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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SeaLevelTV: ocean-centric, mini documentary films

Original, salty stories that celebrate a colorful culture created by the combination of exceptional people, ideas, and the ocean.

SeaLevelTV is a brand new web channel devoted to bringing you free, high-quality programming about exceptional people and cultures that flourish in and around the sea.

During the short time SeaLevelTV has been up and running (5 months!), we've produced three major releases for two of our original series: "Entrepreneurs & Iconoclasts" and "Saltwater Daughters". Smaller releases include two Instagram mini-series: "For the Love of Logs" and "3 Boards in 3 Days with Josh Hall". One-off shorts include "Skip Frye Plays Blues Harp and Sings" and "Marc Andreini discusses the marriage of 3 surfboard design elements".

We're here on Kickstarter today to get your help writing and producing five new shows over the next six months. In addition to continuing work on our current series', you'll see all new material, including a science show with a political bent, an artist, musician and filmmaker show and a special series devoted to local seaside legends and eccentrics entitled, Beloved Barnacles.

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  1. Thank you for featuring SeaLevelTV on Longboard Retro Days! check out this :15 clip of a story about the Women's Logger Pro Invitational held last Friday in Malibu, California...