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Friday, October 3, 2014

Nathan Strom | Surfer Magazine

Most 16-year-old surfers aren’t capable of threading heavy tubes on a 5'2" one day, then riding the nose on a 9'6" log the next, but Nathan Strom is a little ahead of the curve. That’s because Strom has spent the past few years getting the CliffsNotes from longboard icon and fellow San Diegan Joel Tudor. Under the tutelage of Tudor, Strom has dedicated himself to mastering a wide variety of craft, from single-fin longboards to twin-keel fish to high-performance thrusters. With a knack for adapting to various boards and conditions, Strom is quickly becoming one of California’s most versatile surfers.

1 comment:

  1. You don't see the whole picture from a slice of film and no denying the guys skills but it looks like this guy drops in on people. From where I come from a dick is a dick no matter how good you are. Is it just me or is the gist of this clip saying I'm above common surf etiquette so I'm take self defense classes to back up my bad behavior?