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Friday, February 27, 2015

Shatter: Tom Schuler

Shatter: Tom Schuler from Rubbed The Lamp on Vimeo.
Fragments that when brought together can form an entire frame, person or object into something that is tangible. Into something that has matter. Shatter is series of shorts that aims to capture fragments from the various people behind Glass Coffee House and Gallery and MS Surfboards.

Tom Schuler has grown up surfing the 'bluff' and surrounding beach breaks along Maroochydore on an array of craft. From a standard thruster to 60's longboards, all helping to sculpt Tom into a well rounded surfer. This short features Tom's abilities and style on a log down two of the coast's fabled point breaks.

Supported by Glass Coffee House & Gallery and MS Surfboards.
Filmed and edited by Warwick Gow with help from Mitch Surman and Jordan Spee.

Song : Ty Segall - Feel

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Palmera Express

Palmera Express from Vissla on Vimeo.
Vissla presents Palmera Express
A short film by Eddie Obrand

"They rode the cool Northeast trade winds across an ocean to The Island. They ended up in the bed of a plantation-green pickup truck, with a mad tour guide behind the wheel, and thrashing palmeras blowing above them. They rode stubby fishes and sleek shortboards through lurching, spitting sapphire surf. Each guy had a story, from the gonzo writer to the gypsy traveler. It was there on The Island where these eclectic friends converged one extraordinary winter to explore these foreign waters and revel in this dreamy island life… All aboard the Palmera Express."

Knost x Ellis | Bali

Knost x Ellis | Bali from RVCA on Vimeo.
1 Day / 2 Sessions in Bali with RVCA Advocates Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson. Video by Jimmy Jazz James, Song: TV California by Cosmonauts courtesy of Burger Records.

RVCA | Indonesia:

Monday, February 23, 2015

CJ Nelson | South Coast Surfboards

CJ Nelson on his 9'10'' South Coast Surfboards "Australian Slasher". from CJ Nelson on Vimeo.
This Clip was shot in during my last stay in Mexico over new years 2015. Ian Chisholm and I have been working hard on designing a range of super functional longboards released threw his label South Coast surfboards. The board I'm riding here is called the "Australian Slasher" and its an Australian involvement style log that was popular in the late and mid 60's. Many of the Australian greats rode similar designs but the time spent on them was cut short by the shortboard revolution. We have taken our knowledge of modern surfboards and mixed it with traditional templates, volumes and materials to come up with a few of the most functional longboard designs to date. Check out to see what were up to. Clip- Justin bowers (@jbowersphoto) Music- Interpol


SKIPPING BREAKFAST from De'fer on Vimeo.
Those days when you put Brekky on hold while you have a session in the sea with your buds.
Early doors and a great line-up
FILMED&EDIT by Zach Walker
Thomas Bexon
Fraser Biden
Sam Crookshanks
Andrew Warhurst
Harrison Muscat
Pat Saunders
Tyson Kozuszek

MUSIC/ Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Craftsman Project - 001 | Brent Ferris

The Craftsman Project - 001 | Brent Ferris from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.
This is a short documentary about Brent Ferris and his life as a Craftsman. Brent is the owner of Good Times Barbershop in Imperial Beach, California, a small coastal town on the US-Mexico border, as well as a surfboard shaper and avid surfer.

This is the first of many short documentaries under the title, "The Craftsman Project" which will give a glimpse into the lives of people who make a living working with their hands.

A huge thanks to Good Times Barbershop and the guys who took the time out of their lives to come out and be a part of the shoot.

Follow Brent and Good Times Barbershop on Instagram at @B_FERRIS and @goodtimesbarbershopsd.

Direct/DP: Russell Brownley (
Edit: Zach Pritchard
Producers: Russell Brownley and Brent Ferris
AC/Second Camera Operator: Andrew Thompson
Drone Operator: Darren Brower
Water Cinematography: Russell Brownley
PA: Ashley Morgan
Art Direct: Jared Swafford
Composite: Matthew Lawless
Color: Matt Fezz
Music: Music Bed

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Andy at Noosa

Andy at Noosa from Fraser Spratt on Vimeo.
My mate Andy surfing noosa on the weekend.

