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Friday, February 27, 2015

Shatter: Tom Schuler

Shatter: Tom Schuler from Rubbed The Lamp on Vimeo.
Fragments that when brought together can form an entire frame, person or object into something that is tangible. Into something that has matter. Shatter is series of shorts that aims to capture fragments from the various people behind Glass Coffee House and Gallery and MS Surfboards.

Tom Schuler has grown up surfing the 'bluff' and surrounding beach breaks along Maroochydore on an array of craft. From a standard thruster to 60's longboards, all helping to sculpt Tom into a well rounded surfer. This short features Tom's abilities and style on a log down two of the coast's fabled point breaks.

Supported by Glass Coffee House & Gallery and MS Surfboards.
Filmed and edited by Warwick Gow with help from Mitch Surman and Jordan Spee.

Song : Ty Segall - Feel

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