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Monday, June 30, 2014


DEADHEAD from El Solitario on Vimeo.
Thank you Southsiders & friends for another fresh & awesome Wheels & Waves
Miss many of you in this video still we have a place in our hearts for you
Kudos to my dear FUCK*U 1-Hand driver and ultimate DeadHead @ W&W, Roberto Day for this joy pill

Ash Grunwald | Longtime

First single album Trouble's Door which was released 11 May 2012 - iTunes: door/id518517573

See more at or

Natural Goods

Natural Goods from Marco Mucig on Vimeo.
“Natural Goods” is a documentary celebrating the ocean, wood and nature.

This short documentary is part of the series Ritratti di surf that Onde Nostre has produced to show the reality of surfers, shapers, artists and other personalities related to Italian surf culture. It tells the story of Luca Bressan, designer born by the Dolomites, with the dream of riding the Ocean waves. It’s a ‘cultural clash’ between forest and saltiness. Wood, in fact, has always been part of his cultural heritage, his horizon has always been obscured by trees and mountains, the scent of the forest is part of its natural imprinting: this is how the salt has met the balsa.

His idea of ​​building surfboards, living in the mountains, it might sound crazy, mostly because he has seen waves (ocean waves I mean) more times in pictures than in reality. But when Luca found out that madness was possible, the world became a different place.

Solo Surfboards is the project that came out of it: wooden surfboards, the design that supports nature. It's a new surfboard project, between design and art craft.

Luca was able to give shape to his passion customizing bikes, then building snowboards. The transition to surf shaping was natural for him. His background as a product designer is what makes his boards unique. In all fields innovators are those who can see things in a different point of view, trying to do things that no one has ever done before.

The portrait of Luca has been realized thanks to the support of SUN68. The clothing brand has always stood out for its support to projects with original, innovative and above all reflect the values ​​of freedom and simplicity of which the brand is, from its inception, a spokesman.


Directed by: Marco Mucig
DOP: Marcello Dapporto
Action shots: Mauro Ladu
Edit: Marco Mucig, Omer Sacic
Audio: Lorenzo Dal Ri
Color grading: Michele Ricossa
With: Luca Bressan
Surfer: Alessandro Demartini
Motion: Racoon Studio


JIM KEAYS LIVES from australian surfing resurrection on Vimeo.
During the week that Jim Keays ceased to dwell in the physical realm, we took a tryp to the desert fringes of Australia to commemorate his on-going spirit and to consider the infinite, The Hot Generation and The Masters Apprentices. We saw unusually large numbers of alien space-ships above the highway like hovering custard tarts, and the water was acyd clear mourning. The Messiah was on-fire. And some other blokes got some waves also.

Long live the king of Australian garage!

- Kent Turkich

Friday, June 27, 2014


DUELING SINGLE FINS | DELPERO vs DUDLEY from Jan Latussek on Vimeo.
Two riders, one session, the same waves, the same conditions, two very different surfing styles. The elegance of the dance of these two surfers edited together in a video that brings the best waves of the final of the Salinas Longboard Festival 2013.

Antoine Delpero and Elliot Dudley where consistent and powerful in their approach, to these waves. Salinas gave it´s best, good size and a decent period so these gentlemen could unfold their bag of tricks, and show us how a wave is read and ridden under pressure.

Dos Riders, una sesión, las mismas olas, las mismas condiciones y dos estilos de surf muy diferentes. La elegancia del baile de estos dos surfistas editada, cara a cara en un video que rescata las mejores olas de la final del invitacional de Salinas 2013

Antoine Delpero y Elliot Dudley fueron consistentes en su surf, y enérgicos en su enfoque de esa tiempo que duró la final. Salinas volvió a mostrar su mejor cara, con un swell de buen tamaño y periodo más que decente para que estos caballeros pudieran desplegar su colección de trucos y demostrarnos cómo se surfea bajo presión.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014


CJ NELSON AT HOME from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
This clip was shot over a 2 day period at pleasure point in Santa Cruz ca. CJ is riding his CJ Nelson model by Carl Olsen.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Wheels and Waves 2014

Wheels and Waves 2014 from Manuel Portugal on Vimeo.
Random shots of a fantastic weekend in Biarritz put together in a small video…
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Goin' right in Sri Lanka

Goin' right in Sri Lanka from Banjo McLachlan on Vimeo.
Video - Max and Shane McLachlan

Edit - Banjo McLachlan

Song - 'You Changed Your Name' by Chad VanGaalen

Surfing by Banjo

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lola In The Neighborhood

Lola In The Neighborhood from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
Bing Surfboards team rider Lola Mignot (@lolamignot) comes into town and enjoys a crisp San Diego morning with fellow team rider Mick Rodgers (@mrrodgers_neighborhood).

camera/edit: Aaron Kim (@glassywaters)

Wheels & Waves 014 | SOON

Wheels & Waves 014 - SOON from GREENFILMS on Vimeo.
Wheels & Waves 014 - SOON

Trouble in Paradise | Cycle Zombies

Trouble in Paradise - Cycle Zombies from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
- Pour le sous-titrage francais, selectionnez CC dans la barre de Lecture –

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Cycle Zombies is a collective of family and friends, immersed in a culture of waves, skateboards and motorcycles. It’s a lifestyle many try to embody but few have such a natural and honest approach to the culture and passion this brotherhood share. Desillusion Magazine's Pierre David spent an afternoon with surfer, skateboarder, collector, craftsman and Father of three, Scotty Stopnik, to gain an insight into his life and the values his brotherhood live by.

Shot on location last winter in Huntington, California.

