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Monday, March 31, 2014


DOPAMINE II from Jeremy Hancock on Vimeo.
DOPAMINE II. The sequel to Insights award winning film.

Dopamine; Biochemistry; a compound which exists in the body as a euphoric neurotransmitter, it is naturally produced by the brain to create happiness, heightened energy, pleasure and pain. Origin; from dop(a) + amine (a related substance) Release: When you are attracted to someone your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine.


THE PASS from Benjamin Alexis on Vimeo.
Jesse Hinkle and Lola Mignot are two very unique, radical and friendly humans that also happen to surf their Bing Longboards incredibly well. This short offering was shot during a single session at The Pass, Byron Bay Australia during their month long stint in Aus for the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Song- "Wild Machines" by Sleepy Sun

BoardRoom | Legends of Surfboard Shaping: Hobie Alter 1933 - 2014

An Excerpt from the Surf Documentary, "BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping".
In Memory of Hobie Alter, 1933 - 2014. Hobie was an inspiration to all of us.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


1933 - 2014

Hobie: A History

A history of National Sailing Hall of Famer Hobie Alter (Class of 2011) and the iconic boats he created from his company, which began when he started building surfboards as a teenager.

Tyler Surfboards | IFILMUSURF

Tyler Surfboards x IFILMUSURF from Tyler Surfboards on Vimeo.
The guys over at put together this short clip for us. If you are looking for someone to film your sessions and make you a great edit of it, check those guys out!
Tyler Hatzikian- 10'0" Noserider, 6'5" thruster, 10'1" Northsider
Devon Howard- 9'4" Double Step Deck
Josh Gilberts- 9'2" Baby Gun

Friday, March 28, 2014

ESTO ES SALINAS | This is Salinas

ESTO ES SALINAS from Jan Latussek on Vimeo.
ESTO ES SALINAS, es mi visión de lo que para muchos fue un “desastre” de festival. Dejando de lado los obvios fallos que este año la organización ha prometido corregir, Salinas, para mí, volvió a ser eso, encontrarse con viejos y nuevos amigos, buenas olas, buenos ratos tanto dentro como fuera del agua... familia y Longboard.

Este video intenta recoger eso y aunque no salen todos los que deberían, todos estáis ahí. Todos los que hacéis Salinas con vuestra presencia, con vuestras ganas, con vuestra energía, con vuestra ilusión, estáis aquí y os pido perdón si no salís en el video, pero con tanto pico, tanto baño libre, tanta gente y tan pocoas horas, no he podido filmaros e incluiros a todos.... por lo que esto es simplemente una pincelada...


ESTO ES SALINAS, is my vision of what was last years festival. Leaving aside the obvious mistakes that the organization has promised to correct, Salinas was again all it has allways been, a meeting of good old and new friends, good waves, good times in and out of the water... simply the Longboard Family.

This video, tries to reflect just that, and allthough not everyone that should be in it, was filmed... everyone IS in the video in one way or another. All those who contribute to Salinas with their presence, their dreams, their energies, YOU ARE HERE, I am truly sorry if you are not in the video, but with so much ground to cover, so many peaks, so many waves, so many frieds and so short days... I haven´t been able to film you all... to include you all.... that´s why to me, this is just a brush stroke of what this festival really is.

MUSIC: The Wombats _ Techno Fan
The music is used without licence. The video is for non commercial purposes...

ENJOY MAKING | 7,4" Hull by Erik Labayen

ENJOY MAKING - 7,4" Hull by Erik Labayen from mikel Yerobi on Vimeo.
Shape, glass and surf by Erik Labayen

"Dark was the night, cold was the ground"

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vanguard present The Growlers Oz Tour

Vanguard present The Growlers Oz Tour from Vanguard Fashion on Vimeo.
We were stoked to support Californian rockers The Growlers first tour of Oz. The boys rocked out Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne venues in March 2014.

We hung out, caught some waves and had some drinks to help them get prepared for their Colly Hotel gig. Here is a little clip put together by Chirs Proud of some of the fun that went on.

Thanks to Dead Kooks, Sailor Jerry, Stranger Yonder and all the crew involved in a killer day and long night.

Self Custom Surfboards

Self Custom Surfboards from joseba bernardo on Vimeo.
Self Surfboards is the union of two passions, surf and design. Boards with a classic soul imported to the present to satisfy the needs of the nowadays surfer without forgetting the roots. 100% handmade we present an alternative surf, based in style and flow, to those who search the other face of surfing.

Rider: Iosu Gorosabel
Filmed and edited by Joseba Bernardo

Bark At The Moon

Bark At The Moon from Thomas Brown on Vimeo.
A collection of clips from a recent trip to Noosa with Deus team rider Jack Norton.

Surfer - Jack Norton
Bike - Deus Cafe Racer -
Surfboard - Sea Legged -
Fin - Alkali , Jack Norton Fin -

Film/edit by Thomas Brown

Big thanks to the Band "The Dirty Little Rebels"
for letting us use their rad track " Bark at the moon"
Find them here

Monday, March 24, 2014

5'6 ish WING MAN Asher wales & Eden Saul (Dead Kooks)

5'6 ish WING MAN Asher wales & Eden Saul (Dead Kooks) from Jackson O'Brien on Vimeo.
Asher Wales collaborates with Eden Saul from Dead Kooks surfboards & create's
his first very own 5'6 ish WING MAN wave riding vessel.

