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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Ibon Muguerza thank you very much for sharing your video. I was really impressed with your willpower to overcome such an obstacle in your life. Your ability to overcome a problem and your love of life are incontestable.
It is with great pride that I share your story on my blog. We have a common passion for the sea and nature.

A big hug and good waves!!!

SUNYATA LAPSE from Yarirabou on Vimeo.
The story of Ibon, a young Basque guy, who had a few years a go a several injury that damage his arm and shoulder forever...After years of rehab and trying different treatments, he still suffers from phantom limb pain. With the time, he realizes that when he is really focused in one of his favorites activities; the PAIN is´s just a little LAPSE with no relativity, no pain, no time, no nothing, That´s the SUNYATA, The Illuminating Void.

Official selection of 12th Donostia Surf Film Festibal.
Official selection of New York Surf Film Festival 2013.