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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mike Hynson, Co-Star of "The Endless Summer", Resurfaces With Tales of the Brotherhood

The Surfer Who Came In From the Cold
Whatever happened to The Endless Summer co-star Mike Hynson? A lot, much of it bad, starting when he got mixed up with the notorious Laguna Beach drug-smuggling ring known as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

See full article in, Boda Surf Family Blog

1 comment:

  1. Mike was a true surf star..I wonder if he had it to do over again, would he get involved with the Brotherhood ? The 60's were a magic time- lots of energy, the drugs and the girls and the music..high times..but like all trips coming down is harder.
    LSD was a misunderstood drug- but really not a party was too powerful...and of course, our society was not then and is still not ready for communal love and peace. Our society and world is exploitive, winners and losers..and rules.
    the LSD /peyote communal world, whle probably the happiest way to live is not ever gonna be accepted as long as we have over population, governments and need for money.

    I would ahve probably done the same thing Mike did- but maybe bailed sooner..once the law gets on your trail, you cannot win.

    our society does not encourage people to stay young and play..and that is one of the reasons older people don't smile as much, getting old is just not as fun as being is not for sissies.. good like Mike..our sentence is to live.