Film & Edit Jackson O'Brien

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Margaux X Merced River

Margaux X Merced River from MERCED RIVER on Vimeo.

Biarritz- Juin 2013

Collaboration #1
avec Margaux Arramon-Tucoo
Artiste & Surfeuse-RVCA

Film et Montage MERCED RIVER

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gato Bask | Journal I

Gato Bask journal I from gatoHeroi on Vimeo.
Some daily waves by the cats around Bask country, Gato Heroi boards are:

Robin Kegel: Killer triple stringers
Clovis Donizetti: Spacepig 8'4
Robin Falxa: Playboy 9'4 / Spacepig 8'4
Guilhem Dupouy: Spacepig 8'4
Pandora Decoster: Fleur de Crème
Yrwan Garcia Léal: Playboy 9'4/ Spacepig 8'4

Filming Pero Hayashi
Editing Yrwan Garcia Léal

Hannah B. Boards

Hannah B. Boards from SnowGlobe Studios on Vimeo.
Artist and builder Hannah Brown-Damron talks about the joy she feels from being in her workshop and the pleasure of building her custom made longboards and skateboards. Made 100% by hand, Hannah B. Boards offers complete board customization, that is made specifically for her rider.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Coast Thru Life Single And Unattached 2014 | Day 1

Coast Thru Life Single And Unattached 2014 : Day 1 from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
From the rockin' kick off party in Manila to a blessed day in Carille, Day 1 of Single and Unattached 2014 Day 1 was definitely filled with world class loggery, high fives, shakas, and lotsa lovin'.

Thank you Viva Sports Management for making this event possible, Asian Surfing Championship, LUSC, all our sponosrs, Rider Sandals, Nixon Commune, Vans Philippines, Fluid Surf, OPlus USA, Famous Surf Wax, Big Kahuna, THE Clothing, Son of a Beach, MTV Pinoy, Click the City, Rappler,, My Life On Board, Seventh Films, Moonshine and Saltwater, Planet Zips, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, Little Surfmaid, San Juan Surf Resort,Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel, Sebay Surf Central, El Union Coffee, all the local and international participants for putting on a fantastic show, our technical crew and panel of judges for all the hard work, and to the fine artists who rocked the night away in Cubao X- Julianne, CoffeeBreak Island, and Flippin' Soul Stompers. Thank you Koi Busalla for making everything fall into place! Maraming salamat Cubao X and to our coolest neighbors from Escobar andThe Appraisery.

Thank you DJ Badkiss and Brigada for keeping us on our feet and grooving the night away in LU.

Special thanks to Edsel Ochoa and Onesport Magazine for all the support.

Heaps of love to Belinda Baggs and family, Georgia Young, Arip Mencos, our head judge Arya Subyakto, Tim Hain, and Sean Gilhooley for making the trip!

Music: " Gimme Some Lovin'" by the Spencer Davies Group
Surf Footage by AK
Video and Edit by Buji Brownlegs

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Justin Quintal returns with a friend for episode III of his Peru Series. Dos amigos are always better than one.

Camera and Edit | Drew Miller |
Surfing | Justin Quintal, Brendon White
Music | Steel Pulse

Visit our site:

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Crystal Aciid Cauliflower Illusion | Surfboard Riding Team

the crystal aciid cauliflower illusion - surfboard riding team from Salty merchant on Vimeo.
the salty merchants and Australian surfing resurrections colabrative team of misfits and dead beats. Cuts Doloro, Lachlan Leckie, the Messiah and Peter Farrelly - surfing round 1 of the teams challenge in this years (2014). Round 2, first point Noosa on friday the 14th of March. Be there and beware.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fraser Biden: Overcome

Fraser Biden: Overcome from De'fer Media on Vimeo.
Fraser Biden was on a trip in Fiji in November 2013, unfortunately his trip was cut short, Fraser broke his back in two places out at a local reef. In this clip fraser talks about how it happened, after it happened and how he's dealing with it now. It's amazing to see a good friend overcome such a terrifying ordeal and remain so positive.

Filmed & Edited // Jaden Marc
Artwork // Joel Birch

Camera and lenses used // Sony FS700, 150-500 Sigma F5-6.3 & Sony 18-200 F3.5-6.3

Music // God is an astronaut - Loss

Colour // Magic bullet looks

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bob & Sink | The Trial and Error of Ryan Burch

Bob & Sink: The Trial and Error of Ryan Burch from on Vimeo.
Ryan Burch has been leading a new generation of surfer/shapers for a few years now. Perhaps never before in surfing history has a surfer evolved from a conformist framework to so fully explore the entire spectrum of wave riding design and performance.

This video was made possible by Spy ( & Volcom (

Starring Ryan Burch
Directed by Cyrus Sutton
Edit: Chris Olivas
Camera: James Campbell, Jack Chellemi, Ryan Lovelace, Jack Coleman & Erik Derman
Still Photos: Rob Keaton
Music: Rootbeer Sparkel, Allah-las & The Non


Saturday, March 1, 2014

The RVCA Cobbles Classic

The RVCA Cobbles Classic - Part 3 from Grant Beck on Vimeo.
Log in and watch the RVCA Cobbles Classic with the best single fin loggers in South Africa

Directed, filmed and edited by: Grant Beck
Music by: Jimi Hendrix Stone Free