Last Summers Junk

Last Summers Junk from CMBL Motorcycles & Surfboards on Vimeo.
A CMBL x Karmakaze production

Tom German
John Eldridge

John Eldridge

Jack White
Tom German
John Eldridge
Matz Ginman Trout
Tom Eldridge
Ben Bennetts
Benji Eldridge
Elsie Pinniger

Motorcycle Crew:
Matt White
Craig Briggs
Ryan McIntyre
Johnny Noakes
John Eldridge

CMBL Boards:
5'6" MR Twin
6'8" Superpin
5'3" Cosmic Trip
5'3" Micro Fish
9'6" Ping
9'6" Straightline Pig
9'6" Transitional Pig x 2

Drone - Panda Bear
White Freckles - Ariel Pink
It # 1 - Ty Segall
Like You - Ty Segall
Sun's Coming Up - Taame Impal

© CMBL 2015

From The Beginning

From The Beginning from Fraser Spratt on Vimeo.
This is a video is about the start to the finish of a surfboard. It starts as a foam blank and becomes a object that is enjoyed by many people around the world.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Cachopo! from Nathan Sadoun on Vimeo.
France, Morocco and Spain

Film: David Admète & Gilles Sadoun.

Surf/Edit: Nathan Sadoun

Supported by Patagonia Montpellier, Rhythm, Grandppa Custom Shapes, NeyraFins and All Good.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dharma 2.0 Surfboard | Overview with Matt Calvani

Dharma 2.0 Surfboard Overview with Matt Calvani from Bing Surfboards on Vimeo.
Matt Calvani discusses the inspiration and features of the new Dharma 2.0. The newly refined board retains the glide of the original Dharma while adding in subtle features allowing the board to ride in a much wider range of wave conditions. Listen to why this board board is a must have for any surfer's quiver to feel complete. View more at

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


NORTH TO NOOSA - Trailer from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.
Deus Ex Machina proudly announces the release of its new Surf/Moto Adventure film entitled North To Noosa. The film, directed by award winning film-maker and photographer, Dustin Humphrey (Sipping Jetstreams, I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night), documents the journey of three young surfers as they make their way north from Sydney to Noosa.

Laden with surfboards and camping equipment, the surfers battle the elements as they ride custom motorcycles through floods and rain squalls, finding uncrowded waves along the way.

Written and narrated by Harrison Roach, the film showcases the East Coast of Australia’s most iconic surf destinations. Watch as Harrison, Matt Cuddihy, and Husni Ridwan experience the highs and lows of a great Australian road trip.

Featuring: Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, Husni Ridwan, Dave Rastovich, Zye Norris, Jared Mell, Thomas Bexon, and more.

Directed by Dustin Humphrey.
Produced by Deus Ex Machina.

To be released in March.

Song: Charles William - Blur via Native Tongue (

Alex Knost Lowers | Mollusk Surf Shop

Alex Knost Lowers from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.
The recent round of southern hemisphere swell activity sparked an archival dip into our videos living within the Mollusk Mainframe computer. Nothing says south swell like a good clip of sunny shredding of Al at Lowers filmed and edited by Jack Coleman. Get excited for many more days of Trestles hot dogging on the horizon with a little inspiration here from Alex!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Steven McLean | California

Steven McLean | California from steven mclean on Vimeo.
One Session from Lowers and back home in FL

Single And Unattached | 2015 Kick Off Video

Single And Unattached 2015 Kick Off Video from COAST THRU LIFE on Vimeo.
It's that time of year again for some Single Fin Lovin'!

Here are some high lights from last year's S&U!

Be sure to head over to San Juan not to miss out on all the fun that's bound to happen again!

The Coast Thru Life Single And Unattached 2015 is presented by VANS and sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships.

Footage from Adam Kobayashi and Seventh Films.

Music: "I'm A Believer" by THE MONKEES

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Expencive Porno Movie | Alex Knost Opening Section

Expencive Porno Movie / Alex Knost Opening Section / Music by the Allah Las from Tv Dinner Motion Pictures on Vimeo.
Click here to buy :!blank/c3mm

Winner of Best Cinematography at Bells Beach Film Festival / Best Soundtrack at Carolina Film Festival / Winner Stoked Factor Award at London Surf Film Festival . comes a 45Min Experimental Film shot entirely on Super 16mm