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Monday, April 28, 2014

Shapers Series: Jim Phillips by Anastasia Petukhova

This is an awesome work by Anastasia Petukhova that I saw on the Thomas Patrick blog, is a series of black and white photographs, a photo documentary about the process of surfboard building.

Anastasia Petukhova

The first time I saw that warehouse I felt like I just entered Disneyland. The place was magic. There were blanks all over the place, wooden, foam, and some really old ones that looked like they’ve been there forever. The vivid smell of the different kinds of wood was very tempting and I spend minutes walking around and smelling everything. There was a blank being glued and it smelled even more awesome. The variety of tools was impressive. And then there was Jim. I knew I had to come back because I got there to photograph Matt Calvani. I never plan for two shoots for the same day. Everyone deserves full attention and I need to keep my focus for the whole time of the shoot.

So I planned to come back another day and spend it with Jim. This was that day.

To see the full series, click HERE

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