derrick Disney wave.

Friday, September 26, 2014

MCTAVISH | "Dedicated to the Craft Series" | Episode one: Matt Chojnacki

MCTAVISH - 'Dedicated to the Craft Series' Episode one: Matt Chojnacki from Stefan José Films on Vimeo.
McTAVISH - Dedicated to the Craft Series

Directed, Filmed & Edited:
Stefan José

Compelled to spend his entire life riding waves Bob McTavish started building surfboards in 1962. Today, over 50 years later, his vision is alive and well at the McTavish Factory in Byron Bay, Australia.
This collection of portraits gives a glimpse into the people and moments that are ... dedicated to the craft.

Episode One:
Surfer: Matt Chojnacki
Music: Pat Capocci

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LEFTOVERS | Crescent Head

LEFTOVERS - Crescent Head from Josh Simpson on Vimeo.

The first B-roll edit shot while filming for my latest untitled film project.

Filmed and Edited by Josh Simpson

Part 1 is shot in one day at Crescent Head, Australia.

Song: Mazzy Star - Blue Flower

CJ Down Under | Foam Symmetry

CJ Down Under from Foam Symmetry on Vimeo.
Cj nelson spent a month in OZ with shaper Ian Chisholm of South Coast Surfboards, this was one weekend testing out his new Noserider as well as the Australian Model. Shot by Robbie Warden. Music by Japanther - Pleased to Meet You
Feature article in Foam Symmetry Volume 4 Number 1 December 2014

The Path | Phil Browne of Glide Surf Co. and The Heavens Glassing

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new film series entitled "The Path". This episode of "The Path" features surfer, surf shop owner, and glasser Phil Browne of Glide Surf Co. and The Heavens Glassing in Asbury Park, NJ.

"The Path" film series will focus on surfers who play a key role in their local surf community by displaying unique trades, philosophies, or stories that we feel need to be shared with the surf community at large.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Manic Phantasmic

Manic Phantasmic from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.
Insight Presents:
Jared Mell Is Manic Phantasmic

In a digital age of decreasing attention spans, Insight challenges you to follow surfer Jared Mell on his
escape from a average day of surfing and into his own euphoria of phantasmal surroundings.
After receiving esoteric directions to consume a piece of Insight, his quest begins.

Starring: Jared Mell
Phantasms: Jody Smith, Lauren Brown, Tiah Eckhardt,

Director & Editor: Olivia Wyatt
Producer: Alek Parker
Creative: Ozlem Esen, Brandon Lomax, Mirko Antich
Animation Effects: Amia Yokoyama
Compositing: Sickboat
Additional editing: Eileen Kennedy
camera: Zachary Haskell, Alek Parker, Ryan Donahue
Music: Cave, "Hot Bricks" Courtesy of Drag City
Hair: Autumn Schweizer
Makeup: Christine Clemens
Styling: Ozlem Esen, Danika Elbertse
Props: Kira Sheppard
Pyrotechnics: Larry Castro
Production Assistant: Vanessa Elliot

Ben Cope Studio
Bob Dixon (7 Artist Management)

Untitled | Jared Mell

Untitled from SEAKONG on Vimeo.
9月10日~13日、奄美大島に行ってきました&ダノーの"JUKE JOINT FREAK SHOW"のダイジェストです。完成版は後日、店頭で配布いたします。ジャレッド・メルの神業的な足運びをご覧ください。

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Official Trailer | FLUCTUS SPLITTERS

Official Trailer FLUCTUS SPLITTERS from Gato Bask on Vimeo.
Fluctus Splitters est un voyage perpétuel autour du shape. Un voyage sur la route, sur les mers et au cœur des ateliers Gato Heroi.
Un long métrage de 40 min entièrement filmé à la pellicule documentant une exploration à la recherche des meilleurs designs et de nouveaux horizons...
Ad Libitum.

Fluctus Splitters is a perpetual travel around the shape. A trip across the road, the seas and into the Gato Heroi workshop's.
A full movie shot entirely with film (super8mm). A 40 min film documenting an exploration for the best designs and new horizons ...

Ad Libitum

Additionals footages:

Pero Hayashi
Clement Maillet
Guillaume Fauveau

The Life & Times of Brian Bent

If you’ve ever been to tourmaline beach in san diego, or, as the locals call it, “old mans”, there’s a chance you’ve seen a guy on a huge longboard called a “Kook Box” surfing in a sweater and a sailor hat. That’s Brian Bent, a local surfer with a unique style. But there’s more to Brian than just a throwback style and big smile.
Brian is a painter, a musician, a surfer, a skater, and a hot rod enthusiast. And as you’ll see in this Biopic, he’s pretty badass at all of them!