Scotty Stopnik is supported by Electric

This short film is based on the article “Trouble in Paradise” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Pilsner

The Pilsner from Fine Surfcraft x Andrew Warhurst on Vimeo.
The Pilsner.

The go to longboard in the Fine Surfcraft range.
Available from 9'0"-9'8" this board has a straighter outline through the back end but still keeps to that piggy style outline proven to work so well. With constant curve and accentuated tail flip combined with up turned rails it makes for the perfect all round longboard, holds in the critical pockets and you can really bank a turn.
Custom made in Noosa Heads by Andrew Warhurst.

Academy Brand
Alkalai Fins
Topheads Eyewear

By Nick Jones
Additional footage by Nathan Tyack

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Other John, John.

The Other John, John. from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
- Pour le sous-titrage francais, selectionnez CC dans la barre de Lecture –

Originating from the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This young prodigy is undoubtedly the future of surfing. Strong in all aspects, he is undeniably one of the best surfers in the world today. But John John isn't just a pro surfer living life on the beach.

French photographer & Desillusion Magazine editor in chief Sebastien Zanella, met John John Florence in his hometown, right in front of the most renowned waves, Pipeline, to discuss his interests out of the water. “The Other John John”, is a short film focusing on the other side of John John, his passion for photography & the simple pleasures in life.

John John Florence is supported by Nixon

This short film is based on the article “The other John John” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on

Monday, June 9, 2014

Surf, siestas y cervezas!!!

Surf, siestas y cervezas!!! from on Vimeo.
Dos dias de trip por la Costa Grande de Guerrero

Gracias a delmar shop, QualityPeoples, OleaSurfboards y ALMIRANTE

Musica: The White Stripes - Hello Operator

The Moments Deus 4th Annual 9’ & Single Log Festival

The Moments is series of video from big and uniqe events.This time it was Deus 4th Annual 9’ & Single Log Festival.Deus ( is brand that produce custom bikes and custom surfboards in uniqe 70s style.This year from 29 may till 1 june they held their annual event at Changu Bali.This si som Moments from final day of this event.Realy amazing surfers that ride single fin boards and longboards.Enjoy.

Shoot on
Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7q 2k/4k raw recorder
Canon 200-400 with built in extender

Jefferson airplane - Do not slip away (
Jefferson airplane - Blues from an airplane (

Saturday, June 7, 2014


JARED MELL - SO CAL DAZE from Ryan Donahue on Vimeo.
My best friend, Jared Mell, doing what he does best, at his two favorite so cal breaks, on two separate days.

Thanks to Joel's parents for letting me hang under their umbrella on that hot beach day.

Cheers to broken DV tapes, unanswered invoices, and no credit.

6,224 views on their vimeo ( as of 6/3/14 when I posted here to my portfolio.


Music: Step Panther - Fight Like A Knight
Film/Edit: Ryan Donahue
After Effects: who knows...who cares.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


BY THE WATER from samuele malfatti on Vimeo.
By the water is a point of view, an undefined boundary between inside and outside, between submerged and emerged. The space in which the surfboard moves, not completely in the water, not totally free in the air; an area dominated by balance and lightness, where time is marked by the rhythm of the waves.

Alessandro Ponzanelli
Samuele Malfatti

Nicola Bresciani/

editing & grading
Samuele Malfatti

Giovanni Briganti

Alessandro Ponzanelli

bing single fins
9'8 bella vita prototype
9'6 elevator by cdm
9'6 california square tail
6'8 karma

Salinas International Longboard Festival | Memorial Javi Cueva

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


NOOSARADISE from Edouard Delpero on Vimeo.
Noosa Heads, c'est l'endroit ou nous avons décidé de nous rendre cet hiver pour profiter de l'été Australien.. Des petites vagues, une ambiance de rêve, de l'eau chaude... Quoi de plus pour profiter et surfer ?!
Je vous invite donc à notamment découvrir quelques belles images aquatiques réalisées au cours de cette petite expédition.

Images :
• Bali Strickland

Musique [Artiste / Titre] :
• Bigott / The Jingle
• Bigott / I'm a little retarded

Projet Video soutenu par SEN no SEN, CrossCall (phones everywhere) and OXBOW.

Noosa Heads, this is the place where we decided to go this winter to enjoy the Australian summer... Some little beautiful waves, a perfect atmosphere, warm water... What else to enjoy it and surf ?!
That's why I invite you to discover some beautiful aqua shots in this video that we realized there

Footages :
• Bali Strickland

Music [Artist / Title] :
• Bigott / The Jingle
• Bigott / I'm a little retarded

Video project supported by SEN no SEN, CrossCall (phones everywhere) and OXBOW.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Soul Riding

Soul Riding from Shape Video on Vimeo.
New collaboration with SoulRidingClothing.
Special thanks Giacomo Cerri
Filmed by: Michele Chiroli

Demons Don't Sleep | Troy Elmore

Demons Don't Sleep - Troy Elmore from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.
- Pour le sous-titrage francais, selectionnez CC dans la barre de Lecture –

Huntington Beach, California, another day in paradise, another night to let the demons speak.
The horizon is just one black mass, and the breeze that hits us in the face is like a draught coming through the gates of hell that the devil himself has just opened. Leaning against the front of the local liquor store, Troy Elmore is but a shadow. The neon lights toy with his silhouette. At only 23, he is one of the anti-heroes, born and bred in the USA as most of them are, bringing a heavy dose of spunk and demons to a surf industry, which continues to make money by selling dreams.
French photographer & Desillusion Magazine editor in chief, Sebastien Zanella spent an all night session walking around the city to hear the confessions of one of the most stylish longboarders of our time.

This short film is based on the article “Up all night, got demons to fight” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on