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Monday, August 11, 2014

Ode to Simplicity

Ode to Simplicity from ENJOY THE SOUP on Vimeo.
This short documentary portrays Andrew Strode, a carpenter/artist/shaper from Cape Town, South Africa. A passionate surfer with a love for nature and craftsmanship, Strode talks about wood as his favourite raw material for building boards, bodysurfing, his blind dog that is addicted to the ocean and the important role simplicity plays in his life.

Ode to Simplicity
written by: Andrew Strode
filmed by: Manu Grafenauer
edited by: Manu Grafenauer
music by: Elskavon - Imprints
special thanks to: Cobus Joubert and everybody else at WAWA

more about the art and the surfboards of Andrew Strode:
Andrew Strode lives in Muizenberg, South Africa, where he paints, makes sculptures out of recycled T-shirts and shapes for Wawa Wooden Surfboards. This little wooden surfboard company matches his ideas of quality, respect for our roots and his belief in the sanctity of nature. Andrew’s shapes are inspired by the intuited hydrodynamic genius of the ancient Hawaiian board builders.

more about Andrew’s work:
Art Portfolio:
Surfboard designs for WAWA:

more about our projects:

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