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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Loaded Bhangra Longboard

Today I’m going to feature a guest post from the authors of the popular longboard blog, Review Longboards, who are writing about the Loaded Bhangra longboard.

The Loaded Bhangra longboard is the successor to the Loaded Dancer, a very popular board that certainly lives up to its name with its wild success at “dancing” down a hill. Loaded took a slightly different direction with this board aiming for excellence in all areas of longboarding rather than just focusing on one aspect.

First the board itself. The total length of the board is 48.5’’ which sounds ridiculous but it actually suits this board very well. When you also take into account, that this is actually shorter than the Loaded Dancer, the length seems more reasonable. This length though, combined with a weight of 10 lbs with all the components, means that this board is not the best for rides where you’ll have to carry your board a lot. Another aspect that this board does excel in though is included components. When buying it complete from Amazon or from Loaded, the board comes with very good Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels.

Now how does it feel when you ride it? Amazing. The board is slightly concave and covered in grip tape which ensures that when riding, you won’t slip. I have heard some complaints about the slickness of the grip tape but by and large the grip tape is effective for its intended use. Compared to regular Loaded boards, the board has less flex but it definitely makes up for it in agility and turns. It has an amazing turning radius for its long length and can easily make a 90 degree sidewalk turn at moderate speeds. In fact, that might be one of the most amazing things about this board: it rides with a smaller board’s agility combined with the speed and stability of a longer board. Ultimately, it is one of the best all around boards I’ve seen and is especially great for carving, tricks, and freeskating.

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Special thanks to David Holmes


  1. I am absolutely sure about one thing. Loaded is capable of manufacturing some of the greatest boards out there. And this particular board, well, I see it as a piece of art. Love it.

  2. Yes Loaded is one of the best longboard i have ever used. It is really good and I am 100% satisfied with this.

  3. I like very much the Loaded Bhangra Longboard. This longboard is very usefully for every longboard rider.