Filmed, Produced & Edited in collaboration by OOPM creative ( & Anakt (

Teatime With Rabbits

Teatime With Rabbits from Michael Kew on Vimeo.
Rabbitsfootery — Ryan Lovelace (shaping), Trevor Gordon (surfing)
Video/Edit: Michael Kew
Song: "Mont Bing Bing" by Johnny McCann
© 2014 Peathead Publishing

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Shared Moment with Israel Preciado

A Shared Moment with Israel Preciado from Quality Peoples on Vimeo.
This documentary film is the first in a series of Quality Peoples short films that take a brief glimpse into the lives of our collaborators and inspirations. Israel Preciado is a longboarder cat from Mexico and the unofficial Mayor of Sayulita. You might know Izzy as the face of QP, he’s the stoic guy in all the photos. Antithetical to the image we’ve created of him, Izzy is actually one of the kindest, funniest, unassuming guys you’ll meet in the lineup. Izzy’s quiver runs deep and in this short film we spend a few shared moments with him as he talks about his childhood, his favorite spots, slowing things down, the art of small wave riding, traveling, learning to surf and the act of surfing as both sport and meditation. With a special appearance by Lola Mignot.
This short documentary was filmed, directed and edited by the folks at Quality Peoples. We hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Call to the Wall 2014

Call to the Wall 2014 from Jack Chellemi on Vimeo.
Malibu Boardriders Club hosts the 23rd Annual Call to the Wall club surfing contest at First Point at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA

Aerial Footage provided by:
Glassoff Films
Twitter: @jamieLsimon

Stevie's Amp Shack
"Blues Shuffle in A One Take Improv Exercise"

Friday, September 12, 2014

Slaves of Summer | RVCA

The Slaves of Summer camping surf trip through France, Spain & Portugal with RVCA Europe Advocates Robin Falxa (France), Jack Whitefield (UK), Adrian Siebert (Germany), Matteo Fabbri (Italy) & Benjamin Jean Jean (France).

We all know Europe isn’t known for its waves during summer, but it is known to deliver a good time. So we decided on shoving 4 nationalities into a couple of rental vehicles with a bunch of camping gear, too many surfboards and hit the road for a cliché euro trip.

We got lost, went skating, partied too much, met girls, camped on the side of the road, surfed shitty waves and crashed our rental car. But we had fun, even though we couldn’t understand each other.

Film & edit – Chris Nemes
Super 8 Footage – Jack Whitefield
Music – Seul by Les Marinellis courtesy of Burger records

Used Board Swap | Leucadia, CA

2nd Annual Leucadia Used Board Swap this Sat Sept 13th 8am-noon
Leucadia Roadside Park on the coast highway 101 and Leucadia Blvd.
Free to attend and sell
Sellers may park in the Encinitas Tax parking lot.
Bring your used surf junk.

Man & Sea

Man & Sea from edandrewsfilm on Vimeo.
The philosophies on life and waves from Brian Himlan, a Santa Cruz surfboard shaper and bellyboard enthusiast.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gliding Barnacles | Portugal 2014

Gliding Barnacles, Portugal (2014) from Jorge Hunt on Vimeo.
Here's a short clip of James Parry (UK), Matteo Fribbi (IT) and Michael Lay (UK) shredding some good waves at the first edition of the Longboard festival called Gliding Barnacles (Figueira Da Foz, Portugal).

I'd like to congratulate the organisation for doing such an amazing job. We are all looking forward to next year's edition.

- Music by Faraquet (Dischord records, USA)
- Film and edition by Jorge Hunt
- Gliding Barnacles
- Hangten Magazine
- Wood & Water

Monday, September 8, 2014

Matteo Fabbri | Searching for Happiness

Matteo Fabbri - Searching for Happiness
from Andrea Valeriani on Vimeo. A selection of wave in the Adriatic Coast with Matteo Fabbri.
Sometimes happiness is near you.

Surfer : Matteo Fabbri
Music : M83
Directed : Andrea Valeriani ( )

Locals Division :

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gliding Barnacles

The guys and the Mayor

Matteo chilling

Log practice


Best lunch ever for sure

Aragão sisters

After lunch, boat cruise!

Like a pro

Kaptain Barefoot

Michael Lay

Eurico Jr.

James Parry

Xico Zé

James Parry

Finally know him in person, Ignacio Solis (Diario de un Churfer)

Time to go home, next year we have more!

Photos by Alexandra Aragão, Catarina Aragão and Tiago